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Sometimes you forget just how impressive it is when you are going on with daily life. We always look forward to city walks combined with an artistic program. The gallery festival "curated by" is one of our favorites. We sit excitedly before maps of Vienna, drawing with red pencils the paths we will take, connecting the dots between the Galleries, planning to get lost on the way.

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Sometimes you forget just how impressive it is when you are going on with daily life. We always look forward to city walks combined with an artistic program. The gallery festival "curated by" is one of our favorites. We sit excitedly before maps of Vienna, drawing with red pencils the paths we will take, connecting the dots between the Galleries, planning to get lost on the way.

vienna contemporary art galleries, donald judd, mak museum
Discover Vienna Austria and Contemporary Art Galleries | Stadtpark public Art Donald Judd | Collection MAK Museum

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There is a lot going on in Vienna. The art scene is slowly developing plan B should  the Government implement stricter restrictions due to the rising numbers in Covid-cases. Right now though, we can still visit exhibitions, so take advantage of all the art world has to offer in September. The weather so beautiful and it is a time to go out enjoy and explore the city. Vienna is filled with fascinating galleries showing awesome exhibitions and two art fairs are taking place end of the month. September begins with the 'curated by' festival, then end of the month we have the 'Parallel' and the 'Vienna Contemporary' art fairs taking place.

The day we chose to visit some of the Galleries involved in the curated by festival, was beautiful. We walked through 3 different districts. We explored smaller back roads, and felt like tourists in our city. We discovered new cafes, shops and architectural wonders.

We admired not only the art, but we were also awed by the amazing venues the galleries are situated in. It was a 10 points day. We walked over 15,000 steps, we saw all kinds of spectacular architecture, we ate Ramen noodle soup, we discovered new corners in Vienna, we visited exceptional galleries in impressive spaces where we were welcomed openly.

At the end of the day we went home filled with new impressions, inspirations, and art that spoke to us not only through its beauty but also through its messages. It was a very good day.

invitation card text hans ulrich obrist curator friedericke mayröcker curated by vienna 2020
Invitation Card | Gallery nächst St. Stephan | Rosemarie Schwarzwälder



We started our tour at the Gallery Rosemarie Schwarzwälder in the first district around the corner from the Stephans dome in Vienna, their guest curator was Hans Ulrich Obrist, incase you dont know him he is very well in the global art scene.  Obrist was a good friend of famous female austrian artist Maria Lassnig. She suggested to him that when she died he should replace her with the artist and writer Frederike Mairöcker. Fredericke Mayröcker was the partner of the Austrian writer Ernst Jandl. He was part of the writer collective "Wiener Gruppe".

In the exhibition at Galerie Nächst St. Stephan we saw drawings from Mayröcker called Schutzgeister (guardian spirits).

The collection of drawing are a loan from Viennas National Library.
The second floor gallery space, is worth discovering and a must see for artlovers.


books about friedericke mayröcker at schwarzwälder gallery
Books by Friederike Mayröcker | Gallery nächst St. Stephan | Table by Koo Jeong A
drawing by friedericke mayröcker at schwarzwälder austrian national library
Schutzgeister | Drawing by Mayröcker | Hans Ulrich Obrist | Courtesy: Austrian National Library
Ausstellungsansicht curated by vienna 2020 galerie nächst st. stephan
Room 1 | Gallery Schwarzwälder nächst St. Stephan exhibition view | curated by Hans Ulrich Obris
quote friedericke mayröcker curator hans ulrich obrist


Duration : 5. September - 10 Oktober 2020  |

Location : Grünangergasse 1 - 1010 Vienna ( first district)Opening hours: DI - SA 12:00 - 18:00

Instagram + Gallery website for more informationCurator : Hans Ulrich Obrist
About the Artist : Friederike Mayröcker

gallery kandlhofer, vienna, viewing room
Gallery Kandlhofer | Exhibition view



We walked from the center to the Scharzenbergplatz to visit the gallery in the brücknerstrasse 4. The space is great, stunning rooms. We love spaces where the very old roof top is made of glass, filling the rooms with such a stunning quality of natural light. The impressive exhibit for me was a painful reminder of the tragic repetitveness of time.

