Hey there, Instagram artists! Ever wonder why your mom is always the first to like and comment on your posts? Getting more followers to be as enthusiastic as mom can be tricky, but that’s where our guide comes in.

🎨 Ever wondered why your mom’s the first (and sometimes the only one) to like your posts?

We're here to help you navigate the Instagram jungle with tried-and-true tips, relatable examples, and a touch of humor.

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Let’s dive into the mysterious world of the Instagram algorithm and uncover how to get the rest of the world to join in on the love.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your audience, we’ve got you covered. Let's turn your followers into a supportive, engaged community!

1. Timing is Everything (Or How to Stop Posting at Midnight)

Your mom loves your posts because she's still awake wondering why you didn’t call her today, so when you share your latest masterpiece, she celebrates with emojis. But guess what? Most of us are winding down or already asleep.

The Scoop: The Instagram algorithm loves posts that get quick engagement. Posting when your followers are active increases the chances of your art appearing in their feed. Use Instagram Insights to find the best times to post. 

instagram algorithm demystified, effective posting, timing is everything

Your Move: Schedule your posts for lunch breaks! Your followers can admire your art while avoiding deep conversations about abstract expressionism over their avocado toast. Or, catch them later early evening winding down for the day, swapping their gallery gossip for some Insta scroll time.

2. Engagement is Queen (Like Mom's Enthusiastic Comments)

Ever notice how your mom comments on every post with heart emojis and sweet talk? That's her super-mom powers at work—instinctively knowing what the algorithm needs!

instagram algorithm, how to get more followers

The Scoop: The algorithm prioritizes posts that get lots of likes, comments, and shares. The more interaction your post gets, the more it will be shown to others.

Your Move: Start interacting! Encourage your followers to engage by asking questions, or simply responding to their comments.

And hey, don’t be shy—engage with their content too. It’s called social media for a reason!

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3. Consistency is Key (Even if You're Not as Consistent as Mom)

Your mom loves you unconditionally, but the Instagram algorithm? Not so much. It prefers consistency over bursts of random activity.

artists on instagram how to gain more followers

The Scoop: Regular posting keeps you in the algorithm’s good graces. It tells Instagram that you’re an active user worth showing to others.

Your Move: Create a content calendar to plan your posts. Aim for at least 3-4 times a week. This keeps your audience engaged and the algorithm happy.
Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

4. Content is King (And Yes, Your Art is Awesome)

Your mom loves every sketch you create, but the Instagram crowd might need a bit more convincing. High-quality, interesting content is the way to go.

The Scoop: The algorithm loves content that keeps people glued to their screens. It favors eye-catching images, engaging reels, and keyword-rich captions. Use relevant keywords and learn from big accounts for inspiration!

instagram, reels, videos, artists tactics for social media

Your Move: Mix up your content with behind-the-scenes peeks, time-lapse videos, and personal stories. Keep it authentic and add humor. Be patient and consistent—learning by doing is key. Slowly but surely, you’ll conquer Instagram!

5. Collaborations: Team Up for Success

One for all and all for one!

The Scoop: Collaborating with other artists, influencers, or galleries can expand your reach and introduce your work to new audiences. By teaming up, you tap into each other's followers—a win-win situation!

collaboration on instagram for artists, art collectors, and galleries, how to

Your Move: Picture it as an art alliance! Join forces with like-minded artists for joint giveaways, guest posts, or collab projects. Double the fun, double the exposure!

6. Stories and Highlights: Share the Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Share how the magic happens, the inspirations, the art, the events, your spaces and let your audience immerse themselves into your world.

The Scoop: Posting Instagram Stories gives a casual, behind-the-scenes look at your process, making your profile more relatable. Highlights keep your best moments easily accessible for everyone to enjoy.

artists should share relatable and engaging stories on instagram

Your Move: Give your followers a front-row seat to your artistic circus! Show off your day-to-day chaos, sneak peeks, and studio moments in Stories. Save the best bits in Highlights so new fans can binge-watch your awesomeness.

7. Reels: Capture Attention with Short, Engaging Videos

Man has loved moving pictures since 1895 when the first movie screened at the Grand Cafe in Paris. If they could do it then, you can easily master reels now with all the cool online tools at your disposal!

The Scoop: Reels are a fantastic way to reach a wider audience with short, engaging videos. The algorithm favors Reels, giving them a higher chance of appearing on the Explore page.

Your Move: Time to unleash your inner Spielberg! Amazing apps make it easy to create exciting content, whether it's fast-forward art demos or unique tips. Crafting short videos can be a fun or educational art form. Just make sure it's engaging to keep your audience coming back for more!

8. Analytics: Understand and Optimize Your Strategy

Boring? Yes, but not really. It's actually quite fascinating, like a puzzle where the pieces gradually fall together to reveal a bigger picture.

The Scoop: Regularly checking Instagram Insights helps you understand what type of content resonates best with your audience and when they are most active. This data is invaluable for fine-tuning your content strategy.

insights on instagram, how to use them to grow more reach and visibility

Your Move: Think of Insights as your secret agent gadgets. Use them to decode what makes your followers tick, spy on the best times to post, and tweak your strategy like a boss.

9. Unique Style and Branding: Stand Out in the Crowd

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss

The Scoop: Developing a unique style and consistent branding makes your posts instantly recognizable. A cohesive aesthetic and voice help build a strong, memorable identity that attracts and retains followers.

Your Move: Make your Instagram feed scream "YOU!" Craft a signature look—whether it’s a funky color scheme, a particular editing style, or a sassy catchphrase. Turn your profile into the ultimate art destination.

10. Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Drive Engagement with Clear Directions

If you dont its like standing alone at a party not talking to anyone

The Scoop: Including clear CTAs in your captions encourages your followers to take action, whether it’s liking, commenting, sharing, or saving your posts. This boosts engagement and helps with algorithm ranking.

Your Move: Time to play social media Simon Says! Get your followers to participate by asking them to answer a question or share their thoughts.

Wrapping It Up

understand the instagram algorithm by following these tips

By getting to know the Instagram algorithm and following these tips—posting at the right times, engaging with your audience, staying consistent, and creating killer content—you can turn more of your followers into enthusiastic fans.

We get it, growing on Instagram isn’t easy; it’s a bit of a grind. But as long as it’s the place to be, we’re here to keep at it.

Nail these tips, and chances are good your art will be trending – and not just with mom. Happy posting!

Stay tuned to Instagram's updates to keep your strategy sharp. You've got this!

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