At the Munchies Art Club Magazine we share with you the artists Anouk Lamm Anouk, Klodin Erb, Simone Fattal, Galli, Margaret Lansink, Eveleyn Plaschg and Maruša Sagadin, anexquisite selection of whats to come at this years Spark Art Fair.

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SPARK 2022 is a one of a kind art fair in Vienna. Establishing with just one event in 2021, an important role in the Austrian and international art scene. 

Last year, under challenging circumstances, Renger van den Heuvel and his team turned the headlights on an extraordinary affair. 

2024 Spark-Studio - SPARK Art Fair Vienna
SPARK STUDIOWelcome to SPARK 2024!Here at SPARK Studio, you can access all the necessary information regarding the exhibiting artists, including artwork details, biographies, and gallery contact information.Fair Days 15 – 17 March 2024 acb Mátyás Erményi Alessandro Casciaro Santiago Reyes Villaveces alexander levy Julius von Bismarck Allouche Benias Gallery Theo Michael ANNA LAUDEL Cem Sonel ANNA LAUDEL

Spark Art Fair Vienna

The SPARK Art Fair will once again take place at the historical Marx Halle in the 3rd Viennese district.


spark art fair presents anouk lamm anouk contemporary artist in painting
Spark Art Fair: Anouk Lamm Anouk | Image credit Studio Anouk Lamm Anouk/Marleen Roubik

Anouk Lamm Anouk is Painter, is Poet and everything in between. Or as they say: «I am nothing, no one», which could be a reference to their embedding in Zen Buddism. 

Anouk identifies as non binary.

Reduction as condensation was their early goal that lead them to the development of a deeply personal approach to abstraction. Based on the exploration of their identity and body in relation to society.

Artworks – Anouk Lamm Anouk

Anouk Lamm Anouk official Website

Early experiences and growing into a wrongly gendered body were transformed in a wide body of work.

Confronting and transforming pain into beauty and power. By doing so, they challenge the viewers by examining sex, eroticism and female liberation. 

Certain motifs, beings, rhythms are repeating themselves or are found fragmentarily in different series of works. Just like a subtle reference to the big picture.

Everyday life, dreams, work, the extravaganza — Anouk's oeuvre is about uniting all aspects of being.

Visibility is the key and an essential part of their self and creating. For being true to yourself — visible queerness is a big concern of Anouk. Being out and proud is a fundamental part of their practice. 

Home - Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

Represented by Mario Mauroner | Anouk Lamm Anouk

Visibility is activism in a world that is still shaped by discrimination of all kinds.

That is why a space of peace and contemplation is so central in Anouk’s work. Make the medium visible; linen is the oh so present painting ground and also the first hue of most of their paintings.

A compact pallete of colours create a mediative non-space — especially in their non-figurative abstract series «post/pre». 


At Spark Art Fair Vienna Klodin Erb will present works from her latest series titled Flowers for Sale, flower paintings that only reveal themselves to the public when viewed closely and allude to the selling off of nature.

Lullin + Ferrari
Lullin + Ferrari, founded 2008 by Corrado Ferrari and Etienne Lullin, is a gallery dedicated to contemporary art with a strong network of artists, collectors, museum people and other gallerists.

Klodin Erb is represented by Lullin + Ferrari Gallery

The pictures were all created on plasticized tablecloths, whose motifs Klodin Erb artfully continued, altered, or added new elements to. 

Spark Art Fair Vienna
Spark Art Fair: 7 female Artist on this years Event: Klodin Erb | Flowers for Sale #13 | 2021 | Acrylic, oil and spray paint on printed PVC tablecloth | 80 x 65 cm (31-1/2 x 25-1/2 in.) | Image courtesy Lullin+Ferrari gallery

Klodin Erb is one of the most famous Swiss painters. In her expressive, fantastic pictorial worlds, she explores the boundaries of painting and simultaneously questions definitions of gender and identity.

Klodin Erb painter at this years spark art fair
Klodin Erb finishing the wall painting for the exhibition Four Rooms: A Floating World at Lullin + Ferrari, Zurich 2022 | Image courtesy Lullin+Ferrari gallery

In an effort to combine topicality and timelessness in her paintings, the artist uses various techniques to "sample" borrowings from art history with motifs from the contemporary world.

Klodin Erb lives and works in Zurich and is a lecturer at the Department of Design & Art at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

lullin and ferrari gallery, spark art fair 2022
Installation shot, works by Klodin Erb, group exhibition Four Rooms: A Floating World at Lullin + Ferrari, Zurich 2022 | Image courtesy Lullin+Ferrari gallery

simone fattal at this years spark art fair supported by hubert winter gallery, vienna, austria, contemporary sculpture, ceramics
Spark Art Fair: Hubert Winter presents the female Artist Simone Fattal | The Siege | 2019 | Toneware fired in a wood kiln, glazed | 37 x 35 x 36.5 cm | Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna | Photo: Simon Veres

Simone Fattal was born in Damascus, Syria, and raised in Lebanon, where she studied philosophy at the École des Lettres in Beirut.

