contemporary drawing from emerging artist flora hauser currently on view at gallery meyer kainer vienna, curated by
Flora Hauser APOKALYPSE: MAP, detail #022020 Pens on canvas31 x 43 cm (framed)

‍Flora Hauser stunning Art Practice + Boltenstern Raum: A Visit

In the Boltenstern Raum, Artist Flora Hauser now unveils her latest art works, "OUSIA," serving as the current secondary exhibition at Meyer Kainer Gallery from September 12th to October 14th, 2023.

As you step into this artistic realm, prepare to embark on a profound journey into the enigmatic theme of "Ousia," where each piece serves as a testament to Hauser's unwavering dedication to the world of artistic expression.

Currently At Gallery Meyer Kainer, two remarkable exhibitions have taken center stage.

The first, part of the gallery festival "Curated By Vienna," is "Play Mode," masterfully curated by Gaby Cepeda, featuring the brilliant Artist Ad Minoliti.

‍To our pleasant surprise, a hidden gem awaits on the gallery's first floor—the Boltenstern Raum.

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Within this inviting space, you'll encounter a captivating selection of works by the emerging Austrian artist Flora Hauser.

Her talents have also been showcased in Architectural Digest, in an article offering a unique glimpse into The Home Of Chrissy Teigen And John Legend, which includes one of her works.

currently gallery meyer kainer vienna
Flora Hauser PARADE (PARRY): CANVAS 12022Acrylic fiber yarn sewn on canvas75 x 100 cm | Gallery Meyer Kainer Vienna

Flora Hauser's latest exhibition, "OUSIA," at Gallery Meyer Kainer, builds upon her earlier "Parade" series, showcased at MUMOK in Vienna.

Flora Hauser - Meyer*Kainer

Visit Meyer Kainer Gallery and dive deeper into Flora Hauser Works

‍In this captivating display, Hauser delves into the enigmatic concept of "Ousia."

munchies art club magazine favorite work blue tapestry, painting, by flora hauser emerging artist
Flora Hauser Die zwei Jahreszeiten (2/2 – 23): Winter2023 Acrylic fiber yarn sewn on canvas 34.5 x 25 cm | Gallery Meyer Kainer | Image Ernst Koslitsch

"Ousia" is a Greek philosophical concept, denoting an entity's essential nature or substance.

It's integral to metaphysical and ontological discussions.

detail of the best artwork by flora hauser at gallery meyer kainer vienna
Detail ; Flora Hauser Wrenkh5 - Suppenkasper am Markt2022 Acrylic fiber yarn sewn on canvas 25 x 20 cm | Gallery Meyer Kainer | Image by Ernst Koslitsch

In her earlier series “Parade," 2022, the artist features a sculpted coat, tactile boots, and meticulously embroidered murals, all crafted by Hauser herself.

The exhibition's intrigue lies in Hauser's personal quest for the right word to encapsulate her work, as revealed in an exhibition text paragraph.

flora hauser artwork , acrylic fiber garn, tapestry work on view at gallery meyer kainer
Flora Hauser Die zwei Jahreszeiten (1/2 – 23): Sommer2023 Acrylic fiber yarn sewn on canvas 35.5 x 24.5 cm

Hauser's creations at Gallery Meyer Kainer invite viewers to explore the enigma of "Ousia" from their unique perspectives.

‍Her dedication to every thread and brushstroke is evident, making "OUSIA" an artistic odyssey that challenges, inspires, and leaves an indelible mark.

new tapestry work by artist flora hauser, gallery meyer kainer vienna
Flora Hauser PARADE, PARRY: TAPESTRY 2022 Acrylic fiber yarn sewn on canvas 100 x 70 cm

In summary, "OUSIA" showcases Flora Hauser's relentless creativity and her quest to reveal the profound through art.

It's an exhibition that beckons you to reflect and explore "Ousia" for yourself, making it a must-see celebration of artistic expression.

Gallery Meyer Kainer's captivating "Boltenstern Raum" is situated on the upper floor of Palais Eschenbach.

Munchies Art Club Magazine visited for the first time, and it was a delightful surprise!

This space, originally designed as a bar by architect Erich Boltenstern in the 1950s, now stands as a unique treasure within the gallery.


boltenstern raum at palais eschenbach, first floor at gallery meyer kainer, munchies art club magazine
View into Boltenstern Raum, Palais Eschenbach, Gallery Meyer Kainer

Adjacent to the well-preserved original bar, the "Boltenstern Raum" has been transformed into the gallery's project room, hosting exhibitions that showcase emerging artists and their creative pursuits.



Gallery Meyer Kainer Vienna
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Opening Hours: Tuesday–Friday 11am–6pm
Saturday 11am–4pm (until October 14th)

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