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Mona Broschár: Masterfully Transforming Everyday Objects into desirable paintings

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January 12, 2023
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We are thrilled to share with you our interview and the captivating artworks of Mona Broschár, from her latest solo exhibition at the L21 gallery.

Transforming Everyday Objects into Artistic Wonders

Meet Mona Broschár, a dynamic painter from Leipzig, Germany.

With a background in Fine Art and a MA in Painting and Printmaking.

Today Mona's artworks are represented by the prominent L21 Gallery in Spain.

mona broschar, artist, l21 gallery
Mona Broschár |  Image courtesy the artist and L21 Gallery

We invite you to look back at the recent solo exhibition of the accomplished artist Mona Broschár, "The Good, the Bad and the Sweet" at L21 Palma. 

The exhibition, which has now closed, presented a thought-provoking collection of oil paintings that seamlessly harmonized, united by a masterfully curated color palette and a sense of variegated diversity. 

mona broschár visionary transformations art
Size matter, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 30 x 30 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

Humanity is infused into her work, capturing elements in the zenith of their blooming, the "cherry on top" moment, adding a layer of transformation and threshold to her art. 

Each painting harmoniously united by a common thread, creating a cohesive and striking display.

artist interview mona broschár
The good, the bad and the sweet, solo exhibition by Mona Broschár. Installation view at L21, 2022 | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

Her paintings often depict a tipping moment in consumer and pop culture, inviting virtual consumption and leaving the viewer alone with their desires.

Through her work, Mona explores the fascinating interplay between touch and distance, making her art thought-provoking and highly engaging. 

With her unique perspective and captivating style, Mona Broschár is an artist that is not to be missed.

l21 palma shares masterful creations of art
Guardian I, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 230 x 130 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

Uncovering the Inspiration Behind Mona Broschár's Art: An Exclusive Q&A

1. Who is Mona Broschár? Please introduce yourself and your work in your own words. 

I am a German painter currently living and working in Leipzig. I’ve studied painting and printmaking in Leipzig and London. 

mona broschár inspirational art work
L21 PALMA | The Good, the Bad and the Sweet | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

In 2015, after I finished my studies, I started working as a junior lecturer at the academy of visual arts in Leipzig.

After three years of teaching I decided to focus solely on my painting. 

dynamic paintings article munchies art club
Hard feelings, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 40 x 50 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

For me painting is too intense to do it next to a „normal“ job that pulls me out of my created worlds and blocks my creativity. 

Since then I have the great opportunity to work with several international and local galleries.
Within my paintings I create stylised surrealistic worlds that deal with iconic protagonist- like sensual objects. 

l21 gallery showcase of mona broschár
Mona Broschár | Room 3 | 2022 | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

2. Are there any other artists in your family? Has your family been supportive of your artistic endeavours?

In terms of being an artist, I have no role-models within my whole family at all. 

Both of my parents have always been incredibly supportive though and strengthened me towards the decision to apply at an art academy. 

They have the most valuable talent parents can have: to see my abilities and help me evolve in the corresponding direction. 

mona broschar, innovative interpretation of art
Himmel und Hölle, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 220 x 200 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

They never wanted me to follow their aspirations or pressured me to live a common and secure life. 

I will always be grateful for my amazing parents, who understand my character and are able to recognize my capabilities. 

By teaching me belief and trust in myself, they handed me a very powerful gift. I‘m convinced, that without believing in yourself, you can‘t survive the world of self-employment, especially not in the arts. 

l21 gallery palma, mona broschar, oil paintings
The good, the bad and the sweet, solo exhibition by Mona Broschár. Installation view at L21 Palma, 2022 | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

3. Can you describe the themes and techniques that you explore in your work? 

Within my paintings I deal with everyday encounters. I follow my own desires and inspirations that may come at first sight of unobtrusive things or surprising occasions e.g. within animated movies, cake shops, or shop windows, sticker albums, as well as poetry, art, dance, fashion etc. 

When these encounters inspire me deeply and serve my desire for possession and joy, worlds open up into which I channel my ideas. 

exibition l21, perspective on pop culture art, artist interview
Bff, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 50 x 40 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

I collect and draw all my ideas into my little sketchbook and interact with them: which idea makes most sense and which implementation I feel up to.
I get bored quickly, so within every painting I want to try something new. That challenges me a-lot. 

I m a perfectionist, always seeking the perfect colour, the perfect surface, the perfect contrast, the perfect composition until I feel my painted objects could come alive, reach climax and anticipate their decline.
I prepare my canvases really well. 

