The Magical Realism of Ella Garvey: A Journey through Myth and Art

Ella Garvey artist spotlight by Nalani Bouillon, Munchies Art Club and The
Artistic Dispatch

ella garvey artist spotlight by nalani bouillon munchies art club and the artistic dispatch
Ella Garvey in her studio: An intimate artist portrait by Nalani Bouillon from The Artists Dispatch on Munchies Art Club Magazine. Discover this promising emerging contemporary painter and follow her journey on Instagram.

Ella Garvey is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, UK.

In the digital age of cyberspace and doom scrolling, we often overlook the magic of the present.

We ignore the historical traditions of saying “bless you” after someone sneezes, knocking on wood, or throwing salt over your right shoulder for good luck.

WePresent | Ella Garvey
Growing up on the Isle of Man—an island in the Irish Sea, steeped in folklore and superstition—Ella Garvey was more aware of mysticism in her early life than most.

Ella Garvey on WePresent

These rich historical lores are embedded in everyday life, yet often go unnoticed. Ella Garvey, however, does not overlook these traditions; they are the subjects of her whimsical and fantastical world.

Her dark and mysterious subjects hold a level of familiarity, telling stories you may already know. These mythological objects and spaces create a visual language that blends myth and matter, light and dark, right and wrong.

ella garvey artist, cautionary tales and stories of beautiful creatures by nalani bouillon
Ella Garvey: I Had Your Love, I Have Your Hate, 2023, oil on canvas

Based in London, Ella Garvey was born and raised on the Isle of Man, an island off the English coastline, renowned for its magical and mythical qualities.

The island's ancient lores, cautionary tales, and stories of beautiful creatures deeply inspire Ella's work.

Growing up surrounded by tales of troublesome fairies and supernatural beings from the underworld, Ella absorbed these narratives as a natural part of her environment.

ella garvey, painting now, munchies art club article by nalani bouillon the artistic dispatch
Ella Garvey: A Long Farewell To Yesternight, 2023, oil on canvas

It was only after moving away that she realized how unique her magical upbringing was and how many people do not share that same enchanted life.

Ella incorporates this sense of magic and mystery into her pieces, aiming to give the viewer a similar experience of having mythology woven into everyday life.

Her work normalizes the presence of these mythical elements, allowing viewers to experience and understand a world where the magical is seamlessly integrated with the mundane.

ella garvey contemporary painting artwork
Ella Garvey: Through the Looking Stone, 2024, Oil on canvas

These dark and slightly grotesque scenes create a mythological language out of the ordinary and the mundane. They feature motifs like knives, mirrors, and shells, which imbue her work with a deeper and more poetic sense.

These objects intertwine to form fantastical images, inviting viewers to weave their own narratives. Ella's pieces encourage the viewer to open their imagination, perceiving the paintings in multiple, unique ways.

ella garvey artist spotlight by nalani bouillon
Ella Garvey: Will Tomorrow Ever Come?, 2023, Oil on canvas

Ella Garvey’s surrealist style allows symbolism and narrative to shine through her pieces.

She emphasizes a beauty that can't be spoken, creating an eerie stillness within her imaginative world.

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Explore Ella Garvey’s biography, achievements, artworks, auction results, and shows on Artsy.

Ella Garvey on Artsy

This approach allows her to convey deep, often unspoken, meanings through her art, inviting viewers to explore the layers of symbolism embedded within each piece.

ella garvey, soho revue gallery artwork exhibition view
Ella Garvey: Whisper Low, Tread Softly, 2022, Oil on canvas

Recent Exhibition

Ella Garvey recently showcased her work in the group exhibition "The Golden Ratio" at SOHO REVUE Gallery.

The show featured a diverse lineup of artists, including Marina Iglesias, Lorena Lohr, Lily Macrae, Chris Oh, Aniela Preston, Samo Shalaby, Becky Tucker, and Rosa-Johan Uddoh.

This exhibition highlighted a range of contemporary pieces that explore the concept of the golden ratio in art.

Upcoming Exhibition

Ella Garvey's next exhibition is scheduled for July 2024 at the Louise Alexander Gallery in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event!

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