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interview munchies art club contemporary artist cesc abad
Up close

From Hidden Passion to Artistic Sensation: The Story of Cesc Abad

Explore the world of Cesc Abad, a master of contemporary art whose work captures the essence of nature. Join us as Abad shares his journey as an artist, shedding light on his creative process and the inspiration behind his stunning creations.
Mona Broschár's painting of transformed everyday objects, exploring consumer culture and the interplay between touch and distance.
Close up

Mona Broschár: Masterfully Transforming Everyday Objects into desirable paintings

We are thrilled to share with you our interview and the captivating artworks of Mona Broschár, from her latest solo exhibition at the L21 gallery.
tomas morell, contemporary artist, paintings, wall art, munchies art club
Close up

Tomàs Morell | Paintings related to life and its outcome

Munchies art club presents the contemporary painter Tomàs Morell and his exceptional paintings.
artist interview philippa paterson, feature, story
We take a closer look

Philippa Paterson | Imagined realities

We are delighted to share the works and interview from the contemporary artist Philippa Paterson.
ailyn lee, emerging young art to collect, installations,
Featured Artist Interview

Ailyn Lee creates surreal spaces of comfort and wonder

Explore in our newest feature the wonderful and talented artist Ailyn Lee, who we were lucky to discover on Instagram.
marc badia, spanish painter, contemporary art daily on view now
Contemporary paintings

Marc Badia uses humour and mystery as tools of critique

The Munchies Art Club is excited to present the talented artist Marc Badia represented by the L21 Gallery, where he is presently on view with his solo exhibition “Jamás oirás a una estrella decir “ahí va un hombre fugaz”.
fabio viscogliosi-featured artist-l21 gallery, mallorca
Contemporary paintings

Fabio Viscogliosi in a constant dialogue between shapes, words, sounds

Munchies Art Club Magazine welcomes and shares with you the work and interview from the brilliant artist Fabio Viscogliosi represented by the L21 Gallery.
lee schulder, visual artist, chicago, interview
Lee Schuldner Artist Interview

Lee Schulder | Paintings of fun loving boys

We introduce you to the Chicago based visual artist Lee, who paints their way into our heart. Read the interview and explore their work!
introducing artist theodosia marchant, featured artist interview
Featured Artist Interview

Theodosia Marchant a series of stories

We are thrilled to share with you our newest featured artist Theodosia Marchant (b.1978) born in Athens, Greece, then moved to London and now resides and works as a professional artist in L.A.
nil & karin romano, female artists, young collectors, new artworks
Exhibition | Kishufim

Nil & Karin Romano share New Work!

Our featured artists Nil and Karin Romano share with great pride their new works and impressions from their last exhibition titled Kishufim in Tel Aviv.
yongqi tang, charcoal drawing, large, contemporary art, daily, on view
Interview | Munchies Art Club

Yongqi Tang | Naturally drawn to the excitement of art

The Munchies Art Club is thrilled to share with you the work of the contemporary artist Yongqi Tang.
matthew king, artist, featured, munchies art club magazine, thumbnail image
Interview | Munchies Art Club Magazine

Matt King paints from his subconscious

The Munchies art club is excited to share with you our newest discovery the contemporary painter Matt King in our newest feature.
jp meyer, contemporary, fine art, painting, figurative, artist interview, feature, munchies art club
Featured Artist Interviews

JP Meyer | Finding his true calling

We are so happy to present to you the amazing and talented JP Meyer in our artist feature. The South African painter shares with us his extraordinary paintings and openly answers our questions, giving us insight to his life and his art. A late bloomer, JP Meyer began his art career later in life. He spent 15 years exploring other countries and museums across the globe, till he answered to his calling at 36 and began his studies in Fine Art.
Melancholy, 2018, 120 x 120 cm, oil on canvas, Photo credits: Maxim Brandt
Featured Artist Interviews

Maxim Brandt | Poetic arrangements

Featured artist Maxim Brandt blows us away with his incredible paintings, layers upon layers. For Maxim Brandt it's like rhyming a poem. Like multi-level constructions similar to mise en abyme, story within a story. Achieving by doing so the effect of deeper immersion into his works of art.
aristeidis lappas, contemporary painting, original, unique, interview, munchies art club art magazine
Featured Artist Interviews

