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November 19, 2021

visual artist jasmin edelbrunner as one as her alter egos, photography

Visual artist Jasmin Edelbrunner compiled a list of her top 5 Instagram accounts to discover and follow | Broaden your Insta bubble!

Jasmin Edelbrunner shares with our Munchies art club viewers her top Instagram accounts to support and follow! We met the Jasmin at this years Parallel Art fair 2021. The contemporary artist who lives and works in Vienna, Austria, received her MA from the University of Applied Arts Vienna at the Institute of Fine Arts - Graphics. Edelbrunner also studied and graduated from the University of Vienna in journalism in combination with theater studies and sociology. 

Recently, her artistic focus has shifted to photography. In her series of staged photographs she assumes the role of fictional artist characters. The artworks shown are created only for the respective photo subject and transform into props in the course of the artistic process. How the fictional artists present themselves and what kind of art they create is based on the character.

Jasmin Edelbrunner is a visual artist we met at the Parallel Art fair 2021. We love and highly respect her and her work. The idea to exchange and share Insta pages on our platform came up when we spent hours chatting with her, so we thank her for the inspiration!

parallel art fair, jasmin edelbrunner, conceptual, modern
Jasmin Edelbrunner | "No.3" | 2021 | C-Print, 3+2 AP | 50x40 cm | © Jasmin Edelbrunner

5 artists on Instagram to follow in alphabetical order:

1.Claudia Holzinger @claudia_holzinger

claudia holzinger, baby sinclair, munchies art club, top insta accounts
Claudia Holzinger | Baby Sinclair in Denim | 2021

Claudia Holzinger works intuitively and between disciplines to create expansive installations, in which photography always acts as main narrative. 

Examining herself through the social mirror, she hopes to create something positive through a second reflection. 

She defines humor as an important means of creating access to a deeper, often painful truth in her work.

installation, alter ego, photo, expressive, social mirror, humor
Claudia Holzinger | I'm sorry I don't pray that way | 2017

2. Özgür Kar @ozgur4ever

Özgür Kar is a Turkish visual artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. Özgür Kar has shown work internationally, as well as the winning the Volkskrant Visual Arts Prize. Kar is presently showing black and white animations at the Fondation Louis Vuitton where he was invited to partake in their Open Space program.

3.Aubrey Ingmar @aubrey_ingmar

aubrey ingmar, eco social political narrative, artwork
Aubrey Ingmar | Hold Power Accountable (Messages for Earth) | Digital Image made with VR and 3D sculpting software | 2021

Aubrey Ingmar is an artist/activist currently living in Chicago, IL, USA.

She most recently completed the 3D project Messages for Earth which utilizes speculative fiction to portray an eco-socialist political narrative calling for immediate action in lessening the impact of climate change caused by human civilization and capitalism.

An interactive website,  message for earth, assists in telling the story of a terraformed metaverse and incorporates viewable 3D sculptures made using virtual reality and digital software.

4.Erik Daniel White @erikdanielwhite

erik daniel white, contemporary< sculptor, large scale paintings
Erik Daniel White | Under the Banner of Heaven | Oil on Linen | 36 x 48 inches/91.4 x 121.9 cm

Erik Daniel White shared a short statement about his work:

I make small scale sculptures out of cardboard, hot glue, and plasticine. I use those sculptures as models for large scale paintings. Many of my paintings are reflections on America’s attitudes towards the environment, liberty, religion, competition, etc.; they allude to political failures and national shortcomings. I use clay because it comes across as playful and innocent which helps disarm the viewer. Also, the malleability of the clay is a nice metaphor for the socially constructed ideas imbued in the imagery. 

5.Rachel Youn @rachelyoun

rachel youn, female, installation, artworks, american
Gathermassagers | Artificial plants, speakers, sound dimensions variable | photo credit Dusty Kessler

Rachel Youn (b. 1994) is an artist living and working in St. Louis, MO. Working across sculpture and installation, Youn sources materials with a history of aspiration and failure through online secondhand shopping. Venturing into the suburbs, Youn rescues electric massagers from suburban limbo, fastening artificial plants to the machines to create kinetic sculptures that are clumsy, erotic, and absurd. Haunted by their immigrant father’s pursuit of the American Dream, their work identifies with the replica that earnestly desires to be real, and the failed object that simulates care and intimacy.

Youn has had solo exhibitions in St. Louis at the Contemporary Art Museum, Monaco, and the Bermuda Project. Their work has been included in group exhibitions in St. Louis at the Parapet Real Humans, the Sheldon Art Galleries, and the Luminary, among others. Additional group exhibitions include Sargent’s Daughters, New York, NY; the Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY; HAIR + Nails, Minneapolis, MN; Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles; and Granite City Art and Design District, Granite City, IL. Youn is a recipient of the Vermont Studio Center Fellowship and the 2020 Great Rivers Biennial Award. They received their BFA from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.

A big thank you to Jasmin, for being such an inspiration, such a great talent. We are so thrilled to be connected with you!

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