In the dynamic landscape of contemporary art, few artists manage to capture the essence of modernity with a touch of personal flair quite like Clara Cebrián.

clara cebrián artist in her home for munchies art club magazine
Clara Cebrián in her home in Madrid | Photo by Geray Mena

Born in Madrid and schooled in the art of digital and interactive media in London, Cebrián creates a symphony of colors and forms that speaks directly to the soul.

clara cebrian with color in motion, munchies art club magazine presents the emerging artist
Clara Cebrián: Get a glimpse into Clara's studio in Kipsely, in Athens, Greece. Through captivating images, witness the artistic process as her creative sanctuary comes to life with color, texture, and the spirit of creation | Photo by Alexandra Masmanidi

Clara Cebrián's recent solo exhibition in Athens, Greece, titled "Hello Adulthood," marked a significant milestone in her artistic career.

clara cebrian exhibition at Zoumboulakis Gallery,  Athens Greece
Clara Cebrian: Hello Adulthood At Zoumboulakis Galleries - Kolonaki Square, In Athens, Greece

‍Held at the Zoumboulakis Gallery, this exhibition, which opened on June 1, 2023, was her first major solo showcase in Athens.


Clara Cebrián is not just an artist; she is a storyteller whose canvas extends beyond the traditional.

Her multidisciplinary approach to art, combining painting, drawing, animation, and video, creates a world that is uniquely her own.

clara cebrian installation and contemporary painting promising artist form Spain
Quote From Clara Cebris's Instagram Account: "My Wardrobe For Paintings Manage To Arrive Save To Madrid From Athens Where It Was Made By Pyros; Making A Little Stop In Sicily On Its Way" | Image By Amalia Wakonigg

‍Born in the heart of Spain's cultural capital in 1991, Clara's journey into the art world was both nurtured and natural.

"Made this big linen with my aunt Pilon, she did most of it because I was constantly falling sleep next to the table were we where painting it"

Her innate talent for blending colors and forms was further honed at the London College of Communications, where she specialized in Graphic Media Design for Interactive and Moving Image.

Clara cebrian,painting now on linen, very old, in the residency at casabanchel, madrid spain
Clara Cebrian: A painting from her residency at Casabanchel, created on old linen | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This academic background laid the foundation for her to explore and experiment, leading to the creation of an artistic language that resonates with a modern audience.

clara cebrian, colorful work, as installation or contemporary painting including ceramics and animation
CLARA CEBRIÁN Quote: "This ones where painted in Sicily but then stoped for a picture in Madrid and now waiting for their final destination in Mexico. Its all about location crisis, google flights and having to make the suitcase every fourth day (and forgetting a phone charger in every place I stop)"

‍Cebrián's work is a reflection of everyday life, yet it transcends the mundane through its vibrant palette and fluid motion.

Her art is an exploration of personal experiences, transformed into visual narratives that are both intimate and universally relatable.

Each piece she creates is not just a work of art; it's a journey into her creative universe, inviting viewers to explore the depth of their own emotions and experiences.

Her use of color is particularly striking.

‍Clara does not just use colors; she speaks through them.

Each hue is carefully chosen to evoke a specific emotion, to tell a part of a story.

‍This meticulous attention to color and detail is what makes her work stand out in a crowded field of contemporary artists.

clara cebrian artworks, instalaltion view, colorful and unique
Clara Cebrian: Get a glimpse into Clara's studio in Kipsely, in Athens, Greece. Witness the artistic process as her creative sanctuary comes to life with color, texture, and the spirit of creation | Photographer: Alexandra Masmanidi

‍As an artist, Clara Cebrián stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity.

It's a reminder that art is not static; it's a living, evolving entity that reflects the complexities of the world we live in.

contemporary painting now, by artist clara cebrian, for the exhibition in Greece, Athens
A painting from the exhibition 'Hello Adulthood,' depicting a dessert menu from a very popular restaurant in Mexico City. | Image Courtesy by the Artist

In conclusion, Clara Cebrián's Art is more than just visually stunning; it's a dialogue with the viewer, a conversation between the artist and the audience.

emerging artist clara cebrian with an painting
Contemporary Painting by Clara Cebrian called "Desayuno en Chacahua 2" | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Her unique blend of media, coupled with her vibrant use of color and form, makes her one of the most exciting contemporary artists to watch.

As she continues to evolve and grow, one thing is certain: the world of art will be eagerly watching, waiting to see what she creates next.

installation view, housewarming, by clara cebrian madrid based emerging artist
Quote from Clara Cebrain from her Instagram Account: "In the same way I paint the reflection of the chaos in my mind, if I invite people to see my paintings, the perfect landscape should be some kind of similar cozy chaos translated into human actions across a big room. And last week, with the Casabanchel family and the fantastic guests who arrived at the housewarming, we managed the perfect scenario I could have never planned. Thank you, everyone, that helped make albondigas! 🍝" | Image by Amalia Wakonigg

Ignacio Alfonso Gómez, Amalia Wakonigg, Geray Mena, Alexandra Masmanidi

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