Fresh new face in contemporary painting and airbrush, Henrique Hermes a promising emerging Artist from Portugal:

Introducing Henrique Hermes, an emerging artist from Portugal born in 1994, whose vibrant and captivating works breathe life into canvases with the rhythmic dance of an airbrush. 

Residing and creating in the charming city of Caldas da Rainha, near Lisbon, Henrique's art transcends conventional boundaries, offering a kaleidoscopic exploration of color, creativity, and playful nostalgia.

Henrique Hermes Artist Portrait | Image Courtesy by the artist
Artist Henrique Hermes | Image Courtesy of the Artist

‍Discovered by the Munchies Art Club Magazine team on Instagram, Henrique brings a fresh perspective to the art scene, inviting viewers into a world where his airbrush becomes a transformative tool, weaving vibrant narratives on the canvas.

henrique hermes figurative painting, simple and colorful artist profile
Henrique Hermes painting from the emerging artist from Portugal | Image Courtesy by the Artist


My artistic endeavor revolves around the meticulous curation of archive images sourced from an eclectic array of inspirations. 

These images undergo a transformative journey, finding their place on my canvases, where I oscillate between subtle alterations and unabashed replication. 

My fascination lies in the exploration of diverse visual landscapes, drawing from old newspapers, comics, movies, and advertising.

contemporary painting, monocrome, horse , brown, in spraypaint
Contemporary Painting by Henrique Hermes | Images Courtesy by the Artist

The core of my artistic process is grounded in the research procedure, a journey that unveils the hidden narratives within these images.

Extracting them from their original contexts, I embark on a creative voyage to forge new dialogues—conversations that resonate both within myself and with the viewer. 

a playmobil painting, a castle, green, unfinished work by henrique hermes
Contemporary painting now | Image by Henrique Hermes

‍This process allows for a playful deconstruction and reconstruction of visual elements, fostering an environment where the familiar becomes unfamiliar, and vice versa.

The whimsical and somewhat childish approach to working with these images is fundamental to my artistic expression. 

airbrush painting by henrique hermes in black
Artwork by Henrique Hermes | Images Courtesy by the Artist

‍It is a nod to the carefree days of my school years, where the simple act of drawing and coloring pictures was an unbridled expression of creativity.

This lighthearted methodology not only infuses a sense of joy into my studio practice but also serves as a poignant reminder of the unfettered creativity of childhood.

henrique hermes in his studio, lisbon
Henrique Hermes in his artist studio new Lisbon | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Ultimately, my artistic pursuit is twofold: to revel in the sheer joy of creation within the studio and to engage with the profound questions that linger within me, as well as the challenges presented by the world outside. 

playful and colorful contemporary painting by henrique hermes
Artwork by Henrique Hermes | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍This engagement takes on a typically sardonic tone, allowing me to navigate the complexities of internal reflections and external issues with a touch of humor. 

Through my art, I invite the viewer to partake in this journey—a journey that is as much about self-discovery as it is about reshaping the visual narratives that surround us.


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Hermes on Instagram: “You’re just 2 good to be true I can’t take my 👀 of you 100x100cm”
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Henrique Hermes on Instagram

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