The Munchies Art Club shares the visual artist Ernst koslitsch

Ernst Koslitsch focus and artistic practice are sculptures of constructed artifacts and worlds. His accompanying drawings and paintings are extensions from his sculptural work. His world is called the Yellow Universe. A fictional place built from construction site timber, mostly yellow, used, and colorful underlining his constructivist approach.

Ernst Koslitsch

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Currently at ROTOR Graz

Beings & Creatures | Between the Found and the Constructed a must see group show at ROTOR Graz

The art association ROTOR in Graz shares with us to share with you the exhibition “Between the found and the constructed”. The show is the third part of the series titled “Beings and Creatures” which consists of four chapters.
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Viennas suburban art scene

Art Bubble Vienna | Währing

The contemporary artist Ernst Koslitsch tells us a bit about the art events in his neighbourhood
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Art Fair Vienna

Vienna Contemporary Art Fair 2022

The Vienna Contemporary Art Fair 2022 | With a great selection of contemporary art runs from the 8th to 11th September
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available artwork, orange and blue, airbrush on canvas with ancient birds
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ancient bird drawing

Artwork is spraypaint on canvas | Framed | 43cm x 53cm | signed on the Pack | 2022
edition limited in red and blue with figurative symbols by austrian artist ernst koslitsch
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Edition of 25 | Available

Edition of 9 | Handfinished with acrylic and pastels, 40cm x 50cm | Artwork is unframed and signed
systems of belief, the yellow universe and constructed mythology
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faith no more art edition handfinished

Edition of 9 | Handfinished with acrylic and pastels, 40cm x 50cm | Artwork is unframed and signed
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Featured Artists

System of belief | Ernst Koslitsch

Munchies Art Club welcomes and shares with you the visual artist Ernst Koslitsch. Koslitsch takes us on an extraordinary expedition and adventure full of mysteries, strongly influenced by Star Trek and other Science fiction in film or book form.
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Participate | Call for entry

Neue Galerie Graz | Curated by Lina Albrikiene

Munchies Art Club Magazine highly enjoyed and recommends the Show "A Playground Guide to getting Lost" curated by Lina Albrikine at the Neue Galerie Graz. On view a unique collection of 12 new and emerging contemporary artist from Styria, Austria.
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Top Art Fairs

Parallel Vienna Art Fair 2021 | The most unique and alternative Art fair

This year's art fair PARALLEL VIENNA takes place from September 7th - 12th 2021 in the former Semmelweisklinik, named after the prominent doctor and obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis. Image and Artwork by artist: Philipp Mueller’s TIBE RACING, 2021 | Carbon 12 Gallery Dubai
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Exhibitions now

Apeiron - Why Austrians now? - Expedition 2021 | Curated by Lina Albrikiene | Vilnius | Lithuania

Austrian Group Show Curated by Lina Albrikiene at Radvila Place Museum of Art. Participating Artists: Iris Dittler, Beate Gatschelhofer, Lena Göbel, Michael Gumhold, Georg Haberler, Ernst Koslitsch, Elisabeth Molin, Ute Müller, Bernd Oppl, Linus Riepler, Anja Ronacher, Patrick Topitschnig, Andreas Trobollowitsch, Andreas Werner
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Exhibitions now

Ernst Koslitsch | It doesn’t have to concern you what I believe

Ernst Koslitsch presents a new work, called "the first 5000 years" at Gallery Raum mit Licht´s Group Show Domino.
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Exhibitions now

Ernst Koslitsch | We have to move the Island

Ernst Koslitsch with "We have to move the island" at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna
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Ernst Koslitsch at Parallel Vienna 2021 | Artist Statement

This year the Parallel Art Fair presents 32 Artist statements. With the artist statements the Parallel Vienna Art Fair supports young and up-and-coming artists by providing a space to share their work. We are happy to announce that 6 Munchies Art Club featured artist are also participating at the art fair: Adrian Hazi, Karo Kuchar, Christian Murzek, Maximiliano Leon, Domi Gratz and Anne-Clara Stahl.
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Ernst Koslitsch

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