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This is a curated special selection of contemporary art.

We promote your work on our platform and on Instagram and Facebook.

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€ 9,99 / one time for 2 month

What you get:

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Munchies Art Club Magazine Marketplace
3 Works for sale, one month
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We take NO commission!
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Link to your Instagram Account
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We additionally post on Facebook, Linkedin and share in our Newsletter
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We direct potential buyers directly to your email address

IN brief

Please make sure you fit into our niche. 

Ours is a curated selection. You can pretty much get a feel for what we like on our IG feed.

If you believe you totally fit in and have been overlooked, we truly look forward to checking you out!

It’s all quite easy and simple.

We direct potential buyers directly to your email address.

We take no Commission!

We only promote your work. Selling and shipping is your job.

How it works

Please note :

Go through our Market-Place-Roaster or Instagram Collection
on Munchies Art Club and make sure before you submit
that your work fits in.

Our selections are all curated.

Sign up

First Step:

Please review our Insta page to see if you fit in.
For us to accept you you need to be present on IG. If you fulfill these criteria sign up and we look forward to reviewing your work.

3-5 Working Days Approval Time

Step Two

After your sign up our team will review your content within 3-5 working days.

you receive an invitation

Step Three

If you are approved, you will receive an email with an invitation link to the next simple steps.
Tip: Add our email address to your address book that way our email wont land in your spam folder.

FAQ-Munchies ARt Club

what is the market place roster

The market place roster is a space for atists to share artworks for sale.
It is not a shop.
We direct potential buyers to you and ask no commission. There are no extra hidden costs.
Apply and enjoy the benefits of more visibility for your artworks on our market place roster.
Select the above package and we start to share your artworks for sale each month.
For those who promote their work over a longer period, we encourage to replace their works with new ones on a 1-2 month basis.

currated submission

Apply now! 
But before you do please do go through our IG account and make sure you as an artist or gallery resonate our selection.
Our submissions are curated. To be selected you have to complement our collection to date.

why should you join us?

The web is full of incredible opportunities and spaces for aspiring artists to present and sell their work.
So why should you chose us?
Because we are small but growing business that cares about our artists. Our artists have been connecting with one another since day one. We aim to grow as a like minded community, that shares, supports and cares.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?

It's simple as can be, and safe.
Just chose from one of our above time-packages and submit.
We go through your work, and as a team we make a selection.
We will get back to you as soon as we can to inform you whether you have been accepted or not.

Does everyone get accepted?

As we want to grow niche specific, we only accept galleries and artists that mirror our already existing collection on our Instagram account. Do go through our IG account and make sure you as an artist or gallery believe you compliment our collection.
All our applications are curated.

Do you sell the artworks?

No we do not.
We simply promote works you want to sell over our Instagram account, on our online Munchies Art Club magazine and our newsletter.
We link the artwork for sale on our platform directly to your email address and on Instagram we tag your account.

why should i apply with you?

We may be small, but we are group of people who truly love and believe in what we do and that is to support you!

We want the digital experience to have heart.

We are thriving and growing from all the incredible artists and galleries input and support that we have been receiving over the past 2 years.

Growing organically side by side, has been a fantastic part of our journey.

Our relationship to a large part of the artists we have featured, is a growing one. We share and exchange regularly and some have even bloomed into friendships.

If that is what you are looking for then this is the place.

why do i have to pay a non-refundable processing fee?

As we are a small team, we believe that a processing fee already filters out those who are not a fit or don't really want to commit.
As we are a small team, reviewing applications can be quite time consuming, and prefer to concentrate our attention on going over a smaller and finer selection.

how can i pay ?

Easy, just follow the steps, select your form of Safe payment over our highly secure payment system STRIPE.

What is the Munchies Art Club?

Basically it is an online art magazine. We share interviews with artists, we share art fairs, exhibitions from far and near. Our main and constant focus since the beginning is giving artists and galleries an additional platform to be seen and discovered.

What are the application steps?

You pay the processing fee and link to your insta account.
We get back to you within 5 working days. If you are accepted we will send you an invitation email with a payment link.
Once we have received your payment you will receive your invoice and a simple to follow list of our requirements. When you send us the data we asked for we will implement your work that is for sale on our website and on the following day post on Instagram.