Catching Up with Fanny Brodar: A Journey of Growth and Creativity

In the vibrant world of contemporary art, few names resonate as profoundly as Fanny Brodar. Since our first interview with her in March 2021, Fanny's artistic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Her latest works continue to captivate audiences with their intricate details and bold expressions.

Today, we are thrilled to reconnect with Fanny to delve deeper into her evolving creative process and the inspirations behind her newest pieces. If you missed our first interview with Fanny Brodar, you can read it here.

Her artistic acclaim has taken her to international stages, including recent exhibitions in Asia with CSquare gallery and Art Central, solidifying her status as a prominent contemporary artist. 

Fanny Brodar

Fanny Brodar -> Official Website

From her transformative L21 residency in Spain to her growing presence in the art world, Fanny continues to enchant audiences with her colorful and heartfelt creations.

Fanny Brodar – Art Viewer

Fanny Brodar with a Group Show at Art Viewer and L21 Gallery

With so much having unfolded since our last interview, we were eager to hear directly from her about her latest endeavors and creative journey.

You don't have to wait any longer; we are thrilled to share our new exclusive interview with the wonderful Fanny Brodar.

fanny brodar artist, exploring new levels, for her colorful whimsical characters during l21 gallery residency in palma
Artist Fanny Brodar creates vibrant, whimsical character drawings during her residency at the L21 art space in Palma. Photos by Juan David Cortes.


Welcome back, Fanny! It's delightful to reconnect for another interview.

Thank you, so good to be back answering these inspiring questions!

fanny brodar, bright and vibrant artwork,, with playful characters and bold colors 2024
Fanny Brodar | Free to be | 203x170cm | Acrylic, oil and oil bar on canvas | Image courtesy of the artist

Since our last conversation, what’s been the most exhilarating or unforeseen moment in your artistic journey? Any good story to share?

Traveling to Mallorca and participating in the L21 residency! I am a big fan of Oscar and L21, so this was a dream come true.

We immediately connected, and I also adore the people of L21 and his family. Another amazing moment was attending a show with some of his artists, and a tour of the not-yet-open “Home” gallery.

fanny brodar, artist,  contemporary art exhibition, at the l21 gallery in palma, spain in 2024
Fanny Brodar's vibrant and expressive works were on display at her L21 Residency exhibition in Palma. Photo by Juan David Cortes.
l21 gallery, in palma presenting works created by fanny brodar, during her residency in palma
Fanny Brodar on view at her L21 Residency exhibition in Palma. Photo by Juan David Cortes.

Seeing the work in person and meeting artists I admired from afar, for example Edu Carillog and Fatima de Juan, was incredible.

The high point was the ability to work 10 hours a day uninterrupted in the middle of this amazing city in the mediterranean. I left Mallorca feeling like it could be a second home.

I’m curious, how has your creative process evolved since 2021? Share with us anything new that's really changed the way you work?

 As I look back, I can see that the work has matured. It’s more sophisticated, which makes sense since I believe as an artist the more I paint and experiment, the easier and better the work becomes. Actually, I’m not sure “easier” is the best word — I mean that there is more of a flow now.

fanny brodar, bright green acrylic painting, with acrylic crayon, oil and oil bar on canvas,
Fanny Brodar | “Glittering Mosses” | 147x162cm | Acrylic, crayon, oil and oil bar on canvas | Image courtesy of the artist

I would say that the influence of two Spanish men, Oscar at L21 and Rafael at RPH gallery in Madrid, have pushed me to try new things and not be afraid to fail. And I did fail — I often call 2023 the year of growing pains. They both offered invaluable advice and I took it with a grain of salt, adding my own touch.

After a year of trial and error, at the start of 2024 I was like “whatever” and did what I wanted with the words of these two men ingrained in the back of my mind, and this new style materialized.

fanny brodar, exhibition view, at art central hong kong, with large wall pieces 2024
Fanny Brodar | Art Central Hong Kong | Image courtesy of the artist


What did you take away from that experience at the L21 residency in Palma?

I think I partially answered this in the other question. But to sum it up, I believe that having time away from what was my comfort zone in a new space and place helped to push me to another level as an artist.

You live in Maine now, having moved from New York. Are there things you miss from your life in New York, or do you find Maine surpasses your expectations? 

I’ve now lived in Maine for over 16 years! While I love my city fix, being a naturalist and more laid back person I really love life by the sea up north.

I am originally from Norway, and Maine has many qualities that are similar so it feels very much like home. There is a wonderful creative community here, and some famous artists live and have lived in Maine, including Alex Katz and Kathy Bradford (part time).

maine, usa, artist fanny brodar shares photo of her studio with artworks
Work in progress in Fanny's Studio in Maine | Image courtesy of the artist

I owe much of my success to Maine, having been included in the Biennial at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in the beginning of my career, as well as participating in the Ellis Beauregard Foundation residency. 


You started painting a bit later in life. Where was your first studio and is the one you have now your ideal one?

Ha yes! My first studio was and is still in my home.