Aristeidis Lappas | Creating stories | Athens

Munchies Art Club introduces in its artist feature the Greek contemporary artist Aristeidis Lappas. Lappas extraordinary paintings are influenced by his heritage. Mythological narratives, translated into new stories, by mingling and shifting the old.
erik daniel white, contemporary painting, color, message, available, emerging artist, young art to collect
Featured Artist Interviews

Erik Daniel White | Reflecting American attitudes

Munchies Art Club magazine shares the newest featured artist contemporary artist Erik Daniel White. Erik is a visual artist living and working in New York. Discover the incredible work of this brilliant painter, using clay to create sketches and oil paint to create this extraordinary paintings. Learn more.
kristin romberg contemporary artist, dynamic colors, large scale paintings, abstract perception of nature
Featured Artist Interviews

Kristin Romberg | Creating tactile worlds

Enjoy the spectacular large colorful artworks from the contemporary Norwegian visual artist Kristin Romberg. The artist shares with us her work and her story, telling us about her wonderful projects and sharing images of her extraordinary working space, enjoy!
Featured Artist Interviews

Joachim Lambrechts | In pursuit of happiness

Explore the work from the very talented artist Joachim Lambrechts in our newest artist feature! The artist shares his series Silouetas from his solo show at the Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery in London and works from his upcoming show for Art Karlsruhe with Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery. In our interview he speaks about his past, the present and his plans for 2022.
nh depass, contemporary sculpture, american artist, emerging art, original, unique pieces
Featured Artist Interviews

NH Depass | Installation, fiction, and storytelling

NH Depass is an American contemporary artist who uses classical techniques like hand sewing and carpentry while incorporating digital graphics and printing to create works that disturb historical and cultural timelines. Explore the wonderful works from the incredibly gifted Artis in our newest feature!
cameron platter featured artist munchies art club online magazine, spotlight artist to collect
Featured Artist Interviews

Cameron Platter | The Bold And The Beautiful

Explore the world of the contemporary South African artist Cameron Platter. The visual artist shares with us a diverse selection of his awesome work.
hunter potter featured artist munchies art club online magazine, spotlight art to collect
Featured Artist Interviews

Hunter Potter | Paints in homage to the characters he admires

We are very pleased to share with you our newest feature the wonderful and gifted artist Hunter Potter. The American artist grew up in Syracuse and then studied art at the University of Vermont. Today Potter lives and works in Brooklyn. His extraordinary work is full of stories and memories from his home-town life. 
georg haberler, featured artist, munchies art club online magazine, interview
Featured Artist Interviews

Georg Haberler | Endlessly captivating

Munchies Art Club Magazine is very proud to show the work of the very talented artist Georg Haberler. We love the colorful, story like drawings of dinosaurs, and fictional and non fictional animals. The artist uses thread together with ink to create playful pieces that enchant.
les soeurs siamoises, contemporary original painting, available wall art, online art platform, viewing room
Featured Artist Interviews

Les Soeurs Siamoises | The Siamese Sisters an artistic duo

We present the French contemporary artist duo Les Soeurs Siamoises in our special artist feature. Once designers they now spend all their time creating incredible artworks in their studio and apartment in Paris. Dive into their world and enjoy their paintings and story.
karin fisslthaler, visual artist, vienna, austria, black and white, collage,old photographs
Featured Artist Interviews

Karin Fisslthaler | Deconstructing and rearranging

Karin Fisslthaler (*1981 in Oberndorf near Salzburg, AT) is a contemporary artist who studied Experimental Design in the department of Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Linz. Karin Fisslthaler is a multitalented artist. She creates visual art, makes films, and is also a musician known as Cherry Sunkist.
anna stemmer dworak, applied arts, illustration, drawings, story, interview, studio
Featured Artist Interviews

Anna Stemmer-Dworak | Valley girl

Explore the works and world from the Austrian illustrative artist Anna Stemmer.-Dworak. She shares with us her surroundings, her valley, mountains, family and friends.
paula hummer, analog, contemporary, color photography
Featured Artist Interviews

