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Dive Into The Captivating World Of Hannah Neckel, A Transmedia Artist Based In Vienna And Online As @Cybervoid69.

Explore Her Immersive Installations That Merge Digital And Physical Realms, Inviting Us Into A Utopian Cyber Experience.

Hannah Neckel invites audiences into a utopian cyber realm where online and offline worlds merge in aesthetic harmony, fostering a space for liberation, community, and endless possibilities.

‍As a core member of the interdisciplinary collective room69, and a dedicated student of Transmedia Art (Class Brigitte Kowanz/Jakob Lena Knebl) at the University Of Applied Arts, her work transcends traditional boundaries to explore the interplay of digital landscapes and human emotionality.



Hannah Neckel's exhibition history is distinguished by impactful showcases, including her collaborative "Beyond The Waterfall" exhibition with sister Lea Neckel at OK Linz, enhancing her reputation in contemporary art.

Her work has been featured at significant venues such as Georg Kargl Fine Arts Vienna, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, the Queer Museum ViennaParallel ViennaMetronom Gallery Modena, Italy, and Satellite Art Club, New York City, demonstrating her international appeal and ability to merge traditional themes with digital realities.

hannah necekl installation view, cyber, digital, transmedia art, georg kargl fine arts
Hannah Neckel: TRANS… #CYBER-RITUALS @HYPER-SELF | curated by Martina Menegon and Brooklyn J. Pakathi | Groupshow at Georg Kargl Fine Arts Vienna | Photo Maria Belova

Through these exhibitions, Neckel has solidified her position as a prominent voice in exploring connectivity, emotions, and the digital landscape.

georg kargl fine arts, class jakob lena knebl
Hannah Neckel: TRANS… #CYBER-RITUALS @HYPER-SELF | curated by Martina Menegon and Brooklyn J. Pakathi | Groupshow at Georg Kargl Fine Arts Vienna | Photo: Maria Belova

Upcoming Show with Hannah Neckel:

Neckel's visionary approach will soon be showcased at the Kunstraum Niederösterreich in the group show "All the Feels," curated by Nora Mayr.

This exhibition highlights emotional states with a focus on youth culture, featuring Neckel's acclaimed installation "Post Virtual Garden."‍

About her Upcoming Exhibition:

The Installation Is A Multi-Layered Experience, Incorporating A Blend Of Found Footage From Both Real-Life And Online Sources, Along With Sculptures, LEDs, Videos, And Instagram Filters. Its Aim Is To Merge The Virtual And Physical Realms, Emphasizing The Act Of Curating The Online Spaces We Inhabit. This Highlights Their Malleability, Customization Options, And Shareability, All Brought Into The Physical Exhibition Space.

Visitors Engage With The Exhibition Not Only Physically But Also Through Instagram Filters, Viewing The Show Via Their Devices As An Extension Of Themselves. This Transforms Them Into Participants Within The Installation, Blurring The Lines Between Observer And Performer. Embedded Within The Installation Is A New Video Work Currently In Production.

This Video Explores The Theme Of The Online Space As A Haven For Queer Communities Throughout Its History. It Delves Into Sapphic Attraction, Lesbian Yearning, And How Online Platforms Provide A Platform For Sharing These Emotions Anonymously, Fostering Connections Among Individuals With Shared Experiences.

The Video Features A Poem Inspired By The Rich Tradition Of Lesbian Poetry Dating Back To Sappho, Along With Two 3D Animated Characters Depicted Floating On Water, Symbolizing Immersion In Their Emotions And Merging Together Within The Fluidity Of The Online Realm.Furthermore, This Video Serves As A Continuation Of The Artist's Previous Exhibition At The Queer Museum Vienna, Titled "Forever Fluid Fantasy (Kiss Me Through The Screen)," Further Exploring Themes Of Queer Identity And Digital Connectivity. -Hannah Neckel, About Her Upcoming Work


hanna neckel promising emerging artist from vienna, with a video work called forever fluid fantasie  curated by ana simona zelonovic
Hannah Neckel: Forever fluid fantasy (kiss me thru the screen) | video, sound with an accompanying Research Essay ,exhibited at „Arcadia“ curated by Ana Simona Zelonovic , Queer Museum, Vienna. AT and „Intelligence unbound“, curated by Sepideh Majidiat posthumanartnetwork, Internet


Hannah Neckel stands at the forefront of contemporary art, masterfully blending the digital with the physical to create immersive experiences that challenge our perceptions of reality.

The Works Aim To Immerse Viewers Fully, Transporting Them Into Entirely Different Worlds. This Often Results In Multilayered Creations, Merging Various Elements Such As Videos, Sculptures, 3D Prints, Augmented Reality, Sound, Found Objects, And Footage. These Components Engage In A Dialogue, Complementing One Another To Generate A Cohesive Experience. The Artist Strives To Merge Digital And Physical Realms, Try To Find As Many Ways As Possible To Merge These Worlds As Closely Together As Possible. – Words By Hannah Neckel

Her work is a testament to the potential of transmedia art to bridge seemingly disparate worlds, inviting viewers into a space where the internet's utopian possibilities intersect with tangible, sensory experiences.

post virtual garden, by hannah neckel, installation view for campus berlin
Hannah Neckel: Post virtual Garden | „Netzwerke“ Re:Publica 2020 Campus, Berlin curated by Enrique Torres

Through installations like "Post Virtual Garden," Neckel offers a glimpse into a future where art and technology coalesce, crafting dreamy hyper-spaces that resonate deeply with the digital generation.‍

