Olivia Rode Hvass, since November of the previous year, has been engaging with us through DMs on Munchies Art Club.

Our discussions have centered on creating a detailed article that delves into their early yet complex artistic journey and methodologies.

olivia hvass emerging promising artist from denmark, with a stunning installation work 2024
Olivia Rode Hvass: "Sticks on Fire, Hands in Bloom " Installation View at 0000 Gallery Korea | Photo: Dohyun Park.

The material they have provided spans from 2021 to 2023, marking a significant period that culminated in their first international success with an exhibition in Korea in November 2023.

In their compelling series "Sticks On Fire" And "Hand In Bloom,"Olivia Hvass elevates their artistry with a mix of drawings, sculptures, and colorful woven tapestries, enriching their portfolio with the use of elements like straw, chains, and wooden clogs. 

These pieces don't just occupy space; they fill the air with the transformative scent of burned wood, engaging the senses in a profound dialogue. 

Munchies Art Club highlights Hvass's work, acknowledging them as a standout young Danish artist. Their Installations are not merely viewed; they are experienced, making Hvass a notable figure in emerging contemporary art.

olivia hvass sticks on fire hands in bloom exhibition korea, an promising artist 2024
Olivia Hvass: "Sticks on Fire Hands in Bloom" 0000 Gallery Korea| Installation View | Photo: Dohyun Park

Hvass work has graced various Danish platforms and institutions, including Wilson Saplana GalleryKunsthal Aarhus, and Kunsthal NORD, showcasing their versatility and growing mark in the art world. 

oliva hvass artist, saplana gallery exhibition view between grains and sand,
Olivia Rode Hvass at Wilson Saplana Gallery for the group exhibition "Between Grains of Sand (Salt)," previously known as Gas9Gallery. | Documentation by Brian Kure.
oliva hvass artist at kunsthal nord, denmark exhibition view, detail entitled i see myself out
Olivia Hvass: Exhibition at Kunsthal NORD: "I'll See Myself Out" duo show featuring Anna Walther & Olivia Rode Hvass. "Hate the Game" (2022) - an installation comprised of Hessian, French curtain rods, a heartbreak necklace, hay, roadside plants, and spray paint. Heartbreak pillows were crafted in collaboration with seamstress Frederikke Kellberg, featuring graffiti by an anonymous artist. Variable measurements. | Curated by Cathrine Gamst. | Documentation by Jesper Olsen.

‍In recognition of their talent, Hvass was honored with the Danish Arts Foundation's work grant in 2023, a testament to their significant contributions to the field.

Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be a year of continued exploration and exhibition for Hvass, with scheduled shows at Skovgaard Museet, Tranen, and Rønnebæksholm in Denmark. 

ladder space exhibition view, promising artist olivia hvass, with the best installation works from denmark
Olivia Hvass: "In Captivity but No Longer Dead" at Ladder Space | "Can't Seem to Get Out of My Bed... Out of My Head.." (2022) - TC2-woven tapestry, alongside carved, stained, and burned wood. Mount created in collaboration with carpenter Claus Hvass. Curated by Anders Aarvik and Anne Sofie Skjold Møller. Photo by Anders Aarvik

Each venue offers a unique canvas for Hvass to unfold their narrative tapestries, further solidifying their position as an artist of remarkable depth and creativity.

"Sticks on Fire, Hands in Bloom" is a solo exhibition / installation by Olivia Rode Hvass consisting of painted walls, flora and burned sticks collected in the Gangwond-do province.

sticks on fire hands in bloom, by emerging artist olivia hvass
Olivia Hvass: Exhibition View: Sticks on Fire hands in bloom | 00.00 Gallery Korea | Photo: Dohyun Park

In the midst of the installation you find multiple works, drawings, sculpture and the digitally woven tapestry series “De varme hænder (Hot hands !)” , (2023) - a tale of cross-historical rebellion and rituals towards environmental and social change, where stick figures dance in a witchy circle around a burning car, and where mystical figures grow out of the ashes and remains of previous struggles.

oliva hvass installation view 0000 gallery korea with a installation work by danish emerging artist
Olivia Hvass: Installation View "Sticks on Fire, Hands in Bloom" | Gallery 00.00 Korea | Photo: Dohyun Park
olivia hvass emerging promising artist from denmark, with a stunning installation work 2024
Olivia Hvass: "De Varme Hænder (Hot Hands!)", 2023. Tapestry (100% cotton), burnt wood, natural stone, Posca marker, spray paint, plants, sand. Part of the SPRING Artists’ Easter Exhibition talent show featuring artists who have recently made a significant impact on the juried exhibition KP. Curated by Ole C. Hansen with mentor Noelia Solvez. Documentation by Mikkel Kaldal


tapestry and detail of the wall rug, by olivia hvass
Olivia Hvass: From the group exhibition "Between Grains of Sand (Salt)" at Wilson Saplana Gallery (formerly known as Gas9Gallery) | "De Varme Hænder (Hot Hands!)", 2023. TC2-woven tapestry, burned plastic butterflies, lighter leash, "Be Happy" lighter, iron rod. Size: 68 x 25 cm. Documentation by Brian Kure


Olivia Rode Hvass, born in 1995 in Denmark, emerges as a captivating figure in the contemporary art scene, based in Copenhagen. 

artist Olivia hvass arcway nightlands exhibition view burn the world with tapestry by contemporary
Olivia Hvass Solo Exhibition (2021) at Arcway Nightlands: "Connector Jeniffee-See Alternate - Burn the World" (2020) - TC2-woven tapestry, 100% wool, 150 x 150 cm. "Burn the World" pays homage to the revolt of the weavers in Lyon in the late 19th century, who sabotaged industrial looms by throwing their wooden shoes into the machinery, protesting against the machines that threatened their jobs and livelihoods. Curated by Lisen Larsen. Documentation by Mikkel Kaldal.