She then moved to Paris, where she continued her philosophical pursuits at the Sorbonne.

In 1969 she returned to Beirut and began working as a visual artist, exhibiting her paintings locally until the start of the Lebanese Civil War. 

syrian female artist, paints, collages, visual artist, ceramics
Simone Fattal | La Terra Trema | 2020 | Collage | 51 x 108 cm | Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna | Photo: Simon Veres

She fled Lebanon in 1980 and settled in California, where she founded the Post-Apollo Press, a publishing house dedicated to innovative and experimental literary work.

About Simone Fattal

Simone Fattal Website

In 1988 she enrolled in a course at the Art Institute of San Francisco, which prompted a return to her artistic practice and a newfound dedication to sculpture and ceramics.

Fattal currently lives in Paris, and has had recent solo exhibitions at the Whitechapel Gallery (2021), ICA Milano (2021), Bergen Kunsthalle (2020), and MoMA PS1 (2019).

hubert winter gallery, spark art fair, booth, women visual, modern
Huber Winter Gallery at Spark Art Fair vienna with female Artist: Simone Fattal | Warrior, 2018 | Ink on paper | 52 x 66 cm | Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna | Photo: Simon Veres

Fattal’s work—watercolours and collages as well as sculptures made from clay and bronze—exists between figuration and abstraction.

She draws on sources ranging from war and conflict, to landscape painting, ancient religions and mythologies, Sufi poetry and the fragility of the human form.

Home / Galerie Hubert Winter
Galerie Hubert Winter, Breite Gasse 17, 1070 Wien, Austria <br /> Carl Andre . Davide Allieri . William Anastasi . Alessandro Biggio . Mirella Bentivoglio . Guillaume Bijl . Mary Ellen Carroll . Simone Fattal . Ian Hamilton Finlay . Joel Fisher . Judith Fegerl . Jojo Gronostay . Marcia Hafif . Nancy Haynes . Michael Höpfner . Michael Hoepfner . Michael Hopfner . Alfredo Jaar . Birgit Jürgenssen . Birgit Juergenssen . Birgit Jurgenssen . Michael Kidner . Shigeko Kubota . James Lewis . Paul Etienne Lincoln . Urs Lüthi . Chantal Michel . Richard Nonas . Ingo Nussbaumer . Danica Phelps . Helga Philipp . Sarah Pichlkostner . Katherine Porter . Laura Ribero . Fred Sandback . Haim Steinbach . Franz Vana . Jean-Luc Vilmouth . Peter Weibel . Lawrence Weiner . Betty Woodman . Francesca Woodman . Lei Xue .

Hubert Winter Gallery Vienna

She explores the impact of displacement and migration as well as the politics of archaeology and excavation.

Using frequently recurring motifs and forms, and just enough detail to make her characters discernable, her works construct worlds that feel as though they have emerged—temporarily—from history and memory.

spark art fair, artist Galli with brunand and brunand gallery, berlin, on view with painting female art special
Galli Installation view | Absage ans Paradies’ | brunand brunand, Berlin | Nov 11th, 202 - Jan 8th, 2022 | Images and text courtesy ©brunand brunand & Galli | Photo: Marjorie Brunet Plaza

GALLI was born in 1944 in Heusweiler, Germany – The artist lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Establishing herself amidst the tumultuous, hedonistic spirit of the West Berlin art scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Galli rejected the austere visual language of conceptual art and embraced narrative forms and subjective experience.

Fragmented objects, human limbs, and amorphous blobs are playfully melded together in her drawings and paintings. 

Galli determinedly blazed her own path within a generation dominated by the (male) painters of the New Fauves.

Fundamental to her work are the physical and psychological torment of her figures and her agile intellectual play with literature and language. 

Galli became a prominent figure of her generation in Germany, presenting solo exhibitions in countless galleries as well as Forum Kunst Rottweil, the Bodensee Museum in Friedrichshafen, and the Salzburger Kunstverein.

In 2020 her works were on view at the KW in the context of the 11th Berlin Biennale, and in 2022 she had her first solo show with brunand brunand gallery, Berlin. 

Fragments of a text by Michèle Faguet

Images and text courtesy ©brunand brunand & Galli | Photo: Marjorie Brunet Plaza


margaret ansink 7 female artist on this years spark art fair with ibasho gallery
7 female artist at this years Spark art Fair: Margaret Lansink | Blues | Represented by Ibash Gallery Image credit @margaretlansink

Margaret Lansink is a fine art photographer who works and lives in a tiny village just above Amsterdam.

Lansink received a BA from the PhotoAcademy in Amsterdam, studied for a year at LeMasterklass Paris and at Smedsby Atelier in Paris. 

ibasho, representing margaret lansink, photography, art fair, international
Margaret Lansink | Reach out | Image credit @margaretlansink

Who we are is often determined by our social environment and (family) history. How we build our self-esteem, often determines how we look to the outside world and how we react to the other.

