“Come with me if you want to live” | Ernst Koslitsch Artist Statement at Parallel Vienna

Ernst Koslitsch artist statement at this years art fair " Parallel Vienna" entitled “Come with me if you want to live.” | Semmelweiss Klinik Vienna Währing. On view from 7th till 11th September. 

Book you tickets via the Parallel Website and enjoy the show. 

Discover more works from the artist Ernst Koslitsch on his online viewing room on his website :

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Road to nowhere | Parallel Vienna | Ernst Koslitsch

Ernst Koslitsch Room 203, is located in House B next to the artists Karo Kuchar and Jasmin Edelbrunner.

Munchies Art Club | On location

This year the Parallel Art Fair presents 32 Artist statements. With the artist statements the Parallel Vienna Art Fair supports young and up-and-coming artists by providing a space to share their work.

We are happy to announce that 6 Munchies Art Club featured artist are also participating at the art fair: Adrian Hazi, Karo Kuchar, Christian Murzek, Maximiliano Leon, Domi Gratz and Anne-Clara Stahl.

Available Works in our Store : Domi Gratz

The artists are on location every day.

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Parallel Vienna | Semmelweis Klinik | Art Festival 2021