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Featured Artist Interview
Theodosia Marchant

Theodosia Marchant aims to define a universal language that remains timeless and incorruptible.

The Munchies Art Club is thrilled to share our new artist feature, introducing the wonderful artist Theodosia Marchant, who took the time to share her work and answer our short questions, allowing us a more intimate view of who the artist is and what drives her.

An Introduction:

My paintings study life.

Tell stories, ask questions, and challenge ideas.

Each series I develop tells its own story, with some reflecting upon ideas and others documenting my personal experiences, life, and its direction, thoughts, and desires.

The human mind, intimacy, relationships, and how our emotions affect our physical and emotional state are all themes that come alive throughout my art.

theodosia marchant, contemporary artist, on view
Theodosia Marchant | Image courtesy the artist

Life is constructed by emotions of all shades; light, dark, and the quiet shadow of their absence.

Intricate or simple. 

I am inspired by humans and like to question life and explore psychology.

I allow my subjects, the protagonists, to express themselves alive in their own moments, and through them, I aim to define a universal language that remains timeless and incorruptible.

theodosia marchant interview munchies art club
Goodbye To A Soul | 30x40 inches | Acrylic, 18K gold | 2019  | DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

8 Q&A with Theodosia Marchant

1. Theodosia, beautiful Greek name, which translated means God's gift, I had to google, even though I know Theo means God. You were born in Athens and then later moved to London to study law. What is your connection to Greece today?

Greece is my first home; London is very special to me too. My family still lives in Athens, my parents live in the same house I grew up in and my sister lives closer to downtown Athens. While in the US, before the birth of my son and the pandemic, I visited every year, but I have not been back for a while now, and I miss it terribly. 

munchies art club shares contemporary artist theodosa marchant
Sisters Of Darkness,30x40 inches, acrylic, 2019 - DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

Also, I have this immense desire to show my country to my son so that he can hear the language, and it will then make sense to him why his mom speaks that language and insists on eating greek salads, etc.

Seriously, though, even though I have been away from Greece for over two decades, it is so much in my heart and thoughts, and I would love to be able to move back at some point.

figurative, colorful paintings, contemporary art
AGAPO VIII | 24x30 | Acrylic | 2021 | Image courtesy the artist

2. You started your career life as a lawyer, even though you mention that there is a strong artistic influence running through your family. How did you get side tracked into law?

It never really crossed my mind to follow an art career.

I did indeed grow up in a very art enthusiastic and supportive family environment; my mother is a very talented artist and architect, but art was my hobby, relaxing my brain and having fun.

In my late teens, I wanted to travel the world, move out of Greece and be financially independent as quickly as possible.

greek artist, los angeles based, female art
Undiscovered Country | 30x80 inches | Diptych | Acrylic, 18K gold | 2019 | DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

3. After living in London you moved with your partner to Los Angeles and gradually began painting professionally, how do you believe the years prior prepared you or have aided you in becoming the artist you are today?

I had no clue what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and what a vast expectation of having of a young adult at that stage in the first place.

My sister, who is three years older, also studied law in France. So I decided to follow the same path.

young art to collect, contemporary art daily
Reach For The Door | 30x40 inches | Acrylic | Image courtesy the artist

The years I spent working as an attorney have aided me in becoming the artist I am today 100 percent.

I am grateful for the work experience I had, the life experiences that path allowed me to have, and which, in combination, shaped me into the person I am today.

I don't think I would have been the same artist if I had done what I do now straight out of school. 

artist interview, q&a munchies art club
The Conversationalists | 30x40 inche | Acrylic | 2019 | DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

The drive now is different at my age.

It is fast-paced, exciting, and frightening sometimes how much I want this and to be good at it.

My experience as an attorney, or previous life as I call it, taught me to be reliable and disciplined, and show up to my art practice daily, including weekends, with no excuses.

Making good art requires practice and dedication.

It is not a hobby.

Coupled with the art business side is a full-time job and more.

artist studio, on view, contemporary painter
Studio View | Image courtesy the artist

4. Could you walk us through a work day in your studio?

I have a home studio and share a larger space with another artist when I want to work on larger works.

