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visit graz and discover the current group show at rotor, center of contemporary art, exhibition view
Currently at ROTOR Graz

Beings & Creatures | Between the Found and the Constructed a must see group show at ROTOR Graz

The art association ROTOR in Graz shares with us to share with you the exhibition “Between the found and the constructed”. The show is the third part of the series titled “Beings and Creatures” which consists of four chapters.
ailyn lee, emerging young art to collect, installations,
Featured Artist Interview

Ailyn Lee creates surreal spaces of comfort and wonder

Explore in our newest feature the wonderful and talented artist Ailyn Lee, who we were lucky to discover on Instagram.
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Art submissions

Submissions - Your art and exhibitions. Open call for artists, galleries and art spaces

The Munchies Art Club offers a space for artists, galleries to submit their Artworks and Art Exhibitions.
art in public space, koer wien, gb stern, kulturdrogerie, ernst koslitsch
Viennas suburban art scene

Art Bubble Vienna | Währing

The contemporary artist Ernst Koslitsch tells us a bit about the art events in his neighbourhood
parallel vienna, semmelweisklinik, art fair, 2022, contemporary
Art Fair | Vienna

Parallel Vienna 2022 | One intervention and 4 artists statements

We introduce from this years upcoming Parallel Vienna 2022 the artists Kaja Clara Joo, Neda Nikolic, Paul Spendier, Daniela Trinkl, Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller.
krinstina kulakova, contemporary female artist, photography
D.I.T = Do it Together | Exhibition Space

Silent Gallery at DIT. Exhibition Space Vienna

Kristina Kulakova “Dancing Around Suffering, Finding light in darkness” and Evgeniia Kazarezava “The Chaos Dome” together with the Silent Gallery on view at the DIT. curated by Paula Marschalek
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philip groezinger, artist, book published nicole gnesa and hirmer verlag
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Philip Grözinger | Science Fiction meets surrealism Painting

Hirmer Verlag together with gallery Nicole Gnesa, Munich present the book showing the work of the contemporary artist Philip Groezinger
Featured Artists

Nico Osimani | NEW

A little over a year ago we first discovered the Argentinian contemporary artist Nico Osimani on Instagram. Today we share with you his new work, enjoy!
dimitrios antonitsis, textile art, weaving, greece, abacus, athens, ileana tounta
Participate | Call for entry

Dimitrios Antonitsis | Exhibition

We are excited to share with you the works of contemporary artist Dimitrios Antonitsis, showing at the prominent Athenian Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center in Greece.
nana mandl and karl karner, artists, exhibition called fear of the missing out in styria, ks showroom,
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Nana Mandl & Karl Karner

Munchies Art Club Magazine was on an unusual field trip. We visited the exhibition of the artists Nana Mandl and Karl Karner in South east Styria in the KS Room 5aking place in a barn in the middle of grain fields. A great collaboration between two artists and most definitely worth a visit.
megan dominescu, female, artist, carpet art, textile, contemporary art daily
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New Textile Artists of 2023 | Discover Emerging Talent

The Munchies Art Club Introduces: Contemporary Female Textile Artists" - Discover a curated selection of female artists pushing the boundaries of today's art world with their contemporary textile art. Explore their unique works and learn how they are elevating the medium.
jean robert alcindor, swimming pool
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11 artists | swimming pools 

Most of us know David Hockneys painting “a bigger splash”. It was that and one other painting of his that actually opened my heart for the arts. Browsing through my Insta feed, I came upon a pool painting and that reminded me of that feeling then. Still today I can’t walk past a swimming pool painting without feeling attracted to it. Here I share with you artists I discovered on Instagram with alluring paintings of pools.
installation, on view, brussels, nino mier, contemporary art
Contemporary Art Event

Jonathan Wateridge | Nino Mier

On view, when we visited the Nino Mier Gallery in Brussels, the exhibition Aftersun, with paintings by the UK-based artist Jonathan Wateridge.
visual art, böhler & orendt utopian fairytale artworks, on view, new, installation, group show, munchies art club
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Rotor Graz

When in Graz be sure to visit the Rotor art association to see contemporary art dealing with social, political and economic subjects, igniting discussions, communications, cooperations, and also continuously working on reaching a larger audience within and without their space in the Annenviertel of Graz, Austria.
halle für kunst steiermark, styria, art on view, contemporary, modern, retrospective, stano filko
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Stano Filko | A retrospective

