Dive into the fascinating world of Suzana Dželatović, an artist extraordinaire! Suzana's journey began on May 30, 1989, in Ćuprija, Serbia.

Art Unveils Puzzles, Reconciles Fragments, And Reminds Us That Wholeness Embraces Every Part Of Ourselves.

Her artistic odyssey took off when she graduated from The Faculty of Philology and Arts, specializing in Fresco Painting, in 2012, obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts.

suzana dzelatovic emerging painter from serbia in her studio with an oilpainting
Suzana Dzelatovic: in her studio | Image courtesy the Artist

In 2014, she further honed her craft, achieving a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

suzana dzelatovic, contemporary painting from serbia fine arts
Suzana Dzelatovic: MY PRAYERS WERE HEARD, oil on canvas, 71x94cm, 2022

Since 2015, Suzana has been an active member of the Association of Serbian Fine Art Artists, and she's been passionately working as a freelance painter since 2016.

painting by suzana dzelatovic exploring entities and subconscious painting
Suzana Dzelatovic: THE LONG WAIT, oil on canvas, 93x60cm, 2022 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

White canvas for me is a medium for manifesting the hidden life, which exists all around and deep inside us, whether “an entity” in our subconscious or a form of ghost-being levitating around us like a guardian.

Suzana Dželatović on Instagram: ”🌸 Pick me! Take me! Love me! 🌸 oil on canvas, 40x50cm, 2024 🌸 . #innerchild #innerchildhealing #selfhealers #psyart #beautifulbizarre #bizarreart #outsiderartist #magicart #visionaryartist #surrealart #surrealism #visionaryart #weirdart #folkart #intuitiveart #figurativeart #figurativepainting #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #figurativepainting #popsurrealism #popsurreal #emotiveart #arttherapy #alienart #floralart”
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Suzana Dzelatovic -> Instagram

If we cannot see something it doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Oftentimes, my art is showing me puzzles I need to solve while painting intuitively.

My images could derive from a specific place, as it is with the creatures occupying or coming out of my belly – they are mainly dragons and snakes, representing repressed emotions, being very mad because they were left in darkness alone and forgotten.

Suzana Dželatović – painter

Suzana Dzelatovic -> Website

They were somewhere in my subconscious, fragmenting and subtracting energy from the wholeness of my being.

I tend to become friends with my dragons.

suzana dzelatovic, colorful exploration by emerging artists now, promising artist from serbia
Suzana Dzelatovic: BALANCE, oil on canvas, 120x120cm, 2022

Giving them life and letting them manifest on canvas, they become visible and free to be incorporated once more in a unity, because wholeness depends on accepting every part of ourselves.

In The Realm Of The White Canvas, She Finds The Hidden Life That Surrounds Us, From The Dragons In Our Subconscious To The Divine Beings That Connect Us To Mother Earth.

On the other hand, my soul can travel and connect to divine places, themselves a source of images and energy.

They give birth to a different kind of creatures:

Supernatural, shiny, oftentimes plant made, rocky structures, water-flowing energy. They are the fundamental elements of Mother Earth.

With them comes a feeling of deep peace and relaxation, nutrition and growth, building faith and strength to go further inside my depths on other dark journeys leading back to the dragon cave. In a way, these places represent a circle of life that is embedded in nature.

They remind us we are nature, we are built with the same materials.

suzana dzelatovic contemporary artist spotlight with munchies art club
Suzana Dzelatovic: TRUTH WORM, oil on canvas, 100x100cm, 2022| Image Courtesy by the Artist

Somewhere inside all this falls a third source of inspiration: the cosmic energy.

The space beyond we are all a part of, even without being able to rationally realize the dimensions of this connection, which is anyhow expanding our beings.

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Creatures from outer space I welcome always with appreciation, because they are like guides from dreams, bringing transcendental knowledge and truth, a point of connection with universal sources of unity.

red sea oil painting by serbian artist suzana dzelatovic
Suzana Dzelatovic: RED SEA, oil on canvas, 180x140cm, 2023

Towards the open space… and back to Earth!

Where I harvest and transform these inspirations through this process of artistic therapy to do what’s really important for me: share my experience and discoveries with the world, and be myself a part of a whole.

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Suzana Dželatović on Instagram: “I heard strange flower saying: “come closer” (imagine spOoky fuNny soUnd 🐙). 🌷 Oil on canvas, r 30cm, 2024. 🌷 #oiloncanvas #oilpainting #painting #roundpainting #surrealart #surrealism #surrealist #popsurreal #popsurrealismo #popsurrealist #cosmicart #cosmicartist #divineart #simbolismo #magicrealism #newcontemporary #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #figurativeartists #figurativepainters #figurativepainting #portraitpainter #weirdart #beautifulbizarre #delphianopencall @delphiangallery #intuitiveartist #intuitiveart #spiritualart”
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