As Art Brussels envelops the city in a wave of creative inspiration, Rodolphe Janssen Gallery emerges as a beacon of artistic exploration with its latest exhibition, "Sausage Party."

This showcase is not just an exhibition; it's a celebration of artistic diversity, innovation, and the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity is unleashed.

ARTISTS "Sausage Party" at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery:

David Adamo, Amber Andrews, Jonas Apers, Gina Beavers, Genesis Belanger, Beni Bischof, Lucas Blalock, Sascha Braunig, Jacques Charlier, Kasper De Vos, Wim Delvoye, Christa Dichgans, Louisa Gagliardi, Eléonore Joulin, Sally Kindberg, Sean Landers, Thomas Lerooy, Tony Matelli, Mrzyk & Moriceau, Barbara Nessim, Tom Poelmans, Emily Mae Smith and Lisa Vlaemminck.

Set against the backdrop of one of the most anticipated art fairs in Europe, "Sausage Party" at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery invites art enthusiasts into a world where the conventional boundaries of art are challenged.

eléonore joulin, sculptures, wall art, light installation, artworks, sally kindberg
Rodolphe Janssen Gallery Brussels: On the left Eléonore Joulin, Le logis et sa Saucisse de Campagne, 2022, ceramic light sculpture, 35 x 31 x 20 cm | On the right Sally Kindberg, Limited Edition, 2022, Oil on canvas, 95 x 110 cm 

The exhibition presents a curated selection of works that blend humor, irony, and critical reflection, creating a dynamic dialogue between the artists and viewers.

"Sausage Party" explores themes of identity, society, and the human condition through a variety of mediums.

sally kindberg, contemporary artist, ainting, wall art, unique, collect
Rodolphe Janssen Gallery Brussels: Sally Kindberg, Limited Edition, 2022, Oil on canvas, 95 x 110 cm

From provocative sculptures to striking paintings, each piece serves as a conduit for conversation and introspection.

The artists featured in this exhibition bring their unique voices and perspectives, contributing to a rich tapestry of visual narratives that resonate on multiple levels.

Munchies Art Club Magazine had the distinct pleasure of visiting "Sausage Party" during its run alongside Art Brussels.

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Our journey through the exhibition was one of discovery and admiration, as we encountered artworks that amused, challenged, and inspired us.

The gallery's vibrant atmosphere and the compelling collection of works made "Sausage Party" a standout experience, highlighting Rodolphe Janssen Gallery's commitment to presenting cutting-edge art that captivates and engages.

Rodolphe Janssen Gallery has once again demonstrated its prowess in curating an exhibition that not only complements the art fair season but also leaves a lasting impression on all who venture within its walls.

eléonore joulin, contemporary ceramics, glaed, light installation, sasage, house
Eléonore Joulin, Le logis et sa Saucisse de Campagne, 2022, ceramic light sculpture, 35 x 31 x 20 cm

We invite art lovers and curious minds alike to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of "Sausage Party."

This exhibition is a reminder of the joy, complexity, and profundity of art, serving as a beacon of creativity during Art Brussels and beyond.

contemporary roup show, sausages, modern on view
Sausage Party installation view | Rodolphe Janssen | Brussels | Belgium | 2022

Additional Informations:

For more information, visit the Rodolphe Janssen Gallery website or explore their Instagram account, which is full of art, projects, studio visits, and upcoming exhibitions.

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Contemporary Art Gallery founded in Brussels in 1991

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