Echoes of Silence: Rui Cao's Artistic Journey Through Silence

Rui Cao is a promising emerging female artist, currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the class of Daniel Richter.

She was recently showcased in a group show at IRL Gallery and ATLA in called: <Body Language>!

rui cao artist feature about the young emerging artist in contemporary artist
Rui Cao: Promising emerging Artist in her Studio | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Rui Cao: Artist Statement

Rui Cao, born in China in 1998, embarked on her artistic journey at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in the esteemed Richter class in 2022.

Currently residing and creating in Vienna, her art delves into the introspective exploration of life and its poignant pauses of silence.

rui cao painting red, promising art student artist now to discover
Rui Cao: "Poor Cock" | Artwork: Painting -> Image Courtesy by the Artist

Through her work, Cao navigates the nuanced landscapes of stillness, drawing from her personal experiences to underscore the profound significance of life's quiet moments.

rui cao promising artist in contemporary painting now
Rui Cao: Untitled 1 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

She contemplates silence not just as the absence of sound but as a canvas of vast possibilities, where silence and sound intertwine, losing and finding their meanings in an endless dance.

For Cao, silence embodies a paradox—it is both everything and nothing, a space where the unspoken thoughts and the unmanifested actions hold a potential energy, waiting to be discovered and understood.

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Her artistic practice is an invitation to view silence through a multifaceted lens, encouraging a reflection on how these serene moments shape our perceptions, experiences, and interactions with the world around us.

rui cao, contemporary painting promising artist, swan, lake and new
Rui Cao: Artwork/Painting: "Take Your Time" Image Courtesy by the Artist

Through her exploration of silence, Cao seeks to unravel the intricate layers of human existence, offering a perspective that is both introspective and universal.

Follow Rui Cao on Instagram and dive deeper into her work and next stage of her carrier.

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