I would say it could be my ideal one; I’m always thinking of ways to improve it, A dream would be to build an addition with higher ceilings and a cement floor, still looking out into my garden, but so that I can paint even bigger and have more storage space.

fanny brodar, artworks on display, curator of the exhibition titled 'fractals', at csquare gallery in taichung, taiwan
Fanny Brodar curates 'Fractals' exhibition at CSquare Gallery in Taichung, Taiwan. | Image courtesy of the artist

I like being close to home and being able to take breaks with my dogs and children and walk in my garden.

But sometimes I do think it would be nice to have a studio separate from home, to take away all distractions since I’m easily distracted!

fanny brodar artist, creates big colorful painting featuring whimsical and lively elements
Fanny Brodar | 'Fungi' | 157x152 cm | Acrylic, oil, and oil bar on canvas | Image courtesy of the artist

You’ve used childhood memories in your work right from the start. How do those experiences sneak their way into your art these days? Any specific moments that still inspire you?

Yes this is true, however now the memories are disappearing a bit as I try to live life more in the moment. The “child within” still sneaks in, I think in the colors I choose and the characters’ expressions — there is still an innocence in my work.

fanny brodar artist and curator for a show at csquare gallery, taiwan 2024
Fanny Brodar at the 'Fractals' exhibition in CSquare Gallery, Taiwan. | Image courtesy of the artist

As far as specific moments, those would be feel-good moments filled with the imaginary. I was a very imaginative child up until my twenties, and sometimes still today, and the world wasn't always as it appeared.

I find wonder in every place and person, probably more exaggerated than at face value! This makes life very interesting and fun.

fanny brodar artist, featuring colorful painting, with vibrant and playful characters.
Fanny Brodar | “Synesthesia” | 165x127cm Acrylic, oil and oil bar on canvas | Image courtesy of the artist

When you are painting, how does the magic happen?

The “magic” happens in a way similar to meditating. It doesn’t just happen, I have to warm up to it.

For example, I start my painting process very methodically, by cutting and stretching canvas and adding gesso by hand, and then drawing out whatever is in my head on the canvas with crayons.

fanny brodar, contemporary artist, artworks on view at csquare gallery
Fanny Brodar | 'Fractals' | CSquare Gallery | Taiwan | Image courtesy of the artist

Through this process, ideas of color come to mind. I’m often listening to music, or in spring and summer the windows are open and there is the constant hum of nature’s orchestra in the garden. This has been happening lately, hence my work being more about the protagonists of my garden.

Instagram has been an incredible stepping stone for you but with all the negative changes in the algorithms, are you sticking with Instagram or exploring new platforms?

Ugh algorithms but does anything great stay the same anymore? I think the changes are not all negative because I think the art world was oversaturated with art and it became like this fast fashion thing, and a lot of mid-career artists were being pushed aside by the new artists.

fanny brodar, paints colorful and vibrant artworks, view of exhibition at art central hong kong
Fanny Brodar | Art Central Hong Kong | Image courtesy of the artist

While I’m a bit old-fashioned, I did appreciate the fast success IG offered artists like myself and feel blessed to have been a part of it at the time that I was. I am still using Instagram, I also have a TikTok but get very lazy and go months neglecting it.

Right now I’m focused on just doing great work and sharing it when I have a good photo to show. I’m also hoping to gain more exposure through the galleries that I’m working with, going to art fairs, and things like that. 

fanny brodar paintings, are bright and vibrant with playful unique characters and bold colors
Fanny Brodar | 'Fractals' exhibition | CSquare Gallery, Taichung. | Image courtesy of the artist

You’ve come a long way and very impressively so. Any goals or wishes you would still like to check off on your bucket list concerning your art?

Thank you! There are dream galleries and museums that I’d love to work with, and I think until the day I die there probably always will be. And certain parts of the world where I’d like to be represented that I’m currently not. 

fanny brodar, contemporary artist, with colorful and vibrant artwork, enjoy a unique artist interview
Fanny Brodar | "Summer" | Image courtesy of the artist

For me it's good to be a dreamer with goals. However, I’m not in any rush, and have become a little protective of my work and where I show it, whereas when I started I was a bit naive and was willing to show my work everywhere.

What’s a hobby or interest outside of art that people might be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve become a bird lady! Sort of. I have binoculars and often watch the behavior of birds in my garden. I can almost name most birds by their call!

fanny brodar artist at art central hong kong, showcasing large scale bright colored paintings
Fanny Brodar exhibit Art Central Hong Kong | Image courtesy of the artist

The interest in the birds evolved from me being in my garden a lot. I’m also a beekeeper. I'm also obsessed with planting things, as if my garden is a canvas and I'm always adding something to it to make it more complex and beautiful.

I also love fashion, and often probably look like I should be walking down the streets of NYC instead of my small town in Maine.

Wrapping up, Fanny: I'm curious, do you display any of your artworks in your home? If yes, are they permanent fixtures, or do you prefer to change them occasionally? If not, could you share why?

Yes! Most of it is older art that was gifted to my partner — he hung it.

I never consider it permanent, in fact I’ve been wanting to do a big painting in my current style in colors that would complement the space. Maybe since I have some time I finally will — then I would replace the older ones. 

Thanks for the interview it was as always a great pleasure to reconnect.

Dive deeper into the world of Fanny Brodar on Instagram or her Website for current and upcoming projects

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