Unveiling Thilo Jenssen's Innovative Screenshot and "Blechpaintings": A New Frontier in Contemporary Painting

A Promising Contemporary Artist Based In Vienna, Stands Out For His Innovative Fusion Of Sculptural Painting And Digital Aesthetics. Thilo Jenssen!

Born In Germany, Jenssen's Work Uniquely Blends Influences From The Finish Fetish Movement, Pop Culture, And First Aid Imagery.

His Art Delves Into Themes Of Control, Support, And The Human Condition.

‍Thilo Jenssen was born in Daun, Germany, in 1984, Jenssen's pioneering approach to art harmoniously bridges the gap between traditional painting and contemporary digital aesthetics.

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Thilo Jenssen in his Studio in Vienna surrounded by his Screen Paintings | Image Courtesy by the Artist (Photo: Manuel Carreon Lopez)

Thilo Jenssen's Unique Style, developed during his studies with renowned artists such as Florian Slotawa and Christian Philipp Müller at Kunsthochschule Kassel, and further in Daniel Richter´s class at the Akademie Der Bildenden Künste In Vienna, has established him as a rising talent with immense potential in the modern art world.

Jenssen's most recent artistic endeavors include exhibitions at Gallery Mazzoli In Berlin, Featuring "Aftermath," and the thought-provoking "Critique of Not-So-Pure Reason" at Simulacra in Beijing, China.

In 2023, Jenssen showcased "Immaculate" at MARS in Frankfurt, collaborating with Layla Nabi.

Equally noteworthy is his exhibition at his home gallery, Christine König Galerie in Vienna, where he presented the duo show "Uppers and Downers" alongside Sofia Hultén, further cementing his status in the contemporary art scene.


In the realm of contemporary art, Jenssen's creations stand out for their profound engagement with themes of dystopia, utopia, and the human condition.

His notable series, such as 'Screenshot Paintings' and 'Blech-Paintings', are showcasing his skill in weaving complex narratives through his art, exploring the dynamics between power, support systems, and human vulnerability.

‍These themes have resonated deeply within the art community, leading to Jenssen's features in prestigious exhibitions and galleries.

Jenssen's work not only reflects his deep understanding of the Finish Fetish Movement, as seen in his use of industrial materials and techniques, but also his affinity for integrating pop culture elements into his art.

What is the Finish Fetish Movement?

The Finish Fetish movement, originating in 1960s Southern California, emphasized sleek, polished surfaces in art, influenced by the region's car culture and aesthetics.

Artists like Larry Bell, John McCracken and Craig Kauffman used industrial materials to create minimalist works with highly reflective finishes
thilo jenssen with a new approach on contemporary painting and influence of the finish fetish movement Los Angeles
Thilo Jenssen "If you only hold me tight", 2023. 50x40, UV print, laquer and clear coat on canvas | Image Courtesy by the Artist


‍Jenssen's artistic brilliance shines through in his 'Screenshot Paintings', a series where the ephemeral nature of digital notifications is captured with a permanence that challenges the viewer's perception of the digital and physical realms.

These works, emblematic of his style, utilize advanced UV printing techniques on canvas, blurring the lines between traditional art and modern technology.

Jenssen's proficiency in integrating pop culture and everyday phenomena into his art, as seen in works featuring lyrics from Bonnie Tyler or covers from Iron Maiden, adds a layer of relatability and contemporary relevance.

‍Each piece is a narrative, not just a visual representation, inviting the audience to delve into the deeper meanings behind the vibrant colors and striking forms.

fusion of pop culture and finish fetish in thilo jenssen's work, blech painting
Thilo Jenssen installation view Takes Two To Tango-Galleri Opdahl, Norway | Image Courtesy by the Artist


Thilo Jenssen's 'Screenshot Paintings' merge digital technology with traditional painting, capturing the fleeting nature of digital imagery on canvas. Using UV printing, he transforms transient notifications and digital interfaces into enduring art.

This series blurs the lines between the virtual and physical, inviting viewers to reflect on the interplay of technology in modern life.

‍Jenssen's work in this collection is a striking commentary on the contemporary human condition, showcasing a unique Synergy of color and form,


His 'Blech-Painting' series, for instance, reflects his sculptural approach, where he explores the relationship between human bodies and their environment.

blech painting vienna-based vanguard of sculptural painting: thilo jenssen
Thilo Jenssen. "Blech-Painting (orange/grün)",2022. 160 x100, car paint on metal sheet, welded on metal frame | Image Courtesy by the Artist (Photo: Flavio Palasciano)

This series, and others like it, demonstrate Jenssen's commitment to a processual method of creation.

Here, the layers of paint are applied, sanded, and varnished repeatedly, creating a sleek, screen-like surface that reveals underlying color surfaces in an almost archaeological manner.

This technique, reminiscent of the Finish Fetish Movement, is evident in Jenssen's use of industrial paints and lacquers, giving his artworks a unique, shimmering quality that resonates with contemporary and subcultural elements.

thilo jenssen with installation work blechpainting with reflective art surfaces
Thilo Jenssen. "Blech painting (blau/wrap/blau)", 2022 | 160 x100 | UV print and car paint on metal sheet, welded on metal frame | Image Courtesy Gallery Christine König Vienna and the Artist | (Photo: Flavio Palasciano)

‍Thilo Jenssen's contribution to the contemporary art world is undeniable.

His innovative fusion of sculptural elements, digital motifs, and industrial techniques has established him as a vanguard of contemporary art in Vienna and beyond.


Jenssen's art invites us to reconsider our perception of the digital and physical, the ephemeral and the permanent.

As he continues to challenge and redefine the boundaries of contemporary art, Jenssen's legacy is one of innovation, introspection, and profound artistic influence.

‍Thilo Jenssen Rivers of Babylon VII, 2020. 40x32, laquer and clear coat on canvas | Image Courtesy by the Artist |(Photo: Flavio Palasciano)

Thilo Jenssen's art provides a unique perspective on today's world for art fans and collectors.

Visit his Website For More Details.

Thilo Jenssen

Thilo Jenssen | Website

‍Keep an eye on Christine König Galerie for his upcoming shows, and Follow Him On Instagram for updates on his current and future projects.

Thilo Jenssen – Christine König Galerie

Artworks Available at -> Christine König Gallery Vienna

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