The Artist OLU OGUIBE shows us in his first solo show a stunning and educational show. From the exhibition text :

The three works that make the foundation of this exhibition, however, speak from the vantage point of the disenfranchised, of those who have had to suffer and bear the burden of monumental violence. These works speak with the sensibilities and sensitivities of a history of those oppressed, without needing or trying to be moralistic.

Rather, in their forms and aesthetics, the works perform the crux or that which is embedded in the German term for memorial, Denkmal, which is to think (denken) and again, by, time after time (mal). In this way, they go a long way to serve as mementos, commemorare, to bring to remembrance.


munchies art club at lisa kandlhofer visit
Artist Olu Oguibe
best galleries in vienna 2020
Olu Oguibe | Gallery Kandlhofer | Curated by Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung
gallery lisa kandlhofer vienna curated by 2020 installation view
Olu Oguibe | Gallery Kandlhofer | Curated by Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung
quote olu oguibe


Duration : 8. September - 26. September 2020  | Location : Brucknerstrasse 4 (the entrance is between No. 4 and 6)

Opening hours: DI - SA 12:00 - 18:00

Instagram + Gallery website for more information

Curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

About the Artist : Olu Oguibe

wallpiece installation at gabriele senn



We continued on our way, through smaller streets, finding ourselves behind the Karls Church making our way to the Schleifmühlgasse. Once there we head first to the exhibition at the Gallery Gabriele Senn. The exhibition is curated by Adrean Buschmann who is also a Viennese painter. He set up a group show with the name "emanzipatorisches Dinner" (emancipated dinner).

The show deals with the matter of kants, a passage in “The Critique of Judgment” . An analysis of the fact that Kantian criteria does not judge artistic works according to the demands of beauty.

Participating artists are: Cosima von Bonin,  Tom Burr,  Marc Camille Chaimowicz,  Yoshishige Furukawa,  Jenny Holzer,  Edward Krasinski,  Kitty Kraus,  Lucy McKenzie & Paulina Olowska,  Hans Weigand & Kathi Senn.


kitty kraus artwork on floor curated by vienna 2020
Kitty Kraus | Untitled, 2008
ausstellungsansicht gallery senn vienna
Tom Burr at Vienna Gallery Gabriele Senn


Duration : 5. September - 16. Oktober 2020  | Location : Schleifmühlgasse 1 A 1040 Vienna

Opening hours: DI - SA 11:00 - 18:00

Instagram + Gallery website for more information

Curated by Adrian Buschmann

tomak at unttld contemporary vienna aktuelle ausstellungen in wien
Tomak | unttld contemporary | kunstdocumentation.com



We had to make a short stop at one of our favorite galleries. The exhibition on view is not part of the curated by festival, but never the less its on the Schleifmühlgasse, we are fans of the gallery and we love their current exhibit showing works from the very talented artist Tomak. Stunning artworks that should be visited in person to fully appreciate their size and detail.

You can also visit the exhibition on our exhibition platform.

TOMAK | Posterboy of Antikunst Curator: Roman Grabner

Exhibition duration: September 4th - September 30th 2020

Schleifmühlgasse 3, 1040 Vienna, AT

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 11:00-18:00, Saturday 12:00-16:00
Homepage: http://www.unttld-contemporary.com

*29. September book signing and book presentation of Posterboy of Antikunst!

objects and ceramics contemporary artwork kargl fine arts curated by
Hale Tenger | Turkish Delight



We entered a very small space and saw some steps going downwards. We asked if there was more and we were told that there was more below. Down the narrow steps we went to find ourselves in another small space that then turned up and we could hardly concentrate on the art, the space was breathtaking. So big, so different, so large hidden away surprising us, I felt like Alice in Wonderland following the rabbit.

We also loved the art selected and shown in this awesome room with our favorite a glass ceiling. A stunning group show curated by Alistair Hicks.

