Andrews is also the co-founder of the Shit Art Club , a center for unconventional artistic expression in the Los Angeles art scene.

Self portrait of the Artist Sean Andrews aka Life with the Mac | Image courtesy by the Artist

‍Our fascination with the club and Andrews' artistry was ignited by an article by Erik Sommer, an artist and the founder of the Mott Project.

In the Gallery: Shit Art Club – Mott Projects: Contemporary Art Project Space. Features exhibitions and interviews with contemporary artists.

Mott Projects New York meets Shit Art Club Los Angeles

We've been fans ever since!

emerging artist now, sean andrews aka life with the mac
Road trippin with my friends (2022) - “This is basically an image of my life.” | Image by Artist Sean Andrews aka Life with the Mac

California-based artist Sean Andrews, also known as Life with the Mac, showcases a diverse artistic repertoire.

in the studio with life with the mac in front of his painting, hugging dogs
Us Studio shot 2023 - “in the dirty downtown los angeles studio, and thinking of you.” | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍His journey spans painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, and mixed media, all rooted in the concept of interconnectedness.

Andrews's work, characterized by a unique 'kindergarten art' style, reflects a cherished connection to childhood creativity and a reluctance to conform to adult norms.

emerging artist now, sean andrews aka life with the mac
LIfe with the Mac aka Sean Andrews in front of his painting and watching tv


Life with the Mac's art is a venture into new dimensions of expression.

‍His recent evolution into three-dimensional painting, incorporating diverse elements such as mosaics, found objects, clay, foam, and electricity, integrates his varied past experiences into his current artistic expression.

‍Each creation is a reflection of his personal journey and mental landscape.

sean andrews, aka life with the macfounder of shit art club life with the mac about his art practice in his studio
Sean Andrews aka Life with the Mac: Maybe work in progress, maybe finished (2023) - “sometimes im just not sure if its done or not. That usually means it is, but then i always go further and usually fuck it up.” Image Courtesy by the Artist

Sean Andrews, as Life with the Mac, exemplifies the transformative power of art that challenges established norms.

His contributions, both through his personal art and his role in the Shit Art Club, signal a shift in the artistic narrative, deeply personal yet resonating on a wider scale.

‍His work invites us into a realm where the innocence of childhood meets the complexity of adult existence, crafting stories that captivate and inspire.

life with the mac, contemporary featured painter and artist on view at munchies art club magazine
Above: The mac watching one of his TVs in his show Wasting Time. (Photo by Sam Rivera) - This is what happens when i build a bunch of mini living rooms in a gallery space. This is what happens when I watch a TV painting.” | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Stay connected with Sean Andrews, known as Life with the Mac, by following his Instagram Account for updates on upcoming projects, deeper insights, and a glimpse into his art world.

shit art club los angeles, califorinia
Shit Art Club Los Angeles, California | In front with Artist Sean Andrews aka Life with the Mac | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Explore more by visiting Sean Andrews Website, and experience the Shit Art Club Firsthand Through Their Instagram Page.

Fast Times
fast times creative is for me, for you, for us. Everyone is welcome.

Jean Andrews aka Life with the Mac official Website


exhibition duo invitation and now, shit art club los angeles
The Mac’s Double Feature - Undoubtable Connections / Wasting Time (2023 solo show poster) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Shit Art Club was founded by the creative trio of the Life with the Mac, Loser Los Angeles, and Peter Pan, the Shit Art Club stands as a challenge to the mainstream art industry.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the club is a melting pot of beauty, discord, and conceptual rebellion.

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<p>Shit Art Club is a collaboration for free-minded, artistic, and creative individuals. Everyone is welcome, everyone is our friend. Join us.</p>

Shit Art Club Los Angeles

It's a sanctuary for artists who seek to blend art with everyday life, championing authenticity and embracing the unruly nature of creativity against traditional expectations.

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