Unveiling the Power of Self-Expression: Rosina Rosinski's Dynamic Artistry Takes Center Stage

Munchies Art Club highlights the female artist in contemporary painting: Rosina Rosinski.

It's about dreams, wishing not to dream as much for at least one night. It’s about losing. About interiors, being stuck in a room. It’s about which place to call home.

She is currently a finalist in the prestigious Hopper Prize with her paintings.

We have invited the artist to dive deeper into her work.

Rosina Rosinski stands out not only for her compelling large-scale self-portraits but also for her introspective exploration of identity, memory, and the human condition.

rosina rosinski, artwork, painting now, germany, 2024
Rosina Rosinski: I. Superbia (Dec. '22) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Based in Dortmund, Germany, Rosinski is a self-taught artist who has rapidly gained attention since she began her painting career in 2019.

Artistic Journey

Rosina Rosinski's journey into the art world is as unconventional as her works.

Originally enrolling in college to study art history, Rosinski chose a different path, dropping out to dedicate herself entirely to painting.

new face in contemporary painting, rosina rosinski, 2024
Rosina Rosinski: Hunting hedgehogs (Eva und ich) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This autodidactic approach has allowed her a unique freedom to explore and express without the boundaries traditionally imposed by formal education.

The Essence of Her Work

Rosinski’s paintings are intensely personal, processing her life experiences through a blend of mythological and Christian iconography.

rosina rosinski, 2024
Rosina Rosinski: Painting -> Waiting | Image Courtesy by the Artist
rosina rosinski, colorful, painting, female artist to discover online, 2024
Rosina Rosinski: Painting -> July'08 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

These artworks often depict only one or two figures, typically in confined spaces that seem to press them against walls and ceilings.

Rosina Rosinski Interview
Rosina Rosinski Interview: the abstraction of the body, self-perception, and depicting situations that occurred in both life and dreams.

Hopper Prize -> Rosina Rosinski Interview

This spatial compression mirrors the psychological and physical restrictions imposed on the figures, emphasizing themes of confinement and struggle.

Influences and Themes

Her works frequently focus on the female form, challenging and subverting the historical male gaze by presenting women who are not only depicted as strong and muscular but also larger than life.

new faces in contemporary art and painting, from germany, figurative minimalistic, rosina rosinski,
Rosina Rosinski: Berlin II (Fuchs mit Chilli) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This bold portrayal addresses and reverses stereotypes, engaging deeply with issues of physical versus psychological strength.

Rosinski explains, "In my paintings, the female bodies...are present, more than I am most of the time, and they reveal the discrepancy between physical and psychological strength."

Technique and Style

Rosinski's meticulous technique features neat, print-like surfaces painted in bright colors, which initially attract the viewer like a candy store's vibrant allure.

However, upon closer inspection, the subject matter often reveals a darker, more uncomfortable reality, touching on life, death, and vanity, akin to the tradition of vanitas in art.

Impact and Reception

The art community, including curators, collectors, and fellow artists, has recognized Rosinski's work for its bold thematic explorations and technical prowess.

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Critics often note the dual nature of her paintings—inviting yet challenging, bright yet dark—and how this duality plays into broader discussions about female representation and identity in contemporary art.


Rosina Rosinski is more than an artist; she is a storyteller whose canvas speaks of personal histories and universal truths.

rosina rosinski, promising emerging artist best of, now, colorful, acrylic and spray paint, figurative, 2024
Rosina Rosinski: Painting -> Consolation (Wiese bei Nacht) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Her work invites viewers to reconsider their perceptions of strength, vulnerability, and beauty.

As she continues to evolve and push the boundaries of her craft, the art world eagerly watches, anticipating her next bold strokes.

best of new painters, female artist, rosina rosinski, 2024
Rosina Rosinski: Painting/Artwork: Aquarius | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Rosina Rosinski reflects on her creative process with insightful clarity, noting that by reconstructing situations and reliving memories, she not only creates art but also initiates a dialogue with herself and with the viewer, bridging the past and the present, and potentially shaping the future of how we see and understand the human form.

Rosina Rosinski Interview
Rosina Rosinski Interview: the abstraction of the body, self-perception, and depicting situations that occurred in both life and dreams.

For art lovers, collectors, and curators alike, Rosina Rosinski represents a compelling voice in contemporary art, promising a continuing evolution of thought-provoking and visually arresting works that challenge and enchant in equal measure.

Rosina Rosinski

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