In her work, Lansink explores these relationships, trying to bridge the personal and universal.


Margaret Lansink Website

The way she photographs is purely intuitive; her images present an open and honest reflection of her own inner emotions at a certain time, space and interaction.

Shot as self-portraits in the broadest sense of the word. 

intuitive, beautiful, photography, dutch, artist, ibasho
Margaret Lansink | Strong | Image credit @margaretlansink

With this intuitive way of photography she invites the spectator to embark on a journey through his-her own intricate web of memories, emotions, expectations, fears and desires.

Margaret Lansink uses various analogue camera's to capture the different atmospheres of her inner emotions.

IBASHO means ‘a place where you can be yourself’ in Japanese. IBASHO is a gallery in Antwerp that opened her doors in March 2015, showing fine art Japanese photography ranging from works by well-known Japanese photographers to younger contemporary Japanese artists as well as works from Western photographers who were…

IBASHO Gallery

Giving the images the freedom to act as an overflow from reality to dream and vice versa. More and more she experiments with her images, with paint, goldleaf, charcoal as well as with liquid light in the darkroom. 

Text and Image: Courtesy and credit the artist Margaret Lansink

The powdery surfaces of Evelyn Plaschg’s works on paper oscillate between matte and brilliant, depending on light conditions, turning the works themselves into fragile ‘bodies’ that rub off when touched – through display, storage, and presentation; an incipient dissolution of the work.

Starting from photographs, Plaschg translates the captured bodies into drawings, which are then in turn drawn up with pigments.

Evelyn Plaschg

Evelyn Plaschg | Layr Gallery

Her works show the permeability of a supposedly defined subject and its environment, that allows the vulnerability of its outward-facing surface to shine through. 


Evelyn Plaschg Website

Evelyn Plaschg (b. 1988 in Gnas, Austria) is an artist based in Vienna. Plaschg studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and at ENSBA Paris.

She received the Marianne Defet Stipend for painting in 2020/2021. 

top artists, spotlight vienna austria, 2022, plaschg
Spark Art Fair: Gallery Layr with female painter and performance Artist Evelyn Plaschg at the Fair | In Condensation (Peer) | 2021 Pigment auf Papier / Pigment on Paper | 170 x 100 cm | Courtesy the artist and Layr, Vienna 

 Text and Image: Courtesy the artist and Layr, Vienna 

marusa sagadin female promising artist from vienna in sculpture , christine könig gallery, galerie, wien, vienna
At Spark Art Fair: Maruša Sagadin represented by Christine König Gallery Artwork: | B-Girls, Go! | 2018 / 2021 | Metal, wood, paint | 385 × 490 × 330 cm (platform: 385 × 440 × 280 cm) | Commissioned by KÖR, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Vienna, 2018 | Photo: Johannes Stoll, Belvedere Wien

Maruša Sagadin draws inspiration for her ideas from architecture, but also from pop and subculture sources. 

Maruša Sagadin

Maruša Sagadin Website

Extracted and abstracted, these elements form a sign which at a symbolic level incorporates an inherent narrative, directing us towards the story of an object while introducing dynamics and humour which camouflage criticism under a tarp of advertising approaches, entertainment or play.' (quot. Every city has its Tivoli!, 2015)

marusa sagadin, christine könig, contemporary sculpture, visual
Female Artist Maruša Sagadin at this years Spark Art Fair Schnelle Beine (Fast Legs) (Marjetka) | 2019 | Concrete, wood, pigment, paint | 125 × 167 × 95cm | Photo: David Stjernholm
Works | Maruša Sagadin | Christine König Galerie
Sprache, Architektur und Skulptur sind Grundlagen ihrer Zeichensysteme, auch in ihren zweidimensionalen Arbeiten. “Andere Materialen, die ich verwende, sind klassische Baumaterialen der Architektur wie Zement oder Styropor. Der „Cartoon Charakter“ ergibt sich aus den unterschiedlichen Thematiken und Gegensätzen, die ich in meine Arbeit einfließen lasse. Dazu gehören die Jugend- und Undergroundkultur, sowie die Musikkultur und die Gegensätze zwischen Hoch- und Popkultur.” (Zit. Maruša SAGADIN) --- Language, architecture and sculpture are the basis of her sign systems, even in her two-dimensional works. “Other materials I use are classic architectural building materials such as cement or polystyrene. The “cartoon character” results from the different themes and contrasts that I incorporate into my work. These include youth and underground culture, as well as music culture and the contrasts between high and pop culture.” (Quot. Maruša SAGADIN)

Christine König Gallery: Overview Maruša Sagadin Available Artworks

colorful sculptural work, women artists, pantone, exclusive
Maruša Sagadin | Herz-Bar (Heart-Bar), Secession, Vienna | 2018 | Wood, concrete, adhesive filler, paper, paint |250 × 420 × 350 | Courtesy: Secession and the artist | Photo: Paul Knight

About Spark Art Fair and Additional Infos:

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