Paula Hummer | Alluring and captivating photography

We present the featured Austrian artist Paula Hummer photography art student who lives in Hamburg, where she studies photography. In our feature, she shares with us intimate portraits of her world and its inhabitants. Each photograph, beautiful and simplistic, tell stories that the audience individually creates in their mind when viewing her work.
yirui jia, colorful, humorous, reinventing symbols, animalized objects, stereo type pop culture
Featured Artist Interviews

Yirui Jia | Visualized narratives

Explore the works of Yirui Jia, born in China the artist now lives, studies and works in New York. From sculptures to paintings she shares with us a colorful world inspired by popular cartoon and cultural characters turning them into anthropomorphic and animalized objects. Enjoy!
domi gratz, child like paintings, naive, wall art, available
Featured Artist Interviews

Domi Gratz | From budding to blooming

Explore the world of contemporary emerging artist Domi Gratz in our artist feature. Discover and support her wonderful artworks. Read her story in our interview. Enjoy!
nil and karin romero, young female artists, to collect and support
Featured Artist Interviews

Nil and Karin Romano | A spectacular fantasy in four hands

Explore the world of contemporary artists Nil and Karin Romano in our artist feature. Enjoy their work laden with detail symbolism and fantasy depicting their inner world. Read their story in our interview. Enjoy!
emerging german artist, painting, sculpture, installations, mixed media, digital, analog, contemporary artwork, available art
Featured Artist Interviews

Ludwig Hanisch | Gamified painting

Explore the art and artistic process of the talented artist Ludwig Hanisch in our featured artist. The German multitalented artist shows sculptures, paintings and installations. Read more in our artist feature.
international contemporary art, artist to collect, available work, unique piece, works on canvas, painting, abstract, figurative, spain
Featured Artist Interviews

Nicolas Osimani | Poet and Artist

It is with pleasure that we introduce to you the contemporary Argentinian artist Nicolas Osimani. The artist now resides in Ibiza, dedicating his time to painting, writing poetry and his family. Read more about the artist in our feature!
original artworks, paint on canvas, unique pieces, artist, curator, spanish, contemporary emerging art, young art to collect
Featured Artist Interviews

Fran Baena | Post-internet painting

We introduce to you the emerging Spanish contemporary artist Fran Baena. The artist began to paint at a very young age and felt the calling at 15. With the support of his friends and family he makes extraordinary large paintings, expressing through them his support to the mutually depressed.
figurative art, abstract, oil pastels, work on canvas, original artworks, unique pieces, artist, curator, french, berlin, contemporary art
Featured Artist Interviews

Ed Broner | Ideas and symbols of modern urban subcultures

We are happy to present the French contemporary artist Ed Broner. The artist started to paint in the late '80s and was part of the Parisian graffiti subculture, he then moved to Berlin, where he has since directed his focus on painting, photography and lately has also started working on ceramics and tapestry. Explore more on the artist in his artist feature on the munchies art club.
occult, mystical, fantastic, strange and beautiful, contemporary art, featured artist, munchies art club, platform, vienna, unique artworks, originals
Featured Artist Interviews

Anna Never | Painter of endless diversity of human soul

We are happy to present the Italian artist Anna Never in our artist feature. Her oil paintings give life to fantastic scenarios, existing in other dimensions where replications of empty cities and mysterious buildings lie in an indefinite time, where leaden skies and lights are absent. Explore the world of Anna Never here.
microcosmos, creation, reality, home, organized chaos, fantastic worlds, themes, overconsumption, sketch, likeness figure, figurative, depicting, representing, narrating,
Featured Artist Interviews

Laurence Durieu | Painting her thoughts

We are pleased to share with you the emerging Belgian artist Laurence Durieu. She mixes childhood memories with elements of her surroundings – her family, her pets, the place where she lives – and depicts a fantastic world in order to express an awareness of what happens around her. Explore more on the artist in our feature.
contemporary, female, international, painting, sculpture, online viewing room, munchies art club, instagram, artlover, emerging artist, humorous, narrative
Featured Artist Interviews

Melanie Daniel | Utopian & dystopian narratives

Explore the wonderful artist and her artworks. The artist presents narrative paintings packed with psychedelic hues and sculptures of fantastical plants. Daniel introduces viewers to “a desolate sun-drenched paradise in the near future” where characters attempt to reconnect with nature and rebuild their world. The artist also creates sculptures "They’re hybrid, freak specimens that jump out of my paintings and onto the floor" -Melanie Daniel
japanese, big bright painting, colorful, martian, expressive, playful, naive, pop, emerging, unique, original work on canvas
Featured Artist Interviews

