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munchies art club shares the exhibition by aggtelek at house of chappaz
Contemporary Art - Barcelona

Exhibition submission "I'm The Guide Inside Your Sneakers"

Aggtelek's latest exhibition at House of Chappaz expands on drawing in different media to create a personal world of color and imagination that is sure to capture the attention of all audiences.
exhibition, brothers, denis and marjano kapurani, domagkateliers munich
Exhibition the "Album"

Exhibition submission the "Album" | Denis and Marjano Kapurani

Munchies Art Club is pleased to share with you the exhibition by Greek artists Denis and Marjano Kapurani.
oasis, mq salon, vienna, artists karina mendreczky, katalin kortmann járay, mq salon
Oasis | MQ Salon

Exhibition "Oasis" at MQ Salon with Karina Mendreczky and Katalin Kortmann Járay

Oasis” is a subtly composed, expansive installation featuring numerous different sculptures, photographs, printed textiles, drawings, and sound elements
tomas morell, contemporary artist, paintings, wall art, munchies art club
Close up

Tomàs Morell | Paintings related to life and its outcome

Munchies art club presents the contemporary painter Tomàs Morell and his exceptional paintings.
artist interview philippa paterson, feature, story
We take a closer look

Philippa Paterson | Imagined realities

We are delighted to share the works and interview from the contemporary artist Philippa Paterson.
ailyn lee, emerging young art to collect, installations,
Featured Artist Interview

Ailyn Lee creates surreal spaces of comfort and wonder

Explore in our newest feature the wonderful and talented artist Ailyn Lee, who we were lucky to discover on Instagram.
marc badia, spanish painter, contemporary art daily on view now
Contemporary paintings

Marc Badia uses humour and mystery as tools of critique

The Munchies Art Club is excited to present the talented artist Marc Badia represented by the L21 Gallery, where he is presently on view with his solo exhibition “Jamás oirás a una estrella decir “ahí va un hombre fugaz”.
fabio viscogliosi-featured artist-l21 gallery, mallorca
Contemporary paintings

Fabio Viscogliosi in a constant dialogue between shapes, words, sounds

Munchies Art Club Magazine welcomes and shares with you the work and interview from the brilliant artist Fabio Viscogliosi represented by the L21 Gallery.
lee schulder, visual artist, chicago, interview
Lee Schuldner Artist Interview

Lee Schulder | Paintings of fun loving boys

We introduce you to the Chicago based visual artist Lee, who paints their way into our heart. Read the interview and explore their work!
hunter potter featured artist munchies art club online magazine, spotlight art to collect
Featured Artist Interviews

Hunter Potter | Paints in homage to the characters he admires

We are very pleased to share with you our newest feature the wonderful and gifted artist Hunter Potter. The American artist grew up in Syracuse and then studied art at the University of Vermont. Today Potter lives and works in Brooklyn. His extraordinary work is full of stories and memories from his home-town life. 
Stefan Wiens | Contemporary sculpture | Emerging artist
Featured Artist Interviews

Stefan Wiens | Abstract contemporary artist

We present to you the highly talented Artist Stefan Wiens. We were lucky to discover the artist and his awesome work on Instagram. Explore the artists world on our featured artist special.
Mira Makai | Contemporary ceramics | Artist to watch
Featured Artist Interviews

Mira Makai | Innovative masterpieces

We present to you the incredibly multitalented artist Mira Makai. One of those very lucky finds on Instagram. Learn more about Mira and explore her work in our special feature.
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stefan zsaitsits, contemporary drawings, graphite, young art to collect, austrian, vienna, munchies art club feature
Follow on Instagram

Stefan Zsaitsits on Instagram

We are excited to present to you the Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits and his incredible drawings.
explore 3 artists famous wrapping, christo jeanne-claude, knitting art olek emerging artist donald edwards.
Best Art on Instagram

Wrapped art artists | From Christo and Jeanne-Claude to Olek

Reconnect with Christos and Jeanne-Claude's monumental environmental installations, fall in love with the incredible crochet artist Olek known for her yarn bombing in public spaces, and welcome the emerging sculptor Donald Edwards and his wrapped junk warriors.
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