With A Keen Focus On The Interplay Between Time And Space, Judith Grassl´s Art Delves Into The Realms Of Eternity, Breathing Life Into Meticulously Staged Themes Within Her Paintings.

Her Fascination Lies In The Depiction Of Temporality, The Visual Aesthetics And Arrangement Of Objects, And Their Pivotal Roles In The Composition Of Her Art. 

Judith Grassl in front of her Painting | Image Courtesy by the Artist and @kimedamo

Join Us As We Delve Into The Artistic Journey Of This Remarkable Talent, Judith Grassl.

judith grassl large scale colorful contemporary painting for munchies art club magazine
Judith Grassl: Schöne Mutanten | Contemporary Painting Installation View | Image and Courtesy by the Artist

For those seeking an enriching dive into the artist's work, don't miss "Edouard Vuillard and the Context of Representing Domesticity," a compelling essay by Rose Pickering featured at Unit London Gallery.

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Judith Grassl -> Édouard Vuillard and the Context of Representing Domesticity | Unit London

Judith Grassls work offers the contrast between the alienating mutation through the newly assembled fragments of already seen images and combines art historical references, the symbolic character of various objects, as wellas the overlapping of different painterly perspectives.

exhibition view by judith grassl, beautiful, large scale painting ultra modern
Exhibition View | Artist: Judith Grassl | Image Courtesy by the Artist
installation view from german contemporary painter now judith grassl
Installation View | Artist Judith Grassl | Image by the Artist

‍The influence of these images on today's roles models is thus thematically taken upand deals with an idea of femininity in an art historical context.

woman with onion contemporary painting by judith grassl, colorful acrylic
Frau mit Zwiebel ( Woman with Onion) by german female artist Judith Grassl | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Both the composition finding, with the cast shadows and superimpositions, as well as different worlds or perspectives in the image arise from her work with collage.

Through this, Grassl creates the superimposition of different time levels and light conditions on the canvas.

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The creations establish communication through the intuitive and associative thinking of the viewer and guide it skillfully. 

Her work focuses on the classical format of the painting and beyond, composing scenes and building spaces.

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