When in Styria be sure to visit the Halle für Kunst Steiermark, offering an exquisite selection of international artists.
interior flemish house, gallery, jonathan kugel, group show,
Contemporary Art Event

Jonathan F. Kugel| Brussels

Introducing our exquisite find the Jonathan F. Kugel Gallery with it's Cabinet de Curiosité Contemporain in Brussels. There we saw the group exhibition Cabinet de Céramique Contemporain, a selection of recent works by Carolein Smit, James B. Webster and Vivian Van Blerk.
nikki maloof, contemporary large paintings, on view , sorry were closed, brussels, american, belgium
Contemporary Art Event

Sorry We're Closed Gallery

During the week of the Art Brussels Art Fair 2022 we also took the time to visit our favorite galleries, and one was the gallery Sorry We're Closed who were showing work from the artist Nikki Maloof at the time.
tim von lære, gallery, ben sledsens, art brussels, 2022, fair, feature, event, prominent galleries,
Contemporary Art Event

Art Brussels 2022

We share our impressions from an impressive art fair, the Art Brussels 2022
rodolphe janssen, sausage party, group exhibition, david adamo amber andrews jonas apers
gina beavers genesis belanger beni bischof lucas blalock sascha braunig jacques charlier kasper de vos wim delvoye christa dichgans louisa gagliardi eléonore joulin sally kindberg sean landers thomas lerooy tony matelli mrzyk & moriceau barbara nessim tom poelmans emily mae smith lisa vlaemminck julie senden
Contemporary Art Event

Rodolphe Janssen Gallery

On our short trip to Brussels, we visited the gallery Rodolphe Janssen to view the exhibition Sausage Party showing works from 24 international artists around the theme of sausages. The show is organized by Julie Senden.
sorry we are closed gallery, exhibition, nikki maloof, contemporary large painting, wall art, viewing room, unique
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Ernst Koslitsch in Brussels

This years Art Brussels 2022 was an incredible event. I was guided and escorted by the Austrian visual artist Ernst Koslitsch visiting all the incredible booths and galleries the city had to offer!
spark art fair, contemporary artists, gallery, females, top event, international, artwork, explore
Contemporary Art Event

Art Fair Radar 2022 | A Resume

The SPARK Art Fair Vienna is a new Austrian art fair with international dimension. The contemporary art fair, presented in their second edition 80 prominent and up-and-coming young Austrian and international galleries showing solo presentations from 99 artists in the historic space of the Marx Halle.
athens port, piraeus, international art scene, rodeo, intermission, carwan gallery, contemporary art
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Piraeus port | Athens

Explore the art scene in the Ancient Greek port of Piraeus. Discover a new, growing and promising contemporary cultural hub. We visited the Rodeo, the Intermission and the Carwan galleries on a small street just off the bustling port of Piraeus. There, on Polidefkous street they turned old warehouses into exciting contemporary art spaces not to be missed.
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anna never, female art, bologna, young artist to collect, wall art, club, disco, bar
Best Art on Instagram

Italian artist Anna Never shares 6 paintings

Featured artist Anna Never shares further incredible paintings with us! Enjoy!
stefan wiens, stretched material, frame, original, unique, emerging
Best Art on Instagram

Stefan Wiens | 5 new artworks

The gifted German contemporary artist Stefan Wiens, shares 5 of his most recent artworks. He creates Mickey Mouse sculptures, wall art and paintings. Explore more on his Insta account. If you are not already doing so follow, and support this wonderful sculptor and painter.
fran baena, spanish artist, figurative, painting, available, artworks, young art to collect
Best Art on Instagram

8 new paintings by Fran Baena at Munchies Art Club Magazine

The Spanish artist Fran Baena shares 8 of his new paintings with us. Explore his new artworks here and support and follow the artist on Instagram.
ernst koslitsch, art fair, parallel, vienna, contemporary art fair
Top Art Fairs

Ernst Koslitsch at Parallel Vienna 2021 | Artist Statement

This year the Parallel Art Fair presents 32 Artist statements. With the artist statements the Parallel Vienna Art Fair supports young and up-and-coming artists by providing a space to share their work. We are happy to announce that 6 Munchies Art Club featured artist are also participating at the art fair: Adrian Hazi, Karo Kuchar, Christian Murzek, Maximiliano Leon, Domi Gratz and Anne-Clara Stahl.
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