Introducing the dynamic new artist, Javier Menchaca, hailing from Salamanca, Spain, featured in Munchies Art Club Magazine's ongoing series: Emerging Artists You Must Follow On Instagram.‍

javier menchaca artist from salamanca spain emering artist you have to follow on instagram
Artist Fco Javier Menchaca in his studio during his art practice | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Beyond his Fine Arts studies, Menchaca is a member of the Grupo Puré Collective. Join him in exploring the dynamic intersection of art, music, and nostalgia.

Grupo Puré on Instagram: “Glitter Witch Glitcher. 165x130. Técnica mixta. @grupopure . . . . #oilpainting #kpop #painting #contemporaryart #tribal #grupopure”
168 likes, 9 comments - grupopure on May 9, 2022: “Glitter Witch Glitcher. 165x130. Técnica mixta. @grupopure . . . . #oilpainting #kpop #painting...”

Menchacha is part of the Art Group -> Grupo Pure Collective Spain

‍Emanating from Salamanca, Fco Javier Menchaca (born 1996) embarked on a creative journey at the Faculty of Fine Arts, culminating in his graduation in 2019.

javier menchaca artist from spain salamanca, with an installation view of his artworks for munchies art club
Fco Javier Menchaca from Salamanca Spain with a Exhibiton View | Image Courgesy by the Artist

 ‍An active member of the Grupo Puré collective, Menchaca furthered his studies with the MUPES Master, seamlessly intertwining teaching and artistic production in his personal workshop in Salamanca.

art now slamanca spain, artist feature javier menchaca on view , munchies art club
Art now from Salmanca Spain | Artist: Javier Menchaca | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Menchaca's artistic essence revolves around the concept of post-production, drawing inspiration from European pop, Japanese City pop, and Korean Kpop. 

His creations unfold a visual narrative of images and icons profoundly embedded in the contemporary youth culture of Western society, evoking a nostalgic resonance for experiences yet to be lived.

javier menchaca, installation view with his collages work, huge, asien and colorful contemporary art now
Javier Menchaca Artwork | Installation View | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍In a realm where music and video games stand as avant-garde pioneers in the art scene, Menchaca's works ascend above traditional trends, delving deep into the imaginary. 

This artistic maven immerses us fully into the evolving cultural currents emanating from Korea and Japan, crafting a vibrant commentary on the transformative power of contemporary mediums.


Dive deeper into the captivating world of Javier Menchaca's artistic brilliance by exploring his Instagram account. 

Javier Menchaca on Instagram: “Mystic River 40x35cm Transfer sobre cartulina metalizada y lienzo @grupopure • • • • • • • #grupopure #acrylictransfer #mixmedia #blue #azul #head #artcollector #contemporaryart #painting #portrait”
143 likes, 8 comments - mentxa on December 7, 2023: “Mystic River 40x35cm Transfer sobre cartulina metalizada y lienzo @grupopure • • • • �...”

Javier Menchaca aka Mentxa on Instagram

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Munchies Art Club Magazine extends heartfelt gratitude for the collaborative journey. Join us in celebrating the vibrant artistry of Javier Menchaca!

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