rug tufting with emerging promising artist molly kent on munchies art club
Molly Kent: Dreams, They Haunt Me | Photo Credit-Leo Sartain | Image courtesy of the artist

Discover Molly Kent, an emerging textile artist transforming the fabric of contemporary art. 

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Discover the latest in textile art: innovative trends transforming fabric into stunning visual narratives.

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Previously featured in "New Textile Artists Of 2023 | Discover Emerging Talent", Kent's unique approach interweaves digital culture and mental health themes through innovative rug tufting and weaving techniques, making a distinctive mark in the art world.

molly kent in her studio, contemporary promising artist
Molly Kent | BBC Documentary Shoot | Photo Credit-Fraser Walker

Dive deeper into the therapeutic benefits of rug tufting through the lens of textile artist Molly Kent, whose practice in the repetitive and mesmerizing processes of weaving and tufting offers a peaceful escape during challenging times. 

Highlighted in short segments by the British BBC, Molly's work showcases the calming effects of her craft.

Molly Kent serves as a rug tufting Tutor At Dovecot Studios, where her expertise and passion for textile art come to life.

If you're inspired to support Molly Kent and would like to purchase her work, please visit Artfeed or New Blood Art. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of art that not only beautifies your space but also carries the tranquil essence of its creation.


Edinburgh-based textile artist Molly Kent continues to impress us with her exploration of modern life and mental health in art. 

Her 'Dream Weaving' project, rooted in her experiences with CPTSD, merges dream psychology with artistic expression. 

Recognized at the Venice Biennale and in exhibitions across Europe, Kent's work has gained a notable presence in the art community. 

Her unique blend of personal symbolism and digital motifs is showcased in esteemed collections, including those of the University of Edinburgh and the National Museum of Australia.

rug tufting with emerging promising artist molly kent on munchies art club


exhibition view molly kent
Image above: Exhibition Install at Urban Nation Museum, Berlin, Germany. Credit-Berlin ArtCore 2 | Images courtesy of the artist

Background image: Molly Kent | BBC Documentary Shoot | Photo Credit-Fraser Walker

Molly Kent's 'Dream Weaving' series is not just art; it's a narrative of personal and universal struggles. 

"My Art Is A Conversation About The Internal And External Conflicts We Face In The Digital Age," Says Kent.

Her works depict falling, extreme weather, and digital anxieties, connecting deeply with viewers’ subconscious fears and experiences.

The series is rich in symbolism, drawing from myths and personal trauma, while playfully incorporating digital elements like emojis and computer icons. 

This blend of traditional weaving with digital symbols reflects Kent's innovative approach to textile art, embodying her response to the increased digitalization during the COVID-19 pandemic.

bbc documetary about her work by molly kent
Molly Kent in a BBC Documentary molly kent's award-winning dream weaving series | Photo: Credit-Fraser Walker


Molly Kent, born in Birmingham in 1995, currently resides and creates in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Molly Kent, textile art with humor in contemporary art
Molly Kent | Dream collage | 80 x 120 cm | Wool, acrylic and cotton | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Specializing in tapestry weaving and rug tufting, her work delves into the complexities of mental health in the post-pandemic era. 

Best Textile Art now | Munchies Art Club Magazine
Discover the latest in textile art: innovative trends transforming fabric into stunning visual narratives.

Her international exhibitions and the inclusion of her works in significant collections worldwide, along with her recent nomination for an Unlimited commission, attest to her growing prominence in the art world.


Discover the captivating world of Molly Kent By Following Her On Instagram or visiting herWebsite. Dive deeper into her creative universe by bookmarking her site, where you can stay updated on her current and upcoming projects and artworks. 

Molly Kent
Molly Kent is an Edinburgh based textile artist, focussing on the exploration of mental health through her wall and installation based work.

Molly Kent: Textile Artist Website

We're absolutely enchanted by her work, and we're sure you will be too. Join us in exploring and celebrating Molly's artistic journey. We love it, and we believe you will too!

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