Kumkum Fernando: A Visionary Artist Where Robots, Mythology, And Memory Converge. Fernando, Born In Sri Lanka And Now Based In Vietnam, Is An Artist Whose Work Captivates Audiences Across The Globe.

Kumkum Fernando in front of his sculpture "WHERE ROBOTS DANCE WITH GODS" | Photo Wing Chan

Kumkum Fernando´s Unique Art Binds Mythology, Personal Memories, And Futuristic Visions, Creating Mesmerizing Sculptures That Speak Volumes Of His Rich Cultural Heritage.

Which Way Is Home (Artwork)
I Lost My Way Again Which Way Is Home?
I Asked Myself Then Out Of Nowhere He Appeared I Know Home, He Said But First I Need To Pee
Me: Toilet Break, Really?
He: Just Give Me A Sec, I'll Be Right Back
He Left
108 Years Later He Returned
That Was The Longest Second
That Was The Longest Pee Break
Follow Me, He Said, This Way Is Home

Our discovery of  Kumkum Fernando was sparked by an engaging article on Artsy, which highlighted his collaboration with the Jonathan Levine Project during last year's Miami Art Week.

An Interview At "Coolhunting" particularly blew our minds.

Interview: Artist Kumkum Fernando - COOL HUNTING®
Hosted on the sand at the Miami Beach EDITION hotel during Miami Art Week, the immersive gallery PLAY by American Express Platinum indulged in nostalgia as a force of inspiration. Unlike at traditi…

Kumkum Fernando: Interview Cool Hunting

Additionally, it's worth noting that there is currently a duo exhibition featuring Fernando's work at the Jonathan LeVine Project At Fondation Winter, now open for viewing!

Kumkum Fernando Interview with Cool Hunting (Miami Art Week) - Jonathan Levine Projects
Interview: Artist Kumkum Fernando A detailed conversation from PLAY, the nostalgic exhibition held during Miami Art Week MIKE TOMMASIELLO 15 DECEMBER 2023 MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 07: American Express and PlayLab, Inc. Present PLAY by American Express Platinum at The Miami Beach EDITION on December 07, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Bryan... read more

Kumkum Fernando: Available at Jonathan Levine Projects

kumkum fernando in saigon, working on post colonial rainbow punks, robots
Kumkum Fernando: During his work for "Post Colonial Rainbow Punks" in Saigon | Jonathan LeVine Projects | Photo: Image Courtesy by the Artist and Gallery

Discovering Kumkum Fernando was truly an 'AHA' moment for us at Munchies Art Club, instantly capturing our attention. Reminded of 'Daft Punk' and the iconic film 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' (1953), these references ignited our curiosity and inspired us to connect with the incredibly talented artist, Kumkum Fernando."

Inspired by our exchange and the mesmerizing quality of his work, he kindly agreed to share his work with us to share with our readers,  offering an in-depth view into his creative universe, showcasing the breadth and depth of his artistry.


In the heart of Fernando's art lies a profound narrative, one that weaves together the ethereal threads of past, present, and future.

‍His pieces are more than mere sculptures; they are storied beings, each carrying a universe within themselves.

kumkum fernando, lotus returns robot, new faces in contemporary art
Kumkum Fernando: Lotus Returns | Dimension: H30 x W13 x D6 (inch) | Photo: Wing Chan

‍His debut exhibition "Temples, Gods, and Robots" at Jonathan LeVine Projects, alongside showcases at the Singapore Art Museum and the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, showcases his skill in blending the realms of the familiar and the mystical.

Additionally, his work made a significant impact this year at Art India in New Delhi, marking another milestone in his journey of artistic exploration.

kumkum Fernando with his gigantic robots at  coacella vally music festival, duft punk,
Kumkum Fernando: 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with works by the Artist called " The Messengers" | Images from the artists Facebook Page
reborn series by saigon based emerging promising artist kumkum fernando
Kumkum Fernando -> Reborn -> Image Courtesy by the Artist
kumkum fernando detail of an pink, mythology robot
Kumkum Fernando | Weeping Orchid | Dimension: H20 x W12 x D4 (inch) | Photo: Wing Chan

Notably, his installations at the 2023 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, titled "The Messengers," stood as monumental testaments to his artistic vision, marrying South Asian art with Hindu mythology and retro-futurism.

highlights of the coachella festival california, giant robots
Kumkum Fernando: Coachella Festival 2023 with his work "The Messengers" | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Discover more about this project from the Coachella Festival 2023 through an interview with Kumkum Fernando on DesignBoom.

interview: kumkum fernando releases swarm of gigantic robot gods at coachella 2023
kumkum fernando joins the coachella 2023 art program, introducing his vibrant robot-god giants to the festival-goers.

Kumkum Fernando -> Designboom -> Coachella 2023

kumkum ferndano at coachella festival impressions of the messangers robots by emerging promising artist kumkum ferndano
Kumkum Fernando great work "The Messengers" during 2023 Coachella Valley Music Festival | Image courtesy of the artist

‍Fernando’s artistry delves deep into the narrative fabric, often pairing his sculptures with poetry.