The staff was really friendly, proffessional and sympathetic. I could have spent the day there, or even moved in, if my son wasnt waiting outside, bored and hungry.

The international artist list is impressive and it was wonderful having the opportunity to stand before an actual artwork from artist Marcel Dzama.


georg kargl fine arts curated by 2020 ausstellungsansicht
Leylâ Gediz | The Crab Trainer

galerie georg kargl wien schleifmühlgasse ausstellungsansicht
must see space | Georg Kargl fine arts

marcel dzama georg kargl artgallery vienna
Marcel Dzama | Gallery Georg Kargl fine arts


Duration : 8. September - 26. September 2020  | Location : Schleifmühlgasse 5
AT-1040 Vienna

Opening hours during curated by: DI - SA 12:00 - 18:00

Instagram + Gallery website for more information

Curated by Alistair Hicks

Artists: Marcel Dzama & Raymond Pettibon, Leylâ Gediz, Marcia Kure, Wangechi Mutu, Pavel Pepperstein, Raymond Pettibon, Viktor Pivovarov, Laure Prouvost, Paula Rego, Nedko Solakov, Hale Tenger.

* Georg Kargl has two more spaces in the Schleifmühlgasse. We also visited Georg Kargl Permanent - Offering Editions and affordable artworks.

The LSD Portfolio

Art & Language, Thomas Bayrle, Henning Bohl, Steven Claydon, Jeremy Deller, Jim Drain, Liam Gillick, Rodney Graham, Carsten Höller, Mark Leckey, Chris Martin, Aleksandra Mir, Matt Mullican, Laura Owens, Philip Taaffe, Tal R, David Shrigley, Mungo Thomson, Pae White, Richard Wright.

curated by vienna 2020 galerie steinek
EVA JOSPIN | Forêt, 2019 | Wood and cardboard | Courtesy Suzanne Tarasieve



Even though our child was pressing us to go eat, we offered ice cream in return for one more stop. We popped into the gallery Silvia Steinek. Also a part of the Curated by festival. We wanted to see a piece she had posted on her instagram account and we werent disappointed! Spoiler : The work looks massive and heavy but its made out of cardboard.

Susanne Rohringer curated a group show called 'Arcadia all over' with artists : Ian Hamilton Finlay, Samuel Fosso, Matthias Herrmann, Eva Jospin, Orlan, Michael Powolny, Jana Sterbak.


Duration : 5. September - 26. September 2020  | Location : Eschenbachgasse 4 A-1010 Wien

Opening hours: DI - SA 12:00 - 18:00

Instagram + Gallery website for more information

Curator : Susanne Rohringer

sarah bogner pink smoking horse painting at galerie raum mit licht
Sarah Bogner | Exhibition view | Raum mit Licht Gallery



Last but not least the gallery of our wonderful friend and partner Josephine Wagner from the gallery Raum mit Licht in the Kaiserstrasse 32. Participator of the curated by festival. The group show is curated by the outstanding curator named Heidrun Rosenberg. The exhibition starts in the front light flooded rooms and continues to the back leading you through a courtyard that ends in a  wonderful wild garden with a long shed, where more art is shown.

The space the gallerist and the curator offer you a laid back familiar and engaging set up to explore and discover a medley of contemporary art.

Participating Artists:

Iris Andraschek, Sarah Bogner, Max Landegren, Alban Muja, Markus Hofer/Roman Pfeffer, Andrea van der Straeten, Rini Tandon, Josef Zekoff


artworks and installation contemporary art vienna
  • Room 2 | Roman Pfeffer and Markus Hofer
installation view rml gallery sarah bogner
  • Sarah Bogner | Andrea van der Straeten | Josef Zekoff
iris andraschek gallery raum mit licht installation
Iris Andraschek | Gallery Raum mit Licht | Groupshow


Duration : 5. September - 26. September 2020  | Location : Kaiserstraße 32 1070 Vienna

Opening hours: DI - FR 12:00 - 18:00 SA 11:00 - 14:00

Instagram +Gallery website for more information

Curator : Heidrun Rosenberg

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