Fanny Brodar | Planetary objects, rainbows and flowers

We are happy to share with you the story and work from the very talented American artist Fanny Brodar. Currently she is working on a series of works that feature Martian-like characters posed in different yoga positions and painted in bright, bold colors. Explore her world in our feature!
science fiction art, japanese monsters, pop surrealism, visual universe, critical artist, humorous artworks, dystopias
Featured Artist Interviews

Óscar Seco | Superimposed Universe

Munchies Art Club magazine is thrilled to share the amazing work from contemporary Spanish artist Óscar Seco, who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. His work is critical, ironic, and extremely imaginative, letting us dive into his incredibly visual universes. His style is unmistakable, blending humor with pop cultural references, as well as historical borrowings and social commentaries. Enjoy the ride!
Artificial media, plastic like, glossy, smooth, latex, acrylic glass or rhinestones.
Featured Artist Interviews

Katharina Arndt | Contemporary artist

We welcome the wonderfully talented artist Katharina Arndt who lives and works between Berlin and Barcelona. Her fast and colorful paintings ironizes the contemporary mass consumerist aesthetic of a decadent, abundant society in picturing her everyday life in the digital age.
Fragments of text, pieces of paper and scribbles
Featured Artist Interviews

Nina Vandeweghe | Contemporary Belgium artist

Explore the artworks of the talented contemporary artist Nina Vandeweghe. We discovered the wonderful works of Nina on Instagram and are pleased to share with you her work and her story in our artist feature. Enjoy!
Béatrice Dreux | Contemporary paintings | Layer aesthetics
Featured Artist Interviews

Béatrice Dreux | Contemporary painting | Rainbows and Octopus

Discover the art of the paintings of the very talented contemporary aFrench artist Beatrice Dreux. Explore and fall in love with Dreux's work in our artist feature.
Susan Carr | Contemporary American art
Featured Artist Interviews

Susan Carr | Her life in Paint

Susan Carr is an exceptionally talented American artist we discovered on Instagram. Susan uses archetypes, metaphors, history and psychological ideas when pursuing and focusing on her work. These motifs act like springboards for further investigation through medium and material. For more on the artist read her story and explore her art practice on our feature.
Erik Sommer | Contemporary artist | Curator | New York
Featured Artist Interviews

Erik Sommer | Artist and curator

Erik Sommer is a contemporary artist and curator living and working in New York City. His paintings, sculptures, and cement installations, influenced by abandoned buildings, eroded stones, and eerie silences. In his work, he attempts to capture and freeze the effects of time. Read more and explore this multi-talent in our feature.
Timur Lukas | Contemporary German artist
Featured Artist Interviews

Timur Lukas | Sculptures and paintings

Timur Lukas is a young emerging contemporary artist whose wonderful exhibition 'Der Wald vor Omas Fenster' at the Neuer Aachener Kunstform was the second exhibitions to be featured on the Munchies art club. Almost a year later we are ever so pleased to feature him again - on a bit of a more personal level. Enjoy the works and the story behind this gifted emerging young artist to watch. Enjoy!
Clément Jacques-Vossen | Contemporary painter | Brussels
Featured Artist Interviews

Clément Jacques-Vossen | Contemporary Belgian artist

Clément Jacques-Vossen is a contemporary artist from Brussels. His work shows medieval figures representing a fantasy world where Kings, knights, and legendary creatures battle. With expert knowledge of art history and history, he creates grand interpretations, filled with symbolism. Every object and every piece of the composition tell something about the artworks story . These stories are mostly created in an unconscious mode and are left unexplained and open for interpretation. Read more on our feature.
Anne-Clara Stahl | Contemporary young painter | Vienna
Featured Artist Interviews

Anne-Clara Stahl | Young artist to watch

Anne-Clara Stahl is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in Vienna. In January 2021 she finished her studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with a series of paintings entitled ‘Fabricius’, which we present to you here on our feature. Explore the work and read the story behind the talented artist.
Sarah Leuchtner | Contemporary painter | Chicago
Featured Artist Interviews

