Dive into Joseph O'Neal's Poetic text based contemporary paintings

Joseph O’Neal, born in 1983 in North Carolina, is a renowned artist living and working in Easton, Pennsylvania.

 joseph o'neal painting in his studio with text-based contemporary art
Joseph O'Neal at Work: Merging Poetic Texts with Vibrant Imagery in His Easton, Pennsylvania Studio.His work, which blends non-objective imagery with concrete written words, such as dates, names, and phrases, invites viewers to explore an ambiguous field of interpretation. This dynamic interaction between visual and textual elements creates a unique space for contemplation and discovery. O'Neal's pieces are characterized by their urgency and chance, as well as the organic shapes and lines that evoke deep emotional responses. Photo courtesy of the Artist

His unique style blends non-objective imagery with words, names, and dates, prompting viewers to explore an ambiguous field of opportunities.

O’Neal's work evokes deep interpretation, creating a dynamic interaction between visual and textual elements.

joseph o´neal, text based artist in contemporary art colorful and strong
Joseph O'Neal: Text based paintings

Joseph O'Neal's art transcends traditional boundaries by integrating poetic and evocative imagery with concrete written words, creating a unique interpretative space.

„My work creates seams by contrasting non-objective imagery with concrete written words such as dates, names, and various words and phrases. The back and forth between the two elements create an ambiguous field for myself and the viewer to exist. Urgency and chance are ever-present in the works as is the dirt on the road to conclusion."

O’Neal has showcased his work in numerous group and solo exhibitions across the United States, Europe, and Mexico.

Notable exhibitions include three iterations of A Sunday in Soho; a notable large-scale two person exhibition held in Basel, Switzerland in 2011, 2015, and Zürich in 2018.

His "Letters from the Earth" collection was exhibited at Cabin Contemporary in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, in October 2022.

His work has been featured in publications such as The Basler Zeitung, Sensitive Skin Magazine, Art Rated, and Lula Japan, and he has been interviewed by Telebasel and NPR.

joseph o´neal, artwork painting
Joseph O'Neal: i knew i loved you 5.25" x 3.5" x 1.25" acrylic on wood 2023 | Image Courtesy of the artist | Image courtesy of the Artist

O’Neal’s art, while non-representational, is highly evocative, using organic shapes and lines to create a sense of urgency and chance.

Joseph O´Neal Artist Portrait in his Studio

Dive deeper into projects, new Paintings via Joseph O'Neal Instagram or visit his Website.

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