THE FINAL CHAPTER of the 4 Part Exhibition

Beings & Creatures
Chapter 4: Beyond the Tangible

susanne wenger artist, contemporary art
Susanne Wenger | Wachsbatik, 1980er-1990er Jahre, Foto: schubidu quartet

‍This exhibition concludes the four-part series “Beings & Creatures”. It started in March 2022 with endangered species “On Damaged Earth”,among others.

Participating Artists - Beings and Creatures Chapter 4

Vero Córdoba & Marina Stiegler, Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz, Nina Markart, Adéọlá Ọlágúnjú, Mariel R. Rodríguez, Ádám Ulbert, Arnold Reinisch, Susanne Wenger and Dardan Zhegrova.

Chapter 4 is dedicated to the sphere of the intangible, the transcendental and the spiritual.The works of the participating artists trace the forces that influence the course of the world, situate deities of past times in the present, reproduce mythological figures, lend ritual practices a contemporary face or expose figures in free-flowing forms.

munchies art club presents the exhibition at rotor graz, nina markart
Nina Markart |Videostill, „Prozession“, 2020 | Image courtesy Rotor Graz
Ádám Ulbert | “Baiting the Salamander”, 2019-2023 | Image courtesy Rotor Graz
arnold reinisch, contemporary art installation, rotor graz
Arnold Reinisch | “RHA 231 V14”, 2023, Foto: schubidu quartet
contemporary art on view, austria, graz, exhibition
Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz, Foto: Elisa Bächle
adéọlá ọlágúnjú, videostiol, rotor graz
Adéọlá Ọlágúnjú | “Aurum III”, 2015 | Image courtesy Rotor Graz
Mariel R. Rodríguez | “Hydra”, 2020-22 | Image courtesy Rotor Graz
 dardan zhegrova, contemporary art installation
Dardan Zhegrova | “Hybrids”, 2020, Foto: schubidu quartet
munchies art club presents vero córdoba & marina stiegler
Vero Córdoba & Marina Stiegler | Detail aus der Serie „Earthy Entities For The Challenges Of The 21st Century“, 2018-2023 | Foto: schubidu quartet


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