Sarah Leuchtner | Contemporary compositions

Explore the artworks and story of Chicago based artist Sarah Leuchtner. She uses shapes, signage, and color inspiration from her memories of Las Vegas. She wants the viewer to look at her work and visually connect with it, but not know why or where they’ve seen the forms before.
Jean Robert Alcindor | French contemporary painter
Featured Artist Interviews

Jean-Robert Alcindor | Contemporary figurative

On our quest to find exceptional contemporary artists to share with our followers, we were lucky to discover the very talented and self-taught figurative artist Jean-Robert Alcindor. On our feature we present to you his story and his work. Enjoy!
Marina Stankovic | Student | Academy Fine Arts | Vienna
Featured Artist Interviews

Marina Stankovic | Contemporary drawings

We welcome Serbian artist Marina Stankovic, who now lives, studies, and works in Vienna. Marina is our newest member and we are very happy to have her on board. Enjoy!
christina murzek, featured artist, portrait, studio view
Featured Artist Interviews

Christian Murzek | Contemporary visual artist

Christian Murzek is a contemporary visual artist, who studied art the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. We love his work and take great pleasure in sharing with you his story and wonderful artworks.
Maxime Deria | French artist | Self taught
Featured Artist Interviews

Maxime Deria | Contemporary drawings

We welcome the contemporary French artist Maxime Deria. This natural young talent is self-taught. The artist who was not able to attend Art school developed his art practice through endlessly drawing over the years. Find out more about Maxime, read his story, and enjoy his fantastic work.
André Wendland | Impasto | online art platform
Featured Artist Interviews

André Wendland | Portrait of a contemporary painter

André Wendland is a talented German contemporary artist. The artist is a student of the Fine Arts University in Karlsruhe, studying under the German artist Tatjana Doll. This budding artist is paving his road to success. Discover his wonderful work with us.
Stefan Wiens | Contemporary sculpture | Emerging artist
Featured Artist Interviews

Stefan Wiens | Abstract contemporary artist

We present to you the highly talented Artist Stefan Wiens. We were lucky to discover the artist and his awesome work on Instagram. Explore the artists world on our featured artist special.
Kevin A Rausch | Contemporary Austrian artist
Featured Artist Interviews

Kevin A. Rausch | Austrian contemporary art |

Explore and discover the work from the gifted young Austrian contemporary artist Kevin A. Rausch on our artist feature special. Follow and support the artist on Instagram.
Sergio Borrego, Contemporary french artist, Spotlight
Featured Artist Interviews

Sergio Borrego | Unmasked

Discover the work from the natural talent Sergio Borrego. Sergio is self taught and turned to painting he says in a strangely natural way. It became a way to put on paper bad experiences and twisted stories.
Adrian Hazi | Contemporary painter | Online art platform
Featured Artist Interviews

Adrian Hazi | Interpersonal conflicts

The contemporary multi-talented featured artist Adrian Hazi concerns himself with the powers of imbalances and interpersonal conflicts. The artist expresses his impressions in his work, using symbols, colors, and details to create his extraordinary artwork. Adrian Hazi is a multi-talented artist who paints, draws, creates ceramics, and often brings these talents together into one masterpiece.
Jake Fagundo | Featured painter
Featured Artist Interviews

Jake Fagundo | Contemporary painting feature

Explore and learn about the very talented young artist Jake Fagundo. Growing up surrounded by the arts, destined to become an artist. When he was young and living at home he would paint together with his father, Peter Fagundo, also a very talented artist.
laurentius sauer, contemporary german painting, trend, spotlight, emerging artist
Featured Artist Interviews

Laurentius Sauer | Artist Feature | Post vandalism

Munchies Art Club magazine introduce to you the gifted featured artist Laurentius Sauer. Learn more about the artist and his work. Follow us on Instagram to be kept updated on our shooting stars.
Mira Makai | Contemporary ceramics | Artist to watch
Featured Artist Interviews

Mira Makai | Innovative masterpieces

We present to you the incredibly multitalented artist Mira Makai. One of those very lucky finds on Instagram. Learn more about Mira and explore her work in our special feature.
Noah Kashiani | Featured artist | Online art platform
Featured Artist Interviews

Noah Kashiani | Featured artist

Noah Kashiani is our new featured artist on the munchies art club. Learn what the artist has to say and discover his awesome art. For more featured artists discoveries, follow us on Instagram!
Maximiliano Leon | Pintura Mexicana | Spotlight artist
Featured Artist Interviews

