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We' are thrilled to share the talented artist Tom Messavilla with a curated selection of his artworks, key paintings, and valuable insights from his art practice.

tom messavilla contemporary painting and artist from Munich, with carnivorous plants in a classical painting environment
Tom Messavilla: Fleischfressende Pflanzen 2022,Tempera auf Leinwand, 21 x 29 cm

Tom Messavilla is an artist whose creative endeavors are rooted in the realms of construction and design.

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His distinctive work centers on the creation of spaceships that serve as vessels for both miniature and expansive landscapes.

‍Drawing inspiration from the depths of his memories, his art transports viewers to captivating visual dimensions.

Within these imaginative landscapes, seasonal shifts are vividly depicted, evoking the enchanting atmosphere of winter within the spaceships.

Tom Messavilla extends an open invitation to viewers, encouraging them to embark on a journey of exploration, allowing their imaginations to flourish within this captivating artistic universe.

tom messavilla with an utopian landscape as contemporary paintings from emerging artist from Munich Germany
Tom Messavilla: Steintor 2023, tempera on canvas, 18 x 30 cm Image Courtesy by the Artist

About the Artist Tom Messavilla:

Tom Messavilla, born in Munich in 1978, contemporary painter.

Currently based in his hometown, Munich. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, earned under Professor Anke Doberauer at the Academy Of Fine Arts In Munich.

Tom Messavilla on Instagram: “Obst und Gemüse 2023, Tempera on canvas, 33 x 25 cm #obst #gemüse #contemporarypainting #gurke #papaya #mango #shiitake”
158 likes, 8 comments - tommessavilla on February 22, 2023: “Obst und Gemüse 2023, Tempera on canvas, 33 x 25 cm #obst #gemüse #contemporarypainting #gurke ...”

Tom Messavilla on Instagram

Messavilla's artistic journey is characterized by a unique vision that melds various influences and experiences, culminating in a captivating body of work.

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