Meike Legler: Crafting the Cosmos

It's with great pleasure that Munchies Art Club Magazine spotlights Meike Legler, a contemporary artist who has swiftly captivated the art world with her unique textile compositions.

Meike Legler has showcased her work at several esteemed venues, including Ladies' Room L.A., Anika Nuttall Gallery, and Gallery Roberta Keil.

Born in 1983 in Alzenau, Germany, Legler now lives and works in Vienna, Austria, creating pieces that are as thought-provoking as they are vibrant.

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Legler, originally trained in Fashion Design at HTW Berlin and further honed her skills in London, has seamlessly transitioned from fashion to fine arts.

"To me, fabrics are what paint is for a painter," Legler muses, "...a way to reconcile the unknown spiritual world with our tangible reality, a tangible manifestation of the inexplicable."

Her works, characterized by their elaborate use of fabrics treated with paint, dye, and bleach, and their diverse textures, are not merely sewn but crafted with a narrative that stretches across each canvas-like composition.

meike legler, new promising, textile artist, female
Maike Legler: Relapse, 2021, Polyester, cotton, linen, wool, velvet and bleach over stretched canvas, 16 x 20 inches | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Since moving to Vienna, Legler's work has taken on new dimensions, integrating materials like automotive tarps and faux fur.

Her artistic expression is deeply influenced by her interests in astrophysics and the spiritual, exploring themes of the universe and the afterlife.

Meike Legler: "What if?" -> Textile Art -> Image Courtesy b the Artist

Legler herself describes her work as an exploration of the "mystical" aspects of life, drawing parallels between the vast unknowns of space and the human condition.

"Life is mystical," Legler reflects, "...and therein lies its allure. I'm intrigued by the potency of our minds, the veiled mysteries that science is only beginning to unveil."

Her recent exhibitions, such as "Himmelskörper" at Ladies' Room in Los Angeles and "Garden" at the same venue, showcase her ability to blend color, form, and texture into mesmerizing abstract compositions.

Meike Legler: HIMMELSKÖRPER (Heavenly Bodies) — LADIES’ ROOM
Explore German artist Meike Legler’s solo exhibition with LADIES’ ROOM. Her pieces feature a variety of colors and textures that enliven and enrich interior spaces.

MEIKE LEGLER - Himmelskörper -> Ladies Room Los Angeles

These pieces not only reflect her technical prowess but also her philosophical inquiries into existence and displacement.

Meike Legler's works are more than decorative; they challenge and reinterpret the traditional boundaries of textile art, asserting it as a powerful medium of contemporary art.

meike legler, contemporary artist, textile, abstract
Meike Leger: In her Studio in Vienna | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Her innovative approach and dedication have not only garnered her international exhibitions but have also made her a promising figure in emerging abstract painting.

Munchies Art Club Magazine discovered Meike's extraordinary talent through her Instagram presence, where she regularly shares her latest creations and inspirations.

Her ability to engage with both the digital and physical art communities demonstrates her versatility and commitment to her craft.

meike legler, artist
Meike Legler: New Face and promising textile artist now | Image Courtesy by the Artist

As we continue to follow her career, Meike Legler remains a beacon for aspiring artists and a testament to the transformative power of textiles in the art world.

Meike Legler is a German textile artist based in Vienna, Austria.

Meike Legler -> Website

Keep an eye on this remarkable artist—her journey is bound to inspire and redefine the textures of the art scene.

Follow MEIKE LEGLER on Instagram.

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Meike Legler:Winging It | Image Courtesy by the Artist

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