💻 We All Live In A Society 💻  🏩 Phones Live In A Society 🏩  📲💓🥀🏩⛓🔋💖💦💌🔗✨🧊🍃💗💎💻🌸 Aesthetic Pleasure 🌸💎 Emotional Decadence Opulence 💎💦 Overflowing From Url To Irl 💦🔋 A New Future Imagined Through Integrated Realities 🔋💌 Dream World Coalesced With Internet Worlds 💌🍃 Illusion Triumphs Over Reality 🍃🥀 Digital Desire 🥀📲 A Post Virtual World 📲⛓ Merging Our Worlds Together ⛓💖 From Illusion To Immersion 💖🔗 In Aesthetic Pleasure 🔗✨ Feels Over Reals ✨ -- From Hannah Neckels Website For Post Virtual Garden – Text By Hannah Neckels Website For Post Virtual Garden

Her art is not just viewed; it is experienced, engaging all senses and inviting participants to become part of a collective exploration of new realities.‍‍


‍Delving into the depths of hydrofeminism, Hannah Neckel's art serves as a conduit for exploring themes of fluidity, connection, and the dissolution of traditional boundaries.

‍Water, in her creations, becomes a metaphor for the emotional and digital streams that link us, embodying the flow of feelings and ideas that unite communities across the digital divide.

Hannah Neckel and lea neckel in collaboration with an exhibition at ok centre of contemporary art Linz
Hannah Neckel: Beyond the waterfall, curated by Maria Venzl and Alfred Weidinger Installation, video on LED translucent screen, soft sculpture, inflatables, led, fibre-glass sculptures, mirror, sound, fog, solo position in collaboration with Lea Neckel OK Linz - Center for contemporary Art, Linz AT | Photo: Michael Maritsch

This thematic focus is not only a reflection of Neckel's engagement with contemporary feminist discourse but also an invitation to viewers to consider the ways in which our lives are interconnected, much like water molecules that flow together, unrestricted by barriers.

Words by Hannah Neckel:

Water As A Metaphor
Melting Down The Boundaries
Uniting Us
Water = Emotions
Theyre Floating From Me To You
Leaking Out Of My Heart
Towards Yours

Her Work Uses Water As A Metaphor To Explore Emotions And The Internet's Role In Connecting Us.

This Theme Reflects The Fluid Nature Of Our Feelings And Digital Interactions, Inviting Reflection On Our Interconnectedness Through Both The Physical And Digital Realms.


hannah neckel showcase her work in london, a digital version of an sculpture contemporary art now daily
Hanna Neckel: "Re-Imagine Newham"Augmented Reality Filter on Instagram +curated by Nicole Tatschl accessible through posters on billboards all throughout , London, UK


Hannah Neckel's exploration of cyberfeminism through her art is a bold statement on the power of the internet as a sanctuary for queer identities and a platform for experimentation and expression.

By leveraging her extensive digital archive, Neckel creates works that resonate with online subcultures, offering insights into the formation of digital communities and the evolution of their languages, symbols, and styles.

Her engagement with the digital realm is a reflection of her belief in the internet's potential to break down barriers, allowing for a freedom of identity that is often constrained in the physical world.

promising emerging artist vienna, hannah neckel in front of her work for the exhibiton arcadia
Hannah Neckel: Forever fluid fantasy (kiss me thru the screen) | video, sound with an accompanying Research Essay , exhibited at „Arcadia“ curated by Ana Simona Zelonovic , Queer Museum, Vienna. AT and „Intelligence unbound“, curated by Sepideh Maiidi posthumanartnetwork, Internet | | Photo Sarah Tasha

Neckel's art is a celebration of this digital landscape, where anonymity and creativity foster a space for individuals to discover and express their true selves, challenging traditional notions of identity and community in the process.

Hannah Neckel: Group Show "THE REAL WEIRD MAGIC PICTURE SHOW "curated by Barbara Horvath | Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, AT

hanna neckel crafting utopian spaces at the intersection of cyberfeminism and transmedia art on munchies art club studio view
Hannah Neckel : "Gmunden Hyper Heart" | installation | 1. curated by Beda Achermann 2. "House of Losing Control" | Photocurated by Julia HartmannMain Exhibition of Vienna Art Week, Vienna, AT| three videos, two on flatscreen tvs, one on holographic fan, fibre-glass sculpture, led, chain |

Hannah Neckel's art is a beacon of innovation and creativity, pushing the boundaries of transmedia art to explore the intricate connections between the digital world and our physical reality.

Her work offers a hopeful glimpse into a future where art and technology coalesce to create new spaces for expression, identity, and connection.

georg kargl fine arts with an installation transmedia, with promising artist form austria hannah neckel
Hannah Neckel; TRANS… #CYBER-RITUALS @HYPER-SELF | curated by Martina Menegon and Brooklyn J. Pakathi | Groupshow at Georg Kargl Fine Arts Vienna

As she continues to evolve and expand her artistic repertoire, Neckel remains a pivotal figure in the exploration of digital and physical interconnectivity, inviting us all to reimagine the possibilities of the internet as a space of utopian potential.


Embark on an inspiring journey with Hannah Neckel by following her on Instagram and TikTok, and dive deeper into her captivating works and exhibition overviews on her stunning Website !

hannah neckel
hannah neckel - transmedia artist based in vienna and online as @cybervoid69

Hannah Neckel | Cybervoid 69 | official Website

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