The Munchies Art Club shares with you a selection of amazing contemporary female textile artists who push the boundaries of today's art world, kindling a historic practice and settling in as equals to any other medium or artistic process.

We are thrilled to share with you in alphabetical order Oona Brangam-Snell, Jessica Costa, Regina Dejimenez, Megan Dominescu, Molly Kent, Katerina Konarovska and Julie Peter, 7 Female artists creating artworks, using ancient methods, for their modern day take on their lives, their surroundings and the world.


1. Honoring Tradition in Modern Fabric Art: The Creative Journey of Oona Brangam-Snell

My work celebrates traditional symbols in modern iconography amidst a digital and industrial fabric design era.

Inspired by centuries of textile production, from medieval tapestries to theater curtains, I create gouache paintings, which I then redraw at scale in black and white before digitizing them into machine-loomed jacquard pieces.

Layering multiple textiles and incorporating hand embroidery adds dimension to the final woven compositions." - Oona Brangam-Snell

2. Exploring Feminine Narratives: Fiber Art by Jessica Costa

Jessica Costa, a S√£o Paulo-based fiber artist, explores feminine subjectivity and collective narratives.

Using hand-machine knitting and tufting tapestry, she creates immersive installations that redefine domestic spaces.

Jessica's "painting with yarns" technique challenges perceptions of textile art. As a mentor, she parallels weaving with life's journey, embracing imperfections as integral to the process.

3. Regina Dejiménez: Weaving the Threads of Art, Craft, and Design

Regina Dejiménez collaborates with interior designers, architects, and art directors to bring installations, textile textures, and design objects to life.

Her personal exploration focuses on the expressive potential of textiles, navigating the intersection between Art, Craft, and Design.

regina dejimenez, woven wall art, light installation
Regina Dejiménez | Textile art and lighting installation | Creating a space that introduces the observer to the "entrance to the earth" and "the perception of the expansion of the cosmos." | Image courtesy the artist

She sees textiles as structures that build layers, akin to the unseen symbolic and tangible layers that compose the visible world.

From the internal organs of the body to the clothes we wear, these layers shape human society within a vast ecological system.

regina dejimenez, interior design, textile art
Regina Dejiménez | Pieces of thread framed between crystals that rest on white wood | 30x30cm | Image courtesy the artist

Regina seeks to delve into both the micro and macro aspects of weaving, aiming to uncover and share the intricate details of this interconnected reality.

4. Megan Dominescu: Crafting Humorous Realities in Textile Art

Megan Dominescu, born in 1997, is a visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania. She holds a degree from the Department of Painting at the National University of the Arts, Bucharest.

megan dominescu, art brussels
Megan Dominescu | Polite Moshpit | 2022 | Manual rug-hooking on burlap | 100 x 110 cm | Courtesy of the artist 

Megan's Romanian-American background serves as a significant inspiration for her artistic practice, which focuses on observing the absurd and celebrating the bizarre.

As a member of the artist collective MOXA20 and one half of the DJ duo Miss Clitoral, Megan's creative endeavors extend beyond visual art.

megan dominescu, contemporary art daily
Megan Dominescu | Babe look! | 2022 | 60 x 105 cm | Manual rug-hooking on burlap | Courtesy of the artist 

Her hand-made textile artworks explore contemporary issues with a humorous twist, offering a fresh perspective on real-world subjects.

Dominescu's pieces feature a cast of unique characters interacting in comic book-like frames, creating a parallel universe that is both eerie and endearing.

Each scene becomes a building block in Megan's whimsical and thought-provoking narrative.

5. Exploring Mental Health and Dreams: Molly Kent's Textile Art Journey

Molly Kent, a textile artist, delves into representations of mental and physical health through rug tufting and weaving.

Her work explores contemporary existence in the digital age, influenced by her personal experiences with CPTSD and amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to a mental health episode in early 2021, Kent embarked on her "Dream Weaving" project.

Molly Kent: Weaving Dreams And Digital Realities In Textile Art
Explore The Captivating World Of Molly Kent, A Visionary Textile Artist Whose Work Weaves Together Digital Culture And Mental Health Themes, Offering A Unique Perspective In Contemporary Art.


This multi-award-winning series captures her dreams and nightmares, offering critical insights into dream psychology.

Inspired by symbolism and personal trauma, Kent's work reflects on the inner workings of the human psyche

6. KateŇôina Konarovsk√°: Weaving Dreams into Reality

KateŇôina Konarovsk√° has been creating tapestries since 2017, each one rooted in her oil paintings and transformed into digital collages before being brought to life at the Tilburg Textile Museum.

Embracing the fusion of art and technology, Konarovsk√° sees technology as a contemporary ghost, translating her brush strokes seamlessly into woven tapestries.

katerina konarovska, tapestry art
KateŇôina Konarovsk√° | I work for Nature and Nature Works for Me | 2021 | Woven tapestry | 166x223cm | Photo by Jan-Willem Groenendaal

Her series of four woven tapestries from 2017 to 2021 serves as a map of night dreams intertwined with daytime experiences.

These works are a harmonious blend of her passions for painting and textiles, offering a modern take on traditional weaving practices.

katerinakonrovska, tapestry, weaving, tradition
KateŇôina Konarovsk√° | Between Traditional Cake and Frites (double head falcon) and Graphon | 2021 | Woven tapestry | 173x250cm | Photo by Jan-Willem Groenendaal

Rather than depicting religious or city folklore, Konarovsk√°'s tapestries reflect on the rich tapestry of dreams she has collected over 17 years, merging them with her everyday life experiences.

7. Julie Peter: Exploring Absurdity and Boundaries in Art

Julie Peter, born in 1985, is a Danish artist whose work challenges societal norms through repetitive waves and rhythms, reflecting industrial methods.

Fascinated by the biological world's fiber structures, Peter experiments with materials, embracing curiosity in her sculptural approach.

She explores contradictions in human behavior, revealing subtle humor and vulnerabilities.

A big thank you to all these wonderful artists who kindly shared their work with us to share with you!


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