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Welcoming Victoria Rivers to our Network Family:

Victoria Rivers - Munchies Art Club Magazine
Victoria Rivers (1984, Zaragoza, Spain) is an art curator and writer whose work researches contemporary forms of thought and creation. Podcast -> “Conversations with VdeVictoria”

Introducing a New Writer on Munchies Art Club Magazine: Curator and writer Victoria Rivers

What We Offer

Your Own Profile Page:
Your own profile page showcasing who you are and what you write. This personalized space will highlight your expertise, projects, and contributions.

Verified Email and Login:
Receive a verified email address and secure login to access your editor dashboard. Once logged in you can easily create, edit, and manage your content directly on our platform.

Content Promotion:
We will share your work across all our social media channels, including Instagram, ensuring maximum visibility. Our strategic promotions help amplify your reach and engagement within the art community.

Strong Collaboration:
Benefit from a collaborative environment that supports your growth in the digital space. Our focus is on helping you expand your influence in the art fields and achieve your professional goals.

Newsletter Feature:
Your content will be featured in our newsletters, reaching an engaged audience of art enthusiasts and professionals. This additionally ensures that your work gets the attention it deserves and helps build your network within the art world.

Why We Only Invite a Handful of Contributors

At Munchies Art Club, we carefully select a limited number of contributors to ensure that our growing community of art lovers, collectors, and readers receive fresh perspectives and discover new bubbles to follow on social media.

Why are you important to us? By promoting a curated section of contributors, we can share high-quality, engaging content to our audience.

Dedicated to These following Themes? Then it's you we are looking for!

Contemporary Art:
Showcasing cutting-edge art, featuring insights from emerging, mid-career, and renowned artists.

Exploring the latest trends and innovations in design, from graphic to industrial.

Artist Insights and Interviews:
Offering in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at artists' creative processes and journeys.

Maker (Design to Fashion):
Highlighting the work of creators across various fields, from design to fashion, and celebrating their contributions to the art world.

Projects to Exhibitions to Art Fairs:
Providing coverage of exciting projects, exhibitions, and art fairs, keeping our audience informed about key events and developments.

Social Media Managers:
Inviting social media managers who want to extend their reach and impact by promoting exhibitions, upcoming shows, artists, and events.

You got some other art related topic you want to share:
We are always open to suggestions!

Discover the Perks of Collaborating With Us

By collaborating with Munchies Art Club, you gain precious benefits.

Organic Growth:
Experience mutual growth by collaborating closely, sharing audiences, and enhancing each other's digital presence. Our partnership fosters organic growth, enabling natural, sustained expansion and engaging with real art lovers.

Backlinks and Traffic:
Benefit from increased traffic and improved SEO (search engine optimization), making it easier for others to find you, as well as driving more visitors to your platforms through strategic backlinks.

Join us at Munchies Art Club and take advantage of these opportunities to expand your influence and connect with a global community of contemporary art enthusiasts.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the Registration Form:
    Fill out our straightforward registration form, providing details about your gallery, institution, or role as a writer, podcaster, blogger, or curator.
  2. Submit Your Instagram, Website and additional Content:
    Upload examples or add links of your work or projects to help us understand your expertise and vision.
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    Our team of experienced curators will review your registration and select the best fits for our platform.
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    Once approved, we will send you a secure payment link.
    You Pay a €9.90 fee to start sharing your contributions with our audience.
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    You've been accepted, your payment went through, then you're all set to start! Now you can begin submitting your own content 2-3 times a month.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who can apply to Munchies Art Club?

Galleries, institutions, art writers, podcasters, bloggers, and curators in the contemporary art field are encouraged to apply.

2. How do I apply to become a contributor?

To apply, complete the registration form on our website, submit your Instagram profile, website and up to three links what you have done.

3. What type of content can I submit?

You can submit articles, reviews, project showcases, interviews, exhibitions, Artist Feature, Studio Visits, Curator Diary and other content related to contemporary art.

4. Is there a fee to become a contributor?

Yes, there is a monthly €9.90 contributor fee upon approval to start sharing your content on our platform. You can quit the plan at the end of each month.

5. What happens after my application is approved?

Once approved, you will receive a verified email and login to your editor dashboard, where you can create and manage your content.

6. How will my work be promoted?

Your work will be featured on our website and shared across all our social media channels, including Instagram. Additionally, your content will be included in our newsletters.

7. Can I edit my profile and content after submission?

Yes, you can log in to your editor dashboard at any time to update your profile and make changes to your content.

8. How does Munchies Art Club support my professional growth?

We offer a collaborative environment, extensive promotion of your work, and opportunities to connect with a global audience, helping you grow in the digital space.

9. Du musst eine Frage formulieren

We do not post content that is offensive, inappropriate, or misaligned with our values. This includes content that is political, racist, homophobic, discriminatory, or contains excessive sexual content.

Our aim is to foster a respectful and inclusive platform that focuses on the art we represent.

10. How often can I submit content?

We publish content 2-3 times a week, but only if it meets our quality standards.

We do not post content that is offensive, inappropriate, or misaligned with our values. This includes content that is political, racist, homophobic, discriminatory, or contains excessive sexual content. Our aim is to foster a respectful and inclusive platform that focuses on the art we represent.

11. Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact our support team at for assistance.