Olivia Hvass' journey into the art world is built on a solid educational base, starting with their BA from the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in 2021. They didn't stop there; they went on to sharpen their skills even further by taking a masterclass in TC2 weaving. 

The class was led by Professor Corrie van Eijk-Doktor in Drachten, Netherlands. 

Their path since then has been one filled with discovery and creativity, pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas in their work.

kunsthal nord, denmark exhibition view 2024
Olivia Hvass (2022): "I'll See Myself Out," a duo exhibition featuring Anna Walther & Olivia Rode Hvass at Kunsthal NORD. Curated by Cathrine Gamst. Documentation by Jesper Olsen.

‍Their work, a seamless blend of textile, drawing, installation, and sculptural forms, is distinguished by a mastery of craftsmanship and a profound narrative depth, threading stories through the fabric of their creations.

"I’ll See Myself Out" Thematizes Boundaries, Problematic Systems And Posits That The Decision To Leave A Situation Is Sometimes The Best - And Only - Solution – Excerpt From The Press Release By Cathrine Gamst For I´Ll See Myself Out Together At Kunsthal NORD

At the heart of Hvass' art lies a fascination with the interplay between myth, legend, and the hyperreal tapestry of modern human society. ‍

burn the world, stunning installation with rugs, tapestry and textile art
Olivia Hvass: "Burn the World" – Solo Exhibition at Arcway Nightlands, Connector Jeniffee-See Alternate. | The exhibition is curated by Lisen Larsen. | Documentation by Mikkel Kaldall

Delving into the intricate networks formed by millennia of storytelling and tradition, exploring the persistence beneath the urban sprawl of today's ever-expanding cities. 

This exploration is imbued with a sense of humor, inviting viewers to step into a world where the past and present coalesce in intriguing and unexpected ways.

fools abode from the group show , tresure hunting , explroing classical characters in fairy tails by olivia hvass
Olivia Hvass "Fools Abode" | Created for the themed group exhibition "Skattejagt" (English: "Treasure Hunting")| at the exhibition space Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen (curated by Nicolai Risbjerg and Mette Bjørndal. Within the exhibition's context, Rode Hvass explores the nuances of classical characters in fairy tales and the notion that treasures may not solve (y)our problems. | Documentation by Mikkel Kaldal.
olivia hvass emerging promising artist from denmark, with a stunning installation work 2024
Olivia Hvass: Featured in the group exhibition "Between Grains of Sand (Salt)" at Wilson Saplana Gallery (formerly known as Gas9Gallery). Title: "Burn Down," 2023. | Medium: Pencil on paper, spray-painted glass, matches. Size: 36 x 29.5 cm. | curated by Nanna Saplana| Documentation by Brian Kure.
olivia hvass, emerging promising contemporary artist with an great and best art installation from denmark
Olivia Hvass: Captivity but No Longer Dead" at Ladder Space, curated by Anders Aarvik. This exhibition features a site-specific installation that transports viewers to a time when horses lived within the buildings. It creates a world filled with broken hearts, scarecrows, and tapestries that narrate the stories of horses in captivity along with their memories of violence and grief. "In Captivity but No Longer Dead," 2022: A comprehensive installation made of hay, rug-beaters, coins, burned butterflies, collected flora, pumpkins, and broken hearts (jute, fabric scraps, yarn), crafted in collaboration with seamstress Fredericke Kellberg. Photo by Mikkel Kaldal.

As Hvass navigates the complexities of contemporary art, their work stands as a beacon of innovation and storytelling, weaving together threads of myth, tradition, and modernity. ‍

With a bright future ahead, Olivia Rode Hvass continues to captivate and inspire, promising to enrich the cultural landscape with their unique artistic vision.


To truly immerse yourself in the realm of an up-and-coming contemporary artist, make sure to keep up with Olivia Hvass' adventures on Instagram or bookmark their Website

Olivia Hvass -> Instagram


  • Rønnebæksholm Collaboration: Hvass Is Set To Unveil A Large Installation, Part Of The Ongoing Horse Series, Titled "My Heart Breaks Every Day … Until I Run Away". This Ambitious Project Involves The Creation Of Four Large Tapestries In Collaboration With TextielLab Tilburg, Destined For Rønnebæksholm, An Historic Estate In Denmark. The Exhibition Will Explore Themes Surrounding Horses, Both Real And Mythical, Focusing On The Story Of A Unicorn To Critique The Human Desire To Possess All That Is Exotic And Beautiful. The Show Runs From June To September 2024. | Instagram: @Ronnebaeksholm
  • Skovgaard Museet Exhibition: From February 2nd To May 20th, 2024, Hvass Participates In "Hot Hands", A Group Exhibition At The Skovgaard Museet In Viborg. This Engaging Showcase Juxtaposes Contemporary Artists' Works With Pieces From The Museum's Collection, Inviting A Dialogue Between Past And Present. | Instagram: @Skovgaardmuseet
  • Tranen Exhibition: A Tapestry From The Horse Series Will Be Featured In A Group Show Alongside Ava Samii, Theo Trian And Frederik Exner At Tranen, Gentofte, From March 14th To June, 2024. This Exhibition Promises A Fabulous Display Of Contemporary Artistry In Excellent Company. 
  • Szoba Pop-Up Show: In April, Hvass Plans A Pop-Up Show At Szoba, A Copenhagen Store, Where A Selection Of Smaller Works Will Be Available For Purchase. This Event Offers A More Intimate Glimpse Into Hvass' Creative World. | Instagram: @Szoba_store

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