Delve Into The Artistry Of Aurelia Jaubert, A Visionary In Modern Textile Art, Known For Her Captivating Tapestries That Seamlessly Blend Historical And Pop Culture Elements.

Aurélia Jaubert-Galerie-S-Mortier

Experience A Unique Fusion Of Traditional Craftsmanship And Contemporary Innovation.

aurelia jaubertCollaborative contemporary art project involving textiles, rugs in all forms and mastering all things together
Aurelia Jaubert | Collection grands maitres | Photo Musée La piscine Roubaix/Alain Leprince | Image courtesy the artist

Discover The Captivating Journey Of Aurélia Jaubert, An Artist Born In Paris In 1967, Now Residing In Provence And Celebrated For Her Transformative Textile Art.

AURELIA JAUBERT | galerie-s-mortier

Aurélia Jaubert | Galerie-S-Mortier

‍Her Work, A Harmonious Blend Of Collector's Passion And Artistic Fidelity, Has Been Celebrated Globally Since 1999, Earning Accolades Like The Roubaix Manufacture Museum Prize, The Contextile Biennale Special Jury Prize, The Silver Medal At The International Triennal Of Tapestry, In Lodz, Poland And The SCAM Scholarship For Digital Art.

aurelia jaubert demonstrating modern artistic techniques
Aurelia Jaubert working on her piece Vincent, Gustave, Sandro et les autres
| 2021 |
Canvases and tapestries assembled and sewn together | 405×260 cm | Photo Ferjeux Van Der Stigghel | Image courtesy the artist

Currently, You Can Gain A Special Insight Into Aurelia Jaubert Through A Documentary On ARTE.

Aurélia Jaubert - l’atelier A - Regarder le documentaire complet | ARTE
Aurélia Jaubert transforme et déplace les objets et les matériaux du quotidien.

Aurélia Jaubert ARTE TV

Featured In The Series L'Atelier A, The Documentary Presents Aurelia At Work In Her Studio. Credit Is Due To Frédéric Ramade, The Collection Director, And Charles Devoyer For The Production, As Well As To Arte TV, Arte France, ADAGP, Julie Crenn, And Thomas Petitarch For Their Contributions.

Avant-garde tapestry display in art gallery
Aurelia Jaubert | Detail from "Collection grands maitres" | Photo Musée La piscine Roubaix/Alain Leprince | Image courtesy the artist

‍Aurélia's distinctive approach to textile art, driven by her fascination with the transformation of images across different mediums, challenges perceptions by merging everyday objects into new aesthetic realms.

This approach has garnered her recognition as a standout artist both in France and on the international stage.

best contemporary tapestry artists now
Aurelia Jaubert | Detail from: "Collection grands maitres" | Photo Musée La piscine Roubaix/Alain Leprince | Image courtesy the artist

‍Every piece of art Aurelia creates tells a story, blending the familiar with the unexpected.

Her process is meticulous, turning ordinary textile fragments in to extraordinary art.

Her tapestries do more than just adorn walls; they evoke emotions, provoke thought, and offer new perspectives on everyday materials.

Aurélia Jaubert textile art now Fusion of cultural themes in contemporary tapestry
Aurélia Jaubert | Nativité (Nativity) | 2019 | Canvases and tapestries assembled and sewn | 3m78x2m17 | Special Jury Prize: CONTEXTILE 2020 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Guimarães, Portugal | Image courtesy the artist

Aurelia Jaubert’s work is a bridge between traditional textile techniques and contemporary artistic expression.

Her tapestries offer more than aesthetic pleasure; they are an exploration into the realms of imagination and creativity.

‍For those who appreciate art, Aurelia’s work is a unique addition, offering a fresh perspective on what textile art can be.

‍Aurelia Jaubert weaves together various themes and motifs, from historical figures to contemporary pop culture icons.

Multimedia elements in modern tapestry design
Image on view above is a detail from Vincent, Gustave, Sandro, et les autres | Aurelia Jaubert | 2021 | Canvases And Tapestries Assembled And Sewn | 405×260 Cm | Image Courtesy The Artist
Aurelia Jaubert's textile sculpture in modern art setting
Aurelia Jaubert | Vincent, Gustave, Sandro, et les autres | 2021 | Canvases and tapestries assembled and sewn | 405×260 cm | Image courtesy the artist

Aurelia Jaubert weaves together various themes and motifs, from historical figures to contemporary pop culture icons.

This blend creates a dynamic visual experience, where traditional elements meet modern whimsy.

AURÉLIA JAUBERT | Loo & Lou Gallery

Aurélia Jaubert | Loo & Lou Gallery

Her work enables us to delve into our imagination, offering us a fresh perspective on the essence of modern textile art.


Not quite the size of the Apocalypse Tapestry but we’re getting close… A merry apocalypse with Jesus-Christ wearing a tutu and Mickey Mouse ogling at Velázquez’s «Venus at her mirror», 3éme Âge (le retour d’Ulysse) pours out centuries of history of art and popular imagery without us knowing if the chronology of events even matters.

aurélia jaubert new textile contemporary art with an gigantic wall rug made out from old carpets
JAUBERT AURELIA_les cerfs ailés | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍As if in a still life by Cézanne or a hugepop collage by Erró, this gigantic assembly on canvas, picked here and there, makes our gaze panic with its rejection of rational perspective.

Closer to medieval compositions in its narration, this is a tribute to the «ouvrages de dames», states Aurélia Jaubert.

Digital era influences on textile art forms
Aurelia Jaubert | Ici Harold a navigué sur la mer | 410x260 cm | 2021 | Image courtesy the artist

Sailing beyond good and bad taste, has she found the key to dreams in these flea market pieces and other attic treasures?

aurelia jaubert social commentary through textile art pieces
Aurelia Jaubert | Detail from "Ici Harold a navigué sur la mer" | 410x260 cm | 2021 | Image courtesy the artist

Freely associating patterns of galleon and geisha, kitten and dolphin, ballerina and Courbet’s scenery, the artist invites us in the imagination of women who still dream of unicorns.

Retired Penelopes that no longer await their Ulysses’ return and go back everyday to their loom to cast themselves into a world of beauty.

With a pricking sense of humor, Aurélia Jaubert intends, in a fair turnaround, to exhibit in the immaculate spaces of galleries and museums this swarming universe fed with Chardin and Walt Disney. Needlework won’t interest anybody?

‍Those old ladies’ pleasures aren’t sexy? Maybe. But here, they are as beautiful as the fortuitous encounter of a sewing machine and a lost paradise.

aurélia jaubert textile artist to discover 2024 digital era influences on textile art forms
Aurelia Jaubert | Ici Harold a navigué sur la mer | 410x260 cm | 2021 | Image courtesy the artist

Like the return of the rejected that carts with it countless lives spent escaping the closed circle of family life or the retirement home through images.

And we think back to the four marvellous words of the Lady and the Unicorn: «To my sole desire».


aurelia jaubert modern contemporary textile art munchies art club magazine innovation and new face in art
Aurélia Jaubert: Image on view above is a detail from Collection Grands Maitres | Photo Musée La Piscine Roubaix/Alain Leprince | Images courtesy the artist


Born in Paris in 1967, Aurélia Jaubert has been captivated by the transformation of images from one medium to another and the illusions they create.

She finds beauty in the overlooked - small accidents, objects, or everyday scraps - and breathes new life into them, blending the roles of a collector and an artist who remains true to the image.

Since 1999, Aurélia has been showcasing her work regularly in France and internationally.

Follow Aurélia Jaubert's Instagram Account to stay updated on her work, and don't forget to check out her Website!

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