Discovering Brandon Aguiar: A Fresh Take on Modern Art

Right in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island—a city buzzing with creativity—lives and works Brandon Aguiar, a modern artist who’s quickly becoming known for his unique approach to storytelling through paint.

Brandon aguiar, promising young contemporary painter in his studio looking to art books
Brandon Aguiar: in his studio| Image Courtesy by the Artist
brandon aguiar, invites us and you into his studio, the young artist talks about split painting, floor artworks, and views in contemporary modern art
Brandon Aguiar: Anthem Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas 36 x 48 inches, 2024 (Detail) | Image Courtesy by the Artist

With a foundation built at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Aguiar has developed a distinctive style that merges the clear with the abstract, catching the eye and engaging the mind of those who encounter his work.

brandon aguiar, between two of his paintings in his studio, emerging art now
Brandon Aguiar: Portrait | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Artistic Beginnings | Brandon Aguiar

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Boston, Aguiar's career is a journey marked by a constant push against the conventional.

His paintings are a vivid exploration of themes, colors, and emotions, showcasing his commitment to looking at ideas from multiple angles.

in the artist studio with brandon aguiar
Brandon Aguiar: Studio View | Providence, Rhode Island | Image Courtesy by the Artist

This approach doesn't just defy traditional art norms; it creates a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer, making each encounter a unique conversation.

A Tale of Two Sides

Aguiar’s signature technique—“Split Paintings”—literally splits the narrative across the canvas. One side offers a straightforward, representational take on the subject, grounded in the tangible world.

The other side ventures into abstraction, weaving in the subjective and often intangible elements of thoughts, emotions, and memories.

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This blend of perspectives is Aguiar’s way of showing that art can capture and communicate complex stories in diverse and engaging ways.

brandon aguiar, shoebox painting, colorful, modern art now, do discover, figurative
Brandon Aguiar: Shoebox Apartment -> Oil, spray paint, marker and acrylic on canvas | 11 x 14 inches, 2024 | Image Courtesy by the Artist
brandon aguiar, anthem painting, split painting now, emerging art on munchies art club magazine
Brandon Aguiar: Anthem Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas 36 x 48 inches, 2024 | Image Courtesy by the Artist
best new faces in contemporary art, brandon aguiar, leave your mark, painting, artwork
Brandon Aguiar: Leave Your Mark, Acrylic on canvas | 8 x 10 inches, 2024 | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Making an Impact

Having showcased his art in exhibitions from Boston to San Francisco, Aguiar has left a lasting mark on the contemporary art scene.


Reprecented by mrkt gallery

His works have made their way into private collections across the United States, from Dallas to Los Angeles.

studio of brandon aguiar, full of contemporary paintings artworks, sketches, promising
Brandon Aguiar: Studio View | Image Courtesy by the Artist

His recent exhibits, like "Embrace of Madness" via "Arts in Square," have only further solidified his reputation as a noteworthy figure in the world of contemporary art.

Current Explorations

In his Providence studio, Aguiar continues to evolve his "Split Paintings" series, diving into new themes such as "Floor Paintings" and "City Scapes."

The "Floor Paintings" are a departure from traditional painting methods, bringing the canvas to the ground.

This approach symbolizes a breaking away from the norm and embarks on a quest for personal identity that stretches beyond conventional boundaries.

Meanwhile, the "Cityscapes" capture the rhythm and soul of urban life, reflecting on the city's influence on our personal stories, relationships, and ambitions, offering a unique perspective on how our environments shape us.

A Connection Beyond Sight

Aguiar’s paintings do more than just decorate a space; they invite you into a world where the lines between the seen and the unseen are beautifully blurred.

Through his art, he challenges us to consider the dual nature of our own experiences and perspectives.

brandon aguiar, guided studio tour, paint, colorful art practice in contemporary painting now
Brandon Aguiar: Studio View, paintings | Image Courtesy by the artist
brandon aguiar, artist studio now, contemporary painting, artworks, white wall, art practice
Brandon Aguiar: View into his Studio | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Echoing the spirit of Munchies Art Club Magazine, Aguiar’s work inspires us to view the world through a lens of curiosity and wonder, reminding us of the deep, transformative power of storytelling through art.

Brandon Aguiar

Brandon Aguiar - Website

His paintings are not just to be seen—they’re to be experienced, prompting reflection, conversation, and maybe even a shift in perspective.

Follow Brandon Aguiar on Instagram, for upcoming projects, more contemporary paintings and take a closer look to his progress.

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