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The Munchies Art club proudly presents to you our first Featured Friday artist: Mathis Pauer, a graduate of the Karlsruhe Art Academy and student of Corinne Wasmuth, master class. We discovered Mathis Pauer and his art on Instagram and asked him if he would be interested to participate.

We were extremely pleased when he consented. Discover the artist behind the canvas and enjoy his work.

mathis pauer, featured artist, contemporary painting, spotlight, munchies art club, portrait
Mathis Pauer | Studio | Portrait


Mathis Pauer, when he is not watching talk shows or cooking spaghetti, is currently working with handicapped children, and though he enjoys what he is doing, he found his true purpose early on as a child in painting.
The artist is driven into spheres made out of life riddles.

mathis pauer, in his studio, contemporary art, painting on wall, view outside
Mathis Pauer | China Box | Acrylic and spray-ain't on Canvas, 81x65cm

Exploring through his painting process, seeking to find a profound sense of what we call intelligence and how to use it in a valuable way. There he feels a connection with a higher consciousness or subconsciousness, from which he receives inspiration for further projects.

Constantly Questioning Boundaries Of Determinism, Social Behavior, Hierarchies Of Aesthetics, To Name A Few.

Fed by seemingly endless sources from the virtual worlds of the internet, the contemporary history of painting, cartoons, all kinds of personal experiences, all filling gaps in reaching an understanding through pranks, sarcastic statements, and also sometimes on a more dispiriting note.  

contemporary artist, mathis pauer, artwork, divited table, spotlight
Mathis Pauer| divided table| 2019 | mixed media on canvas | 210 x 180cm| Featured Artist |

He builds layers of subject matter and various meanings throughout his Oeuvres. Where cubist painters tried to show objects simultaneously from varying perspectives, Mathis tries to show subjects and ways of abstraction from different ways of thinking about them.

available, contemporary art, mathis pauer, munchies art club
Mathis Pauer available Artworks in our Shop | Click and discover

Sometimes in a manic manner, and sometimes in a conceptual approach or a medley of the two. Therefore, providing a feeling and visualization of a world that never stands still and can never fully be understood, in just one way.      

mathis bauer, pauer
Contemporary Painting | Mathis Pauer

"Divided table" shows an interior scene. The focal point of the image is a table cut into two parts and separated by barbed wire. There are several objects placed on the table.
A ‘Klee’ like head, an apple with a smiley face, an airplane, a skull, a flower, and the letter ‘T ’painted in sloppy graffiti style.

on view, exhibition, mathis pauer, installation shot
Zeiger | 2018 | Mathis Pauer | Acrylic and Spraypaint on Canvas | 60x49cm

Each object refers to different sources creating a still life that represents a sample of the internet´s culture, its way of thinking, and its memory. The split-table can be seen as an act of deeper analysis and as a scientific method. It reminds the viewer of divisions that have taken place, places such as Berlin in the past and in Palestine today. It's also a reflection of the artist's personal history, having had to experience and process the divorce of his parents as a child.   

In ‘Killer’ a molded head can be seen that is empty on the inside. It is wearing a funny hat that is labeled “Killer”. Huge crocodile tears fall from the sky. The whole scene is a reference to the French, surrealist painter Rene Magritte.

spotlight, mathis pauer, contemporary painting, feeling pool, blue painting, abstract, art
Neulich | acrylic on canvas | 56x46cm | Mathis Pauer

installation view, mathis bauer, two paintings, hanging on wall, netz, acrylic, spraypaint,
Netz | Mathis Pauer | Acrylic on Canvas | + Pinsel | Acrylic on Canvas | 180x145cm

(Whose ‘Periode Vache’ is a major influence on the work of Mathis Bauer). It questions ways of projection and labeling in social situations with an ironic touch. Addressing the lack of objectiveness we tend to have when judging everyday situations.

contemporary painting, featured artist, Germany, neulich, awesome work by mathis bauer
Feeling Pool 2018 | acrylic on canvas | 180 x 145cm | Mathis Pauer

You can identify with this empty figure, reaching a different perspective of your own. The ability to play freely with all these references and subject matters, using them to express his emotional process and humor makes Bauer’s approach to contemporary painting, a fresh and lively experience.


Mathis Pauer (*1986) is living and working in Karlsruhe, Germany. He graduated 2015 at the Akademie der bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe. 2017 he received the Baden-Württemberg Stipendium.

contemporary painting, viewing room, munchies art club, Mathis Bauer
feeble, 2014, Acryl und Insekt auf Leinwand, 180 x 150 cm | Mathis Pauer
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