The Artistic Journey of Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme

Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme, born in 1992 and based in Valencia, Spain, is a multifaceted artist whose work spans realistic paintings, prints, and sculptures.

The inspiration for this new series of paintings is behind the connection between the figure of the cowboy and the artist and the different feelings and situations in which artists find themselves within the art world. The relation with the market, with other artists and most importantly, with himself.

His academic journey began at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), where he studied Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage.

Rodriguez Cosme further honed his skills during his final year of studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples.

Artistic Style and Influences

Rodriguez Cosme's artistic repertoire includes realistic paintings, intricate prints, and expressive sculptures.

oil painting by ricardo rodriguez cosme featuring a galloping horse and a cowboy with flames
Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme's figurative oil painting juxtaposes the raw power of a galloping horse with the fiery intensity of a cowboy engulfed in flames. What drives this intense imagery? It explores the untamed spirit within us, the duality of strength and vulnerability, and the constant battle between control and chaos. Through his masterful brushstrokes, Cosme invites us to reflect on our own inner fires and the wild forces that shape our existence.

His paintings, crafted using traditional oil on canvas techniques, are particularly renowned for their classical realism infused with contemporary themes.

One of the defining characteristics of his work is the frequent use of black and white, which he believes imparts a "timeless style" and allows for a deeper exploration of "sentimental feelings."

His recent series of artworks draw inspiration from iconic masterpieces and sculptures, such as the Laocoön Group and various Madonnas.

Rodriguez Cosme aims to create "visual, cultural, and historical hybrids" by blending these classical references with modern elements like consumer products and popular brands.

Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme's home and studio are an embodiment of contrasts, where strong, bold paintings are surrounded by a minimalist atmosphere. How do these elements interact to create a cohesive space? The stark, clean lines of the studio highlight the intensity of his artworks, allowing each piece to stand out and command attention. This balance between minimalism and boldness reflects Cosme's artistic vision, creating a dynamic environment that inspires both creativity and contemplation.

This fusion of the old and the new not only bridges historical artistic traditions with contemporary visual culture but also challenges viewers to find connections between seemingly disparate eras.

Notable Works and Exhibitions

Rodriguez Cosme has had a significant presence in the art world with numerous solo and group exhibitions since 2017.

His first major exhibition took place in Milan at the #RPCave gallery by Riccardo Pozzoli, an event that marked a turning point in his career and gave him the confidence to pursue art full-time.

Significant Exhibitions Include:

  • 2017: Solo shows in Milan, Madrid, and Valencia, along with a group show in Valencia.
  • 2018: Solo shows in Valencia and Madrid, and a group exhibition in Barcelona.
  • 2019: Featured at the F1 Authentics event globally and solo shows in Valencia, Amsterdam, and Hamburg as part of the Affordable Art Fair.
  • 2020: Participation in the Affordable Art Fair in London.
  • 2021: Group show at the Hampton Gallery in Montreal.
  • 2022: Exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm and London, and at Guy Hepner gallery in New York.
  • 2023: Showcased at Art Miami with Oliver Cole Gallery, and group shows in London and Valencia.

Rodriguez Cosme's upcoming exhibitions in 2024 include solo shows at Tambaran2 Gallery in New York City and the Circuit de Montmeló in Barcelona.

Current Projects

For 2024, Rodriguez Cosme is working on two distinct series of works.

One series focuses on F1 Champions, continuing his engagement with the high-speed world of Formula 1.

The other series, set to debut at his solo show in New York at Tambaran2 Gallery, explores the metaphorical connection between cowboys and artists.

This body of work delves into the various emotions and situations artists encounter in the art world, examining their relationships with the market, other artists, and themselves.

Galleries and Platforms

Rodriguez Cosme's works are accessible through various prestigious platforms such as Artsy and Mankovsky Gallery.

His upcoming solo show in New York at Tambaran2 Gallery is highly anticipated and expected to further cement his reputation in the international art scene.

Collaborations and Future Directions

Rodriguez Cosme's collaborations span across the globe.

He has worked with Wanrooij Gallery in Amsterdam, Makovsky Gallery in Stockholm, Art Works Singapore, and Hampton Gallery in Montreal.

These collaborations have enabled him to participate in major international art fairs and reach a wider audience.

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In conclusion, Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme continues to push the boundaries of classical realism, merging historical and modern elements to create thought-provoking artworks.

His journey from a student of cultural heritage to a celebrated contemporary artist is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

As he prepares for his upcoming exhibitions, the art world eagerly awaits the new and innovative works he will present.

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