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The young Austrian contemporary artist Kevin A. Rausch is a painter and sculptor. His impressive large artworks are breathtaking. We are very pleased to feature and share the artist and his work here on our Munchies art club with you. Enjoy!

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Kevin A. Rausch | Image credit @ Martin Rauchenwald


I started drawing, doodling and defacing very, very early on. Back then, my school books were already being used as drawing paper, much to the displeasure of my teachers, my grandmother, and mother.

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Sound heads | 2019 | 100x70cm | Mixed media on paper

After an unfinished school career I tried different jobs. They never lasted long - although I had an apprenticeship as an aluminum portal locksmith.

But the work wasn’t really interesting either and in the end I also didn't graduate.... the rebel in me ...

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Painters in the starry night | 2014 | 130x180cm | Mixed-media on canvas
“What Really Interests Me About Kevin A. Rausch’s Art Is What He DOESN’T …” -Dieter Schrage - Cultural Scientist -Curator
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Night boat | 2005 | 160 x 275cm | Mixed-media on paper

During that time I already had my own studio in Wolfsberg which I got through a very valued artist colleague. It was great to have my own space. It felt good and that same feeling from back then still reverberates.

In 2000 I left for Vienna and applied to the Academy of Fine Arts - didn’t pass. In retrospect I am glad I wasn’t accepted.

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Portrait of a ghost | 2016 | 70x50cm | Oil, acrylic on paper

It would take too much time to explain why but it definitely fitted my career path.

It’s not easy for me to talk about my work. There is no overarching concept, no comprehensive idea attached to it. This would only limit me.

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Reconstruction Nature | 2020 | 85x53cm | Mixed media collage on carton (on Finn cardboard)

There is a fundamental tone though, a certain kind of absurdity, a style that has haunted me since early childhood and which now makes my art look the way it looks.

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Untitled (no mercy) | 2020 | 150x100cm | Acrylic on canvas

Of course in combination with the day-to-day work in the studio that sometimes is an arduous undertaking. For this I prefer and use painting, sculpturing, analogue film, and music.

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All the years of trying | Gallery Hoorn & Reniers | Den Haag, Netherland

My methods are intuitive and emotional. What often looks instant, is a lengthy process. Constant reworking of points, lines, and surfaces.

Abstract and figurative elements are coming together until a point is reached where the whole picture suddenly fits.

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We lost beauty | 2020 | 145x23cm | Mixed-media

Chance also plays a part. In my works you often see people in desolate surroundings, searching, wandering around, mostly doing something senseless or just standing and waiting until the day ends and night falls, then they are just lingering and meandering in the night.

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Every dream a trap | 2019 | 195x150cm | Mixed media on canvas

Only the light, the time changes, the characters stay the same. Maybe they are outcasts, displaced people, forgotten people or people who think differently, who haven’t found their place in society.

Could I be one of them?

As a catalyst I observe a lot, question a lot and try to reconnect the dots, sometimes in an ironic, sometimes in a genuine way.

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When memories go on a journey | 2018 | Mixed materials | Size variable

Did you know that the following sentence is written on Kurt Schwitters grave?

"You Never Know" -Kurt Schwitters

In the studio I am processing impressions, trying to make undergone experiences and observations visible. It is a place of retreat.

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Lone wolf | 2020 | 50x100cm | Oil, acrylic on canvas

I entrust myself to it in order to grasp and  better understand the intricacies of our time and also the ephemeral.

You could assume that my art is a way of proclaiming. And maybe it is, and maybe it is not.

monumental in scale, large format depict far-away panoramas,
The artists studio


The desire to create and leave something thoughtful and beautiful behind manifested very early on during my teenage years. It just made sense to me and I soon stopped questioning it.

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In the artists studio.

Various influences and especially people, who believed in me and my work, have contributed to what was necessary to really take this path and make it come true.

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Never relaxed | 2015 | Oil, acrylic, silver marker on Canvas | 70x50cm
“Kevin Rausch's Works Contain Nuances, An Unmistakable Subtle Color Scheme And Something That We All Carry Within Us: The Draw Into The Distance, The Still Undiscovered Outland, At The Same Time The Desire For Protection, Security And Invulnerability.” -Barbara Baum
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Santa Lucia | 2018 | 40x30cm | Mixed media on canvas


I was born in the small town of Wolfsberg in Carinthia. Growing up there has certainly shaped me and left a mark. It wasn't always easy.

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All the years of trying | Gallery Hoorn & Reniers | Den Haag, Netherland

There was a lot of discontent and displeasure and the focus and perseverance necessary to deal with the challenges I encountered have strengthened me and given me the clarity of purpose, the reason why I never stopped creating and will continue to do so.  

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The search | 2020 | 240x300cm | Oil on canvas


In desolate big cities at night, sometimes in total silence, sometimes with loud music, it depends, currently in my studio in Vienna when the sun goes down.

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The artists studio.


Whenever I take trips to other countries. My residencies in Cairo and Naples (I am also a big SSC NAPOLI supporter), for example, had a great influence on me and my work.

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When memories go on a journey | 2018 | Mixed materials

By immersing myself in a different culture, by encountering interesting people and listening to their stories it is easy to bring about the contrast that fuels my imagination.

Sometimes I also get a real boost after visiting an exhibition. The latest example was the Gerhard Richter show in Vienna. I went to see it three times.

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I have never climbed a mountain before | 2019-2020 | 103x39cm | Mixed materials

Then of course there is the inspiration that comes through music. Over the years I have built up a considerable vinyl collection which I couldn’t do without.

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Green light | 2017 | Mixed media on canvas | 180x130cm


The Super 8mm short film “NAPULE” which I shot in Naples last year.

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The unknown, | 150x100cm | Oil, Acrylic, Pencil, Coal, on Finn Cardboard


Right now I am working on an exhibition in Naples where I am going to show the film “NAPULE” in collaboration with Neapolitan photographer Ciro Batilloro, who has done impressive visual studies of local people in Southern Italy.

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No excuse | 2020 | 50x100cm | Acrylic on Cardboard

There is the prospect of a very exclusive location….but more on that in the near future.
I am also working on new sculptures and a series of big-size paintings.

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Faceless safari | 2020 | 200x1955cm | Oil, acrylic on canvas



the great in – between, Galerie 422 Margund Lössl, Gmunden

nichts kommt von nachts, Köppe Contemporary, Berlin

silence is closer, Galerie Schmidt, Reith i. A., Tirol

after the years of trying, Galerie Hoorn & Reniers, Den Haag

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I could flow here forever | 2020 | 200x150cm | Oil, acrylic on canvas


Bundesministerium Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport

MMKK - Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten

Österreichische Nationalbank

Red Bull Hangart 7

STRABAG Kunstforum

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View of the artists studio


Profile picture of the artist was taken by @ Martin Rauchenwald

All other images credits go to Andrew Rinkhy


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Untitled (curtain) | 2020 | 150x100cm | Mixed media on canvas

We thank the remarkable artist Kevin for kindly sharing with us his story and his incredible artworks.

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