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Timur Lukas is a young emerging contemporary artist whose wonderful exhibition 'Der Wald vor Omas Fenster' at the Neuer Aachener Kunstform was the second exhibitions to be featured on the Munchies art club. Almost a year later we are ever so pleased to feature him again - on a bit of a more personal level. Enjoy the works and the story behind this gifted emerging young artist to watch. Enjoy!

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February 25, 2021
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Timur Lukas | Depictions of fading memories

Timur Lukas was a student of Gregor Hildebrandt's Munich master class. The artist paints vases predominantly deriving from childhood memories: the view of vases in front of his grandmother's window and the forest behind the house. Lukas paints disruptions into his works as they are based on childhood memories that are no longer clear. The fog that hovers over his memory is present in his artworks.

Discover Timur Lukas exhibition at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein at Munchies Art Club Magazine.

Who is Timur Lukas?

Timur Lukas was born in Constance in 1986. He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich as a master class student of Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt. Timur Lukas is a contemporary artist !

Timur now lives and works in Augsburg.

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Timur Lukas | Portrait of the artist

The artist paints vases predominantly deriving from childhood memories: the view of vases in front of his grandmother's window and the forest behind the house.

Lukas paints disruptions into his works based on childhood memories that are no longer clear. The fog that hovers over his memories is present in his artworks.

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Timur Lukas  | Unite! Limbo Forrest | Exhibition | Kunstverein Augsburg | 2020

We asked the artist to tell us a little about himself and his work:

It is always a bit difficult for me to talk about my work.

Because on the one hand I think the painting should stand by itself and on the other hand I don‘t want to influence the viewer too much.

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Vase + Ast | Oil on canvas | 80 x 60 cm | 2020

What I can say is that the vases fascinate me because of three reasons:

First, they look like bodies. So if I would paint a person in my painting I could use a vase instead.

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Timur Lukas | Nak Sommerfrische 1 | Oil on canvas | 120 x 90 cm | 2020

The handles work as very muscular arms, the upper part as shoulders, neck, or throat - and legs and feet are even there.

The second, the function. Vases are not only for flowers. They are symbolic for the winner‘s cup or even an urn.

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Timur Lukas  | Unite! Limbo Forrest | Exhibition / Kunstverein Augsburg | 2020

It‘s one of the oldest objects or cultural assets in human history.

Third, the reduced and beautiful form in each of the million variations.

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Muscle up | Oil on canvas | 180 x 140 cm | 2021

When/how did you find out you are an artist?

Finding out if I ́m an artist took quite long or better is still a process.

Through my adolescence, I have had no idea what I wanted to be.

I did drawings most of the time, but I never thought this might be something.

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In the artists studio

At around 20 I studied design and went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna for Erasmus recognizing the Art Academy is the right place for me.

It took another two years to get a feeling of doing art and I learned more and more to get my work and workflow organized.

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Timur Lukas | Drei vom gleichen Schlag | Mixed media on canvas | 180 x 140 cm | 2021

What is your relationship to Instagram?

Instagram is a great tool to show my work and get connected.

Best of all it‘s for free. But it does not replace the feeling of seeing an artwork in reality.

studio lukas sauer zahel, canvases, large works on paper,
In the artists studio

Where, when, how do you work best?

I ́m getting more and more an early bird. So I start in the morning with answering emails etc. to clear my mind.

In the Studio, I‘m around 10 am and working till 6 pm.

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Vase Englisch rot - Pariser blau 1 | Oil on canvas  | 120 x 90 cm | 2020

The Studio is a 200qm industrial hall and I‘m working there together with Esther Zahel and Laurentius Sauer.

We know each other from the Academy and it‘s a great support to be with these guys in a studio together.

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Timur Lukas | In the artists studio

Where, how do you usually get inspired?

This sounds maybe a bit stereotyped but I mostly get inspired by nature.

Old, gnarled trees are part of most of my current paintings.

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Timur Lukas  | Unite! Limbo Forrest | Exhibition / Kunstverein Augsburg | 2020

Also, the handles of the vases are inspired by human muscles, shoulders and so on.

I also think a free mind is always helpful and a walk in the nature is a good way to get it.

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Kater duften, Blüten grauen | Oil on canvas | 120 x 90 cm | 2020

Favorite artists?

Here are some names of artists I‘m a fan of:

Matthias Dornfeld, Tamara van San, Klára Hosnedlová, Anastasia Bay, Huma Bhabha

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Winterwunderland | Oil on canvas | 180 x 140 cm | 2021

What are you working on currently?

The vases on the canvases are portraits of the vases I did as sculptures.

First, I did them by plaster. Now I carve them out of wood.

This is a good response to the trees in the paintings. I like connections like that.

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Bäume Träumen, Vasen klirren | Oil on canvas | 80 x 60 cm | 2020

What are you planning for 2021? Any new projects?

Last year I did an edition together with Laurentius Sauer under the label „Due Two Edition.“

Due to the edition, Axel Lapp from the MEWO Kunsthalle in Memmingen invited us and we are going to show 16 large drawings we did together each 3,56 x 1,5m.

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Timur Lukas at work


#timurlukas #studiolukassauerzahel #vases #tree

 sculptural works, unique pieces, original artworks
Vasen und Trauerweide | Colored pencil on paper | 42 x 29,7 cm | 2020

Due Two Edition

SHORT CV Timur Lukas

*born 1986
Academy of Fine Art Munich (ADBK München) 2017 Meisterschüler of Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt

2015 Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt

2014 Prof. Matthias Dornfeld

2011 Prof. Anke Doberauer

exhibition view, timur lukas, augsburg, germany,
Timur Lukas  | Unite! Limbo Forrest | Exhibition / Kunstverein Augsburg | 2020

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Atelierförderprogramm 2017/2018 Freistaat Bayern

Jubiläums-Stipendium-Stiftung der Stadt München 2014


Der Wald vor Omas Fenster by Distanz Publishing (ISBN 978-3-95476-367-2)

Photo Credits


Thomas Weidenhaupt Instagram

A big thank you to Timur for putting his trust in us not once but twice! Much obliged and honored!

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