Alyssa Angelle: Unleashing Creative Magic in Los Angeles

Artist Name
Alyssa Angelle
puplished on
October 16, 2023
contemporary painting now by alyssa angelle

Munchies Art Club Magazine invites you to embark on a journey through creativity with the multifaceted artist, Alyssa Angelle.

Alyssa Angelle

alyssa angelle, artist
Portrait of the Artist: Alyssa Angelle

Dive into the world of artistic brilliance with Alyssa Angelle, an accomplished artist hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Originating from the lively streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, Alyssa's creative journey is a remarkable tale waiting to be explored.

Alyssa's artistic voyage began while pursuing her education at the University of New Orleans in Louisiana, where she proudly graduated in 2019. During her academic pursuits, her primary focus was screenwriting, a field that would later shape her creative expressions in unique ways.

sculpture now los angeles by alyssa angelle
Sculpture work by the Artist Alyssa Angelle | Los Angeles

Beyond the classroom, Alyssa ventured into the realms of film and photography, capturing the essence of her surroundings and local musicians from her hometown.

Her talents found recognition as some of her short films earned spots in prestigious film festivals, marking her as a promising filmmaker.

However, Alyssa's artistic prowess extends even further. She is a gifted mixed media painter, blending various elements to craft stunning visual narratives.

Her talents don't stop there; Alyssa has a published poetry book available on Amazon.

Her truest passion lies in the art of storytelling, and she accomplishes it through the enchanting medium of poetry, weaving cinematic tales that resonate with the soul.

figurative, contemporary sculpture
Sculpture and Artwork by Alyssa Angelle

Alyssa Angelle's artistic journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities of creativity, and she continues to captivate the world with her innovative expressions. Explore her world, discover her art, and let the magic of storytelling through various mediums enchant your senses.

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