This amalgamation of visual and literary art forms not only enriches the immersive experience of his work but also invites viewers to engage with the artwork on a profoundly personal level.

kumkum fernando, new faces in contemporary sculpture now , robots detail
‍Kumkum Fernando: Ilo the 5 headed synthetic dreamer by Kumkum Fernando with text "Has visions of the future but mixes it up with the past. Doesn’t talk to strangers and hates space trash." | 86 hand handmade magnetic wooden blocks, lacquered, hand silk-screened | Photo Wing Chan


‍Kumkum Fernando's journey into the world of art is deeply rooted in a legacy of curiosity and wonder, inherited from his father, a collector of unique items.

kumkum fernando early works, vietnam , reborn series, little toys wood and old materials
Kumkum Fernando's early works were crafted from old architectural objects discarded due to the urbanization of Saigon. He began by collecting windows, doors, chairs, and other items abandoned at building sites, scrap yards, and street corners. His aim was to highlight Saigon's architectural history, introducing this concept to schools as a source of inspiration. | Image courtesy of the artist

‍From an early age, Kumkum was deeply engaged in seeking out ancient marvels and treasures, amassing stones, spoons, and statues that conveyed the rich history of Sri Lanka to his attentive listening.

The age-old culture of his birthplace permeates every aspect of his work, drawing inspiration from the detailed temple paintings and captivating folk tales that tell of gateways to a world filled with gods, giants, and demons.

toys with history, beautiful sculptore works from found material past artworks by kumkum fernando
Kumkum Fernando "Toys with History" series masterfully transforms discarded architectural pieces into evocative artworks, bringing Saigon's urban history to life through each creation. | Image courtesy of the artist

‍With pride and reverence, Kumkum channels this heritage, seamlessly blending fine art and design with a profound appreciation for the ancient and the traditional.

Now residing in Vietnam, Kumkum and his dedicated team embark on urban treasure hunts, scouring the streets for materials that once forgotten, are reborn through their creative touch into captivating art and objects.

roborn, notbooks from he vietnamese magazine, past work by kumkum fernando
Kumkum Fernando's past project, "Notebooks from Vintage Vietnamese Magazines," ingeniously transformed old Vietnamese magazines into distinctive notebook covers. These magazines, distinguished by their vivid colors, textures, and visuals that echo a bygone but still contemporary era, were sourced from used magazine vendors. Fernando and his team diligently handcrafted each notebook, utilizing the actual magazines for the covers to maintain authenticity and commit to environmental sustainability through 100% recycled materials. This project, realized in collaboration with 133 Co Bac, aimed to preserve the charm of vintage Vietnamese magazines by repurposing them into everyday objects, culminating in a limited edition of 500 handcrafted notebooks.

‍This alchemy of history and imagination underscores Kumkum's art, making each piece a conduit between the past's mystique and the present's innovation.


‍The "Reborn" series, a blend of traditional aesthetics and futuristic design, showcases Fernando's skill in using time-honored East Asian painting and lacquering techniques to create geometric sculptures that are both action figures and idols.

robots in contemporary art and sculpture reborn, by promising artist kumkum fernando
Kumkum Fernando: Dizzy Missy The portal hopper | Dimension: H63 x W24 x D10 (cm) Height: approx. 2 feet | Photo Wing Chan

These vibrant and evocative pieces embody a blend of spirituality, mythology, and philosophy, each enriched by an accompanying poem that lends depth and context to their visual stories.

Design by Reborn is a conceptual art studio that believes in reincarnation.

Kumkum Fernando -> Website

Every sculpture comes with a poem, paying tribute to the tales shared by Kumkum’s grandmother in her cherished gardens during his childhood, creating a bridge between personal heritage and artistic expression.

Kumkum Fernando stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the contemporary art world.

jonathan levine project with kumkum fernando with his work
Kumkum Fernando: Ilo Galaxy | Dimension: H41 x W15 x D11 (inch) | Photo Wing Chan
Ilo, Ilo.
This Time I Gave You A Jet Pack
So We Can Meet Much Sooner. Meet Me By The Edge Of The Milky Way.
Don’t Be Late.
The First Ilo Never Had A Jet Pack So We Couldn’t Meet As Planned. Quote From Kumkum About Ilo Galaxy

‍His work not only serves as a bridge connecting viewers with the rich tapestry of South Asian stories and traditions but also propels them into a future brimming with imaginative possibilities.


kumkum fernando, artist spotlight, robot, amazing sculpture work 2024
Kumkum Fernando -> Post Colonial Rainbow Punks | With Manike the Maniac, Lomba, Koha and Soft Boss | Jonathan LeVine Projects | Photo: Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery

For those eager to explore more of Kumkum Fernando's captivating world of robots, myths, and memories, visiting his Website and following him on Instagram Are Highly Recommended.

His ongoing projects and insights into his creative process can also be seen through Jonathan LeVine Projects Or The Artsy page of the gallery.

reborn series by saigon based emerging promising artist kumkum fernando
Kumkum Fernando: The Papaya Eater |Dimension: H68 x W25 x D14 (cm)(Height ~ approx 2.2 feet) | Photo Wing Chan

Special thanks are extended to the collaborators and photographers Wing Chang (Instagram) and BiteStudio who have provided a closer look at Fernando's work, offering insights that are as stunning as they are accessible.

handmade dildo, as artworks, by kumkum fernando
DILDOLLS : Handmade sex toys you don’t have to hide! | Image courtesy of the artist
Jonathan LeVine Projects | Artists, Art for Sale, and Contact Info | Artsy
Jonathan LeVine Projects is committed to new and cutting edge art, with an eye towards honoring and connecting with the history and context of Post War art.

Kumkum Fernando -> Jonathan LeVine projects

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