Erica Westenberger, born in 1991, is an emerging interdisciplinary artist from New Orleans, LA. 

‍In 2023, Erica Westenberger's second solo exhibition, 'a murmur at foredawn,' at the Sibyl Gallery In New Orleans, captured our attention at Munchies Art Club. 

new drawing art 2024, by erica westenberger shaping feminine narrative in modern art
Emerging Artist Erica Westenberger Captured Beside Her Mesmerizing Art Creations in Her Studio | Photographed by Jade Thiraswas
"In her exhibition, 'a murmur at foredawn', Erica Westenberger masterfully explores the nature of self-doubt and feminine identity, expanding their boundaries by delicately unraveling their threads. 

Her art, a fusion of suburban landscapes and psychological spaces, invites viewers into a world where traditional norms are both questioned and embraced." 

Excerpt From The Exhibition Text For Her Show At Sibyl Gallery

‍This encounter led us to invite her to be part of our series on Emerging Artists worth watching. 

She is undoubtedly an artist to follow, and we highly recommend keeping up with her work on Instagram.

sibyl gallery new orleans, with contemporary art at its best, by erica westenberger femal artist
Erica Westenberger | "a murmur at foredawn" exhibition, installation shot | Sibyl Gallery solo show | Photo by Sibyl Gallery

Erica Westenberger is steadily building her presence in the art community.

Her time as a 2021 Artist-in-Residence at the Joan Mitchell Center In New Orleans was a significant step in her artistic development. 

erica westenberger profil , artist munchies art club magazine
Erica Westenberger in her Studio | Image courtesy by the artist

Continuing her upward trajectory, she is set to join Stove Works In Chattanooga, TN, as a resident artist in 2024, marking another exciting chapter in her evolving artistic journey.


Myth and storytelling follow a framework that offers guidelines for moral consciousness when main characters are at crossroads.

My artistic practice employs these structures to counteract feelings of internal conflict that have no direct resolution.

The world-building I explore is centered around spaces of mental uncertainty by using drawn narrative, installation, and sculptural relationships. 

Through visual tension, highlight how complicated emotions of doubt have been integral in self-discovery throughout time.

erica westenberger new drawing art 2024, shaping feminine narrative in modern art
Erica Westenberger, promises that stir up the flowers, image 02, graphite drawing, 152.4 x 125.1 cm framed, photo by Erica Westenberger


‍I employ the distended body as a compositional tool that can unveil illuminating details about sensitive experiences as a woman, daughter, sister, and friend.‍

erica westenberger work on paper figurative drawing in modern art, for sibly gallery new orleans
Erica Westenberger | "cast the net" | Graphite on paper | 30.5 x 22.9 cm unframed | Photo by Sibyl Gallery

Seen throughout the work’s symbolic trappings are expressions of femininity and domesticity surrounded by vaguely-threatening vignettes. 

‍Fusing these elements generates a narrative stress that reflects the ambivalence women have about choices, or lack there of, to participate in societal standard.

erica westenberger detail of an contemporary sculpture for a upcoming exhibition
^Erica Westenberger | "milk sweet", detail | Bas relief sculpture | 61 x 45.7 cm | Photo by Erica Westenberger

‍I disrupt artifices of normalcy to feature the apprehension felt within traditional systems of domestic responsibilities, care giving relationships, and idealized appearance–conflicts that cause anxiety while allowing for self-reflection.‍

erica westenberger contemporary installation art now, multitalent an newcomer in new orleans contemporary art szene
Erica Westenberger | "lost in my garden", installation image | Dimensions variable | Photo by Sibyl Gallery

‍My practice incorporates sculptural relief processes to position themes of fraught feminine interiority as age-old societal issues. 

The hand-hewn nature hints at the ancient wall tablets that portray narratives about belief systems, implying there is an ethic encoded in these pieces

erica westenberber in her studio with contemporary sculptures, wallpieces and other artworks, in silver
Erica Westenberger: "secret called the simmer chamber" (detail) | Bas relief sculpture | 57.1 x 48.3 cm | Photo and Courtesy of the Image by the Artist

‍Historically, stories of women’s experience have been formed or reiterated by men which ultimately produce messaging that highlights patriarchal initiatives about beauty and submission. 

erica westenberger modern artist, female, with a art in progress and art practice with artist
Erica Westenberger, work-in-progress | Photo by Jade Thiraswas

My work expresses untold narratives centered around feelings of apprehension and mercurial longings that are implicit in the feminine experience.

Text by Artist Westenberger


Erica Westenberger's Art is not just a visual feast; it is a journey into the heart of feminine experience and societal expectations. 

Her innovative use of narrative, sculpture, and installation invites viewers to confront and reflect on the complex emotions and roles that define the modern woman. 

contemporary artist erica westenberger with a new work in her studio
Erica Westenberger | Work-in-progress | Photo by Erica Westenberger

‍As Erica Westenberger continues to grow and articulate her vision through her art, she is emerging as a notable presence in the interdisciplinary art scene. 

Her work offers fresh perspectives, inviting us to reconsider themes of femininity and internal conflict in innovative ways.

erica westenberger, promising emerging artist in front of her work, munchies art club spotlight artist
Erica Westenberger | Work-in-progress| Photo by the Artist

Her creations serve as a gateway for those intrigued by the exploration of personal narrative and societal roles, showcasing the evolving influence of art in these realms.

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Erica Westenberger | Website

To gain a fuller appreciation of Erica Westenberger's Art, Explore More Exhibition Views At Sibyl Gallery, visit her Website, and stay connected for the latest updates on her journey.

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