But these days, I do most of it from home.

I love working from home.

I am in and out of my studio all day long, something I couldn't do if I had to travel.

Also, it works perfectly in combination with my son.

When he is out of school, it is easier to take care of him and for me to work from our house. 

artist on instagram to follow and support
Theodosia Marchant at work in her studio | Image courtesy the artist

As soon as I drop him at school, my day usually starts with taking care of admin art business stuff.

The actual painting takes place after my son goes to bed, and I stay up late.

I try to balance the late nights by resting one night in between, so it works out, but when I have deadlines, things get a bit messier.

I don't enjoy working in the company of others. That sounds a bit antisocial.

I find creating art a pretty solitary practice where I want my thoughts not to be disturbed by external voices and opinions.

I like complete silence so I can hear only my thoughts, with no distractions.

stunning wall art, female painter
Stillness | 30x40 inches | Acrylic | 2019 | DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

5. What are the last 5 songs you were listening to whilst painting?

I wouldn't say I like listening to music while I paint or sitting in my studio during the planning process.

Of course, I love music, but it distracts me.

I listen to music to relax when taking a break, and recently I have been listening to a lot of Fado, Amalia Rodrigues, for example. 

I find the melancholy that this type of music exhumes relaxing and takes me back to old memories. Generally, I prefer listening to low-key music in my house, but it's a different story in my car; Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, etc., are my vibe. Perfect for LA traffic too.

theodosia marchant, emerging artist to collect
MEMENTOS V | 36x36 inches | Acrylic | 2022 | MEMENTOS series | Image courtesy the artist

6. On your website you offer Murals, could you share such a project with us, what is it like to paint so large for you?

I have not completed a project yet, I would love to, but it feels like a separate field artistically-wise compared to studio practice and is something that requires me to explore more and get my name out.

Lately, it has been too busy, and I haven't had the opportunity to do so.

My focus is on other projects.

But I would love the prospect of painting a large wall and think my art would translate well on a wall.

In the studio | Image courtesy the artist

7.  Any recent or upcoming projects?

I recently created a line of skateboards for a Berlin-based company called Curare Skateboarding.

The original decks were exhibited in Hamburg with Millerntor Gallery as part of social art, music, and culture festival for clean water, a fundamental cause.

I have also been creating custom hand-painted clothing, now available through an LA-based boutique, In Heroes We Trust.

In the meantime, I am also planning and building two solo shows for the coming year, one in LA and one abroad.

international artist spotlight, collectors
Of Human Bondage, 30x40 inches, acrylic, 2019  - DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

8. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, is there anything else you would like to add?

That is all from my side; a big thank you for allowing me to tell my story, and ever so happy to connect and discover our common background similarities.

Perhaps we will meet in Greece next summer.

painting, figurative, expressive, sory telling
Broken | 30x40 inches | Acrylic | 2019 | DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

Short Bio.

Theodosia Marchant (b.1978) was born in Athens, Greece.

She studied law in London, and obtained a Bachelor and Masters in Law.

She practiced as a UK and EU registered attorney for a number of years before relocating in 2013 to Los Angeles with her partner. 

greek female artist to collect, unique, explore
Nations Apart | 30x40 inches | Acrylic, 18K gold | 2019 | DOMESTIC ANIMALS series | Image courtesy the artist

Short CV

Solo shows

2019 Domestic Animals / Life in 16 Frames - Fathom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2019 The World of Others - Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA

Group Shows

2022 10th Edition - Millerntor Gallery with Curare I Skateboarding x Art, Germany

2021 Glendale Community College - Guest Speaker

Which keywords describe your work best

Intimacy, emotions, expressive, lively.

discover new rtists in instagram, theodosia marchant
MEMENTOS VI | 30x40 inches | Acrylic | 2022 | MEMENTOS series | Image courtesy the artist

Follow Theodosia on Instagram:

A big EFCHARISTO (thx in Greek) to the wonderful Theodosia for sharing with us! Our connection virtual but with a strong foundation, both of us madly in love with our country Greece, both living life to the fullest as adoring mothers and lastly but just as importantly connected by our passion for the arts.

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