Philadelphia, a city steeped in history and culture, boasts a vibrant art scene that consistently nurtures and showcases diverse talents.

Among its brilliant constellation of Artists Shines Carrie R, a dynamic sculptor artist whose work transcends conventional boundaries.

Carrie R's artistic journey began at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, where she honed her craft and vision.

‍Her dedication and talent earned her the James O. Dumont Travel Grant Award, a recognition of her commitment to artistic excellence.

Carrie R working on an aqua-resin sculpture in her studio environment
Carry R: Fork and ladle | clay, plaster, marker, oil | 4.5” x 12” x 11” | 2021 | Photo: Image Courtesy by the Artist


Spotlight Exhibition 2024: "Fortress" at Cherry Street Pier

‍January 2024 brought the opening of "Fortress," a two-person exhibition at Cherry Street Pier In Philadelphia.

Curated by Libby Rosa and presented by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, the exhibit juxtaposes Carrie R's sculptures against Saskia Fleishman's serene landscape prints.

contemporary art piece by carrie r exhibited in philadelphia.
Carrie R. Arched fork | hydrostone, aquaresin, wire, pigment, oil, graphite | 22” x 32” x 38” | 2020 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍Carrie's work, grounded and biomorphic, converses with Fleishman's floating chiffon prints, creating a dialogue about transience, contemplation, and the complexity of emotions.

Spotlight Exhibition: "Luminous Realms" at Good Mother Gallery

Los Angeles's Good Mother Gallery welcomed Carrie R in its group exhibition "Luminous Realms."

carrie r artwork on display at the luminous realms exhibition in good mother gallery
Carrie R. Love freak, side step | wire, aquaresin, aqua-glass, pigment, oil color | 12" x 18" x 16" | 2023 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Artwork on display at the "Luminous Realms" exhibition in Good Mother Gallery.

‍Here, the intersection of light, space, and shadow takes center stage.‍

Carrie's contributions to this collective exploration of the universe's profound mysteries embody her skill in manifesting the ethereal and surreal through tangible art forms.

carrie r participating in the spring break art show in new york with 5-50 gallery
Carrie R In The Studio Working On A New, Large Floral Piece That Merges Techniques Between Her Main Sculptural Practice And Her Experimental Shop Project Of Functional Plant Pots | Image Courtesy By The Artist

Carrie's artistic voice has also found resonance in print, with her work featured in the November 2023 issue of Mister Magazine and the January 2024 edition of Suboart Magazine.

carrie R. Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia hosting the "Fortress" exhibition featuring
Carrie R. Sprouted rock | hydrostone, wire, pigment, oil, marker | 17" x 19" x 25” | 2022 | studio view | Image Courtesy by the Artist Carrie R.

‍These publications extend her reach, allowing a wider audience to engage with her narratives.

For those captivated by her work, Carrie R maintains an active presence on social media, especially Instagram.

Following Carrie R Instagram provides a window into her creative process, upcoming shows, and daily inspirations.

Carrie R's contemporary art pieces exhibited at Below Grand in NYC.
Aspiring fortress | wire, aquaresin, pigment, oil color, crayon | 35″ x 18″ x 16″ | 2023 | Image Courtesy by the Artist Carrie R.

‍Carrie R's journey in the art world is a compelling narrative of growth, emotion, and exploration.

Her work not only adorns gallery walls but also speaks to the heart, inviting viewers into a world where art is not just seen but felt.

As she continues to evolve and exhibit, Carrie R remains an artist to watch, a sculptor of emotions, and a storyteller in resin.‍

Carry R on Instagram

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