‍Spotlight On The Vibrant Art Scene As We Showcase The Captivating Journey Of The Artist Behind 'MIRA!: NO ES UN(A) ORDEN' Exhibition At Gallery Gusto/Giner Marbella In May And Her Ongoing Solo Show In Sevilla, '¿Dónde Están Las Llaves?' At Galería Birimbao.

We've Had The Privilege Of Connecting With The Artist Laura Vinos And She's Currently Participating At The Estampa Contemporary Art Fair In Madrid, With A Group Show Curated By Yusto/Giner Gallery Marbella.

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Laura Vinos Exhibition view Yusto Giner Gallery Marbella, “ Mira! No es una orden” | Image by Mario Vera

With Immense Potential And A Promising Emerging Career, This Female Artist Is One To Watch Out For.

estampa contememporary art fair madrid spain, with laura vinos and gallery yusto giner
Laura Vinos: 'MIRA!: NO ES UN(A) ORDEN' exhibition view at Gallery Gusto/Giner Marbella | Image by Mario Vera

Laura Vinós Calero, born in Santa María de Trassierra, Córdoba in 1998, is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Seville.

She completed her studies with an Erasmus scholarship at the University of Évora in Portugal.

laura vinos contemporary emerging artist at estampa contemporary art fair madrid
“Mira! No es una orden” Exhibition View at Gallery Yusto/Giner | Image by Mario Vera

Throughout her career, Laura has been part of various group exhibitions, including notable showcases such as "Etcetera etcetera" at the Yusto/Giner gallery in Marbella, "GEN Z" at the WeCollect gallery in Madrid, "Iberian Contemporaries" at Fabien Fryns in Dubai, and "Jewel Quest" at B4Garage in Seoul, South Korea.

gallery birimbao sevilla presents laura vinos in an exhibition, artist infront of her contemporary painting
Laura Vinos in front of her contemporary painting from “¿Dónde están las llaves? “ Exhibition | Galeria Birimbao Image by Liberto Romero

In addition to her participation in group exhibitions, Laura has also organized three solo shows, namely "La Tregua del Abecedario" at Di Gallery in Sevilla, "Mira! No es una orden" at Yusto/Giner in Marbella, and "¿Dónde están las llaves?" currently on display at Birimbao Gallery in Sevilla until October 31.

Laura has received recognition and awards in various painting competitions and scholarships, including the "I AM WITH YOU" project by Ana Barriga in Madrid and the Antonio Gala Foundation in Córdoba.

exhibition view birimbao gallery sevilla with artwork by laura vinos
Image by Liberto Romero for Galeria Birimbao from the exhibition , “ ¿Dónde están las llaves? “, by Artist Laura Vinos

She has also attended esteemed art fairs like ESTAMPA and URVANITY Contemporary Art Fairs.

Laura currently resides and works in Córdoba, Spain.


My work starts from a symbolic imaginary – both universal and archetypal as ductile to the culture of our time – that recreates elements forming images, sometimes fragmented, built thanks to different pre-existing sources that are reborn.

These images are a long poem, a whole abundant in suggestion, which playfully incites conjectures as to what is narrated.

Painting thus moves away from the literal or illustrative, plays between meanings, winks and associations, elaborating what would be an autonomous world that also uses language as a suggestive element.

The viewer must then be a detective, never staying in the superficial reading of what he sees.


More About the Artist online:

Laura Vinos Instagram

LAURA VINÓS on Instagram: ”🦋🧩🔑✂️🔗💌❇️✳️♥🎴 DESBORDAR/ BORDAR/ DAR Óleo sobre lino 116 x 73 cm 2022 ETCÉTERA ETCÉTERA Perspectivas y variaciones de la nueva pintura andaluza Abel García / Alba Cortés / Alberto Montes / Almudena Lanceolada / Amara Toledo / Andrés Aparicio / Back / Fenxi / Fran Baena / Imon Boy / Javier Valverde / José Luis Valverde / Juanma Benítez Grima / Juanma Cabrera / Julio Anaya / Laura Vinós / Lucia Tello / Manuel M. Romero / Miguel Núñez / Miguel Scheroff / Pablo Castañeda / Pablo Padilla / Pepe Domínguez / Rafael Jiménez Reyes / Ramón Muñoz / Ricardo León Cordero / Silvia Lermo / Sofía González / Vanessa Morata / Viola Comisario: Sema D’Acosta @semadacosta Inauguración: Viernes 25 de marzo, de 19 a 22 h Galería Yusto/Giner. Madera 9, 29603 Marbella. @galeriayustoginer 💥🤪💛🦋”
387 likes, 23 comments - lauravinos on March 22, 2022: ”🦋🧩🔑✂️🔗💌❇️✳️♥🎴 DESBORDAR/ BORDAR/ DAR Óleo sobre lino 116 x 73...”

Laura Vinos -> Instagram

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