Exploring with Lony Mathis the Intersection of Technology and Imagination

Munchies Art Club Magazine is thrilled to spotlight Lony Mathis, an artist who skillfully blends the realms of reality and fantasy, inviting viewers into her mesmerizing digital landscapes.

Lony Mathis: Portrait with Dog | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Mathis’ primary medium is digital, allowing her to explore and expand the boundaries of traditional illustration and engage in a deeper exploration of her themes.

lony mathis, artwork, munchies art club magazine
Lony Mathis: CHERRY GARDEN 2022, digital airbrush, 40x36cm | Image courtesy of the artist

Her work is not just seen; it is experienced, offering a gateway into an exuberantly imaginative world.

"It's all about love and positivity here, focusing on what unites us rather than what sets us apart."--Marie-Louise Schmidlin, Metal Magazine

Lony Mathis was born in 1991 in Vienna, Austria, and raised in Carinthia, Mathis embarked on a journey that would see her transition from a curious student to a luminary in the digital arts sphere.

After completing her high school education, she moved to Hamburg, Germany, where she pursued and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration at HAW Hamburg.

Watch illustrator Lony Mathis draw your dream 00s bedroom, including the dog you were never allowed
Alongside kid-friendly commissions for publications, the Vienna-based illustrator creates work guaranteed to bring every 00s childhood fantasy into sharp focus.

Lony Mathis on It´s nice that

Hamburg was her home for seven fruitful years, after which, in 2019, she returned to Vienna.

Lony Mathis: From "Fever Dream", Kunstverein (Art Club), Das Weisse Haus, Vienna | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Now, with three years of freelance illustration and artistry under her belt, Mathis has crafted a unique digital world that resonates with a wide audience, further establishing her as an upcoming prominent figure in the realms of advertising, magazine, and fashion illustration.

Exhibition Highlights: Lony Mathis

FEVER DREAMS at Stiege 13, Curadte by Bernhard Fuchs and Helmut Heiss:

Curated by Bernhard Fuchs and Helmut Heiss, this exhibition showcased a collection of Mathis’ works from 2020 to 2022, including a captivating installation.

lony mathis, curated by bernhard fuchs and helmut heiss, installation view, colorful modern art
Lony Mathis: Exhibition View: ""Fever Dreams"" Work ABRACADABRA- 90's Toys on Altar | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Described as a journey into a hallucinatory reality, "Fever Dreams" encapsulates a surreal, occasionally eerie yet undeniably enchanting world, urging escape into the rabbit hole of fevered dreams.

Lony Mathis: "Fever Dream" , Installation View Work ABRACADABRA- 90's Toys on Altar (Detail) -> Stiege 13 Exhibition View | Image Courtesy of the Artist

Through her art, Mathis invites us to explore "lonyland," a place where fantasy and reality blur, offering refuge and wonder.


In collaboration with a diverse group of artists, this group exhibition, curated by Barbara Horvath and featuring a literary piece by Barbi Marković, presented works spanning from 2020 to 2023, including another distinctive installation by Mathis.

das weisse haus wien, exhibition view, installation shot, lony mathis work
Lony Mathis: "Sit and Play" installation on view - "1111 Diamonds, I Love Myself, Aura Security, Chilling with My Peeps", digital airbrush and digital print on 120g glossy paper | Image Courtesy by the Artist

It delved into unsettling horror, magical whimsy, and a sharp hyperreality that confronts the monotony of everyday life with visions of the bizarre, extreme, and uncanny.

Mathis' contribution added a layer of hypnotic visual poetry to the collective narrative.

Park Zhengzhou, China, 2024:

Curated by V/Collective Agency in collaboration with inPark Zhengzhou, this outdoor exhibition featured two walk-through pavilions, "FLORID PARADISE" and "SUNRISE BUBBLE," accessible to all visitors.

lony mathis, pavilion, art intervention, artwork public space, Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou: Lony Mathis Pavilion - "Florid Paradise" | Image courtesy of the artist
lony mathis, promising contemporary artist vienna, with an installation in Zhengzhou, colorful, art now
Lony Mathis: "Florid Paradise" at the Zhengzhou Pavilion | Image courtesy of the artist

These installations were designed to momentarily transport individuals from the frenzy of consumerism to a vibrant, playful reality.

Lony Mathis | Bilingual | Metal Magazine
Surreal illustrations of smiling socks, hidden bongs and bright blue poodles that bring back childhood fantasies for an entire generation of millennials.

Lony Mathis Interview: Metal Magazine

Mathis’ creations in these pavilions, including three sculptures and various 2D works, encapsulate joy, fun, and childlike simplicity, inviting onlookers into a world where imagination reigns supreme.

Lony Mathis’ artistry embodies a vibrant fusion of creativity and digital prowess, crafting worlds where viewers can escape the ordinary and explore the extraordinary.

lony mathis, installation view florid paradise, Zhengzhou, art now from austria
Lony Mathis: Impressions from her artist installation "Florid Paradise" in Zhengzhou | Image courtesy of the artist

Her exhibitions are more than just displays; they are immersive experiences that challenge perceptions, evoke emotions, and inspire imagination.

Munchies Art Club Magazine celebrates the incredible journey and achievements of Lony Mathis, a visionary artist whose digital crafted world continues to captivate and enchant art enthusiasts around the globe.

lony mathis, artwork, digital artwork
Lony Mathis: "I LOVE MYSELF" - 2021, digital airbrush, 60x50cm | Image courtesy of the artist

Make sure to dive into Lony Mathis's journey and enjoy discovering her amazing work by following her on Instagram.

When encountering the works of Austrian illustrator Lony Mathis, the first look reveals the squishy cuteness of inflatable toys and the second one some

Lony Mathis -> Swarm Mag

For even more insights, don't forget to check out Lony's website.

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