Maximiliano Leon | Featured artist

We are very happy to present to you the amazing Maximiliano Leon. Artist to watch and the newest feature on our Featured Artist section. Follow us on Instagram to be kept updated on our newest discoveries.
Sepand Danesh | Contemporary artist | Fine Art
Featured Artist Interviews

Sepand Danesh | Artist Focus | contemporary artist

The contemporary painter Sepànd Danesh was born in Teheran and moved with his family to France when he was 12 years old. He later studied at the FINE ART, Beaux-Arts, Paris, 2005 to 2010 - Studio Giuseppe Penone and Studio Philippe Cognée FINE ART, Kuvataide Akademia, Helsinki, 2009 – Painting department. He now lives and works with his family in Torcy, France. We present you the artist, his story, and his amazing work.
karo kuchar, emerging featured artist, munchies art club
Featured Artist Interviews

Karo Kuchar | Featured Artist in Focus | 2021

We discovered this wonderfully talented young artist at this year's Parallel Art Fair that, fortunately, was able to take place this year. More about her art practice and views --->
gabrielle graessle, emerging female, star, collectors, top female artists 2022
Featured Artist Interviews

Gabrielle Graessle | Extraordinary paintings

We proudly present the exceptional work of Gabrielle Graessle on our featured artist Christmas section and invite you to discover the wonderful works of this gifted artist.
Florian Raditsch | Emerging artist | Spotlight
Featured Artist Interviews

Florian Raditsch | Drawing Mystery Spotlight

Florian Raditsch is an American artist from California, living in Vienna at present. He uses charcoal and pastels to create his mysterious and surreal extraordinary work. Raditsch takes his inspiration from social-political issues, nature, architecture, phenomena, science, history, and his own experiences.
Bex Massey | British young artist to watch
Featured Artist Interviews

Bex Massey | Contemporary Pop artist

Bex Massey on our new section Featured Artist! Read about what she has to say, discover her awesome work in our feature!
Mathis Pauer | Young talent | Wall art
Featured Artist Interviews

Mathis Pauer | Spotlight Artist Contemporary Painting

We proudly present, Mathis Pauer in our brand new section: featured Artist! Follow us on Instagram to get recognized. Discover more -->
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nadia fediv, female contemporary painter
Featured Artists

Nadia Fediv Interview

We are thrilled to share with you the artist feature on Nadia and her work. Her paintings drew us in when we first discovered her work, leaving us wanting more. Enjoy!
system of belief, exhibition, feature by ernst koslitsch, austria, munchies art club magazine
Featured Artists

System of belief | Ernst Koslitsch

Munchies Art Club welcomes and shares with you the visual artist Ernst Koslitsch. Koslitsch takes us on an extraordinary expedition and adventure full of mysteries, strongly influenced by Star Trek and other Science fiction in film or book form.
contemporary art, daily on view, road to no where, art in public spaces, intervention, artistic dup zweintopf
Featured Artists

zweintopf | Artist Interview

zweintopf is an artistic duo which was founded by the visual artists Eva Pichler and Gerhard Pichler in 2006 in Styria, Austria where they work and live.
who is lena göbel, human-animal beings ironically, humor, fables, mythology, ambiguous
Featured Artists

Lena Göbel Artist Portrait

We introduce in our newest feature the contemporary Austrian artist Lena Göbel. Lena uses the traditional technique of woodcutting to create incredible large artworks in combination with printing and painting.
mark connolly, hanuman fighting sarusa, oil on collaged canvas, artist interview, mythological artworks
Featured Artists

Mark Connolly Interview

We introduce the London based Irish contemporary artist Mark Connolly who creates paintings that tie to mythology, growing from fantasy, fusing the imagined and observed, creating something resembling new worlds.
onka allmayer-beck, contemporary ceramics, featured artist, munchies art club, online art magazine
Featured Artists

Onka Allmayer-Beck Interview

Onka Allmayer-Beck | Inducing a happy feeling
anuk rocha, female contemporary painter, france, featured artist, munchies art club, online art magazine, interview
Featured Artists

Anuk Rocha | Interview

Anuk Rocha | A Artist Portrait
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