Born in 1995, Ece Ağırtmış is an extraordinary artist based in Istanbul, who is seamlessly weaving her next chapter with an impending move to Berlin. 

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ece agirtmis artist spotlight istanbul with talented artist 2024 with a wood sculpture in yellow
Ece Ağırtmış: ”The sweet escape”, 2023, Photo by Cem Gülsüm Discover The Enchanting World Of Ece Ağırtmış,

This transition is as much a part of her evolution as her distinctive approach to art—creating intricate three-dimensional wooden sculptures deeply inspired by her childhood experiences.

ece agirtmis in front of her vase sculpture istanbul spotlight artist
Ece Ağırtmış in front of her sculpture work at the solo show "Square," 2023 | Credit Pilot Gallery | Image courtesy of the artist.

These sculptures are not merely artworks but are the physical manifestations of Ağırtmış's nostalgic memories, transformed through her distinct color palette and the warmth of wood as her chosen medium. 

ece agirtmis nostalgia and humor wood sculptures contemporary emerging art from istanbul
Ece Agirtmis: ”Hello”, 2022 | 17th. Contemporary Istanbul, Piloti Galeri | Image courtesy of the artist

This combination not only brings her two-dimensional drawings to life but also evokes a sense of shared memories and familiarity among her audience.

Among her distinguished creations, "Together we stand" draws inspiration from Pink Floyd's "Hey You," capturing the spirit of unity and camaraderie. 

This work, complemented by her involvement in a giraffe-themed exhibition at the Istanbul Toy Museum, showcases Ağırtmış's talent for embedding intricate stories within her sculptures.

Her artistry extends beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating influences from music to virtual world explorations, demonstrating a versatile approach to narrative and design.

ece agirtmis contemporary artist daily , munchies art club, wood sculpture now 2024
Ece Ağırtmış: Rocking Horse Contemporary Sculpture in Wood | Photo by Cem Gülsüm

Ağırtmış's upcoming projects and exhibitions are a testament to her active engagement with the art community and her continuous exploration of her artistic boundaries. 

Notably, her participation in art fairs and pop-up exhibitions, such as the “Art Show” at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul and “Borderless” at Galeri Nev in Ankara, showcase her latest works and editioned pieces, offering a glimpse into her evolving creative process.


Ece Ağırtmış's artistry serves as a captivating conduit between yesteryears and today, elegantly crafting wooden sculptures that not only evoke the innocence and joy reminiscent of childhood but also draw inspiration from the vibrant realms of vintage toys and animated cartoons. 

ece agirtmis  with a giant wood sculpture in contemporary art 2024, colorful vase
Ece Ağırtmış: Pics from my solo show “Square”, 2023 | Credit Pilot Gallery

‍These creations foster a profound connection, crafting a shared realm where viewers find themselves deeply immersed, their experiences enriched by a sense of relatability and engagement.

Infused with a blend of irony and humor, Ağırtmış's work adeptly transforms mundane moments and nods to popular culture into thought-provoking and smile-inducing encounters. 

ece agirtmis  artist studio with a globe in square
Ece Ağırtmış in her studio | Image courtesy of the artist

‍Through her artist statement, she shares a vision driven by the desire to infuse her creations with joy, striving to touch viewers' hearts and evoke emotional resonance.

Her choice of wood as a primary material, inspired by the cherished plastic toys of her childhood, stands as a testament to her ability to cast a positive light on various subjects, regardless of their nature or the context they emerge from. 

ece agirtmis  art fair work, wood sculpture, wall piece, promising artist now istanbul
Ece Ağırtmış: ”Hello”, 2022, 17th. Contemporary | Istanbul, Pilot Galeri | Image courtesy of the artist

This choice is deeply intertwined with her background in painting and graphic design, which has left a lasting imprint on her approach to art. 

‍Ağırtmış skillfully merges minimalistic design with the discipline of painting, ensuring her messages are conveyed swiftly and poignantly to her audience, showcasing her profound ability to blend past influences with contemporary expression.

Ağırtmış's journey, from her debut solo exhibition to her participation in significant art fairs, marks her as an artist whose work transcends conventional boundaries, inviting viewers into a world where nostalgia, humor, and a keen observation of the human condition coalesce. 

artist ece agirtmis  in front of her stunning new work, exhibition view
Ece Ağırtmış: Pics from the opening, “KarmaComa”, group show, Anna Laudel Gallery, Bodrum, 2023 | Image courtesy of the artist

‍As she prepares for her move to Berlin, Ağırtmış stands on the cusp of a new chapter in her artistic career, promising to bring her distinctive voice and innovative sculptures to a broader audience. 

artist studio with contemporary wood sculpture by ece agirtmis
Ece Ağırtmış | ”Rocking horse”, 2023 | Image courtesy of the artist

Her work remains a vibrant testament to the power of art in connecting individuals across time and space, making Ece Ağırtmış a name to watch in the contemporary art world.

Follow Ece Ağırtmış to stay informed about her upcoming exhibitions and future projects. Dive into her Instagram for a closer look at the compelling and promising journey of her art practice.

exhibition view, pilot gallery, ece agirtmis
Ece Ağırtmış | ”Square”, solo exhibition, 2023 | Credit Pilot Gallery | Photo by: Zeynep Fırat
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