I prime them with 10-15 layers of thin primer and sand them down to have a smooth, flexible and long-lasting underground. 

art show, l21 exploration of consumer culture in art
Mona Broschár | The Good, the Bad and the Sweet, 2022 | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

Before starting my work, I sketch my idea on a small old canvas lobe, about 4-12cm small. 

Here I get a feeling about the colours and the special mood, I want to create. 

I put this reference sketch next to the main canvas having something to refer to, when I get stuck. My painting process starts by drawing with charcoal or acrylics.

These techniques allow really quick work and impulsive dynamic decisions, which is a lot of fun. 

talent and expression in painting, mona broschar, l1 gallery
Room 3 | Mona Broschár | 2022 | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

When the main composition is set I continue working with oil paint in a slow and thoughtful way. As intensity, composition and rhythm of colour play an enormous role in my work, I use many layers of oil paint. You cannot see these many layers but you will feel their presence. I love, when the 

viewer is soaked into the canvas and when the works are surrounded with a radiating aura generated by the painting process and intense oil paint. 

imagination and originality in art, mona broschar
Guardian II, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 230 x 130 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

4. Tell us about your studio. What does a work day look like? Any rituals, times? Do you listen to music? If yes, what did you listen to most lately whilst painting? 

I work in an old textile factory and am lucky to have a huge space and many great colleagues with studios in the same building. 

Every day I have a different schedule. 

Sometimes I start at 10am in the morning, the next day as late as 4pm in the evening. For having a productive day, my mind needs to be clear and tidy and my mood needs to be positive. 

mona broschar, artist interview, exhibition, artworks
Room 3 | Mona Broschár| Solo-Exhibition | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

The first thing, when I come to my studio, is boiling some water for a cup of tea or coffee. Then I sit with my paintings and decide a hierarchy of to-dos. Upon starting a new painting, I usually listen to music, to get into „the mood“ to focus on myself and the work. 

When I can see the „path“ forward clearly, I also listen to audio books or interviews while painting. 

mona broschár represented by l21 gallery
Balance, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 70 x 50 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

I have a constantly growing, diverse playlist of all of my favourite songs.

You ll find soundtracks, soul, indie, hiphop or classical music, just to mention a few.

According to Spotify „Nakhane“ is the artist I’ve been listening to the most in 2022. 

mona broschár - the good, the bad and the sweet, 2022
Exhibition view:The good the bad and the sweet | Mona Broschár | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

5. Please tell us a bit about how your association with the L21 Gallery came to be. How did the opportunity arise for you to work with them? 

I received a message from Oscar Florit, the director of L21 Gallery, via Instagram. 

A couple of messages later I was invited to a group show.

A little later I had a phone call with Cristina Ramos about organisational things when she handed me over to Oscar telling me that he loves my work and offering a representation. 

That was a very overwhelming and unexpected moment for me. 

munchies art club presents the interview work, mona broschar
Toppings II, 2022 | Oil on canvas | 150 x 180 cm | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

6. If you could take on any project, big or small, what would be your ultimate dream opportunity? 

I have a passionate desire and many ideas for my own stop-motion film based on dough. 

l21 shares mona broschar online art magazine munchies art club
L21 PALMA | MONA BROSCHÁR | The Good, the Bad and the Sweet | ROOM 3 | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

7. What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time when you're not creating art? And how do you manage to balance your artistic pursuits with your other responsibilities and commitments? 

Managing myself as an artist is a full time job in itself with a lot of paperwork, organisational duties and other tedious tasks. 

But I try not to think about it too much and just do, what needs to be done. I use a little hand written organiser to manage all appointments and deadlines. 

If possible, I do only one appointment a day, either in the morning or in the evening, to allow a good amount of uninterrupted studio time. 

l21 gallery new featured artist
Mona Broschár | Solo exhibition | Image courtesy the L21 Gallery, photo by Juan David Cortés

When I m not working, I love spending time with my partner, my dearest friends and my family. 
Also I love eating out at nice places and discover new flavours. 

I enjoy the cinema, concerts and theatre plays a-lot. Going for a walk in nature calms me down and clears my head. 

I also have a little garden within the city and early in the year I plant new herbs, vegetables and flowers and harvest them in summer. 

Sometimes we just have a barbecue there and I relax in my hammock reading a nice book. 

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upcoming 2023 Eve Leibe Gallery, London (Solo)
2022 The good, the bad and the sweet, L21 Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (Solo) 2022 Dissonance- Platform Germany, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2021 Happy Hour, Eve Leibe Gallery, London (Duo)
2020 SUPER!, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Darmstadt 

Short CV 

2015- 2018 junior lecturer in painting and printmaking of the class of Prof. Annette Schröter, Tilo Baumgärtel, Prof. Heribert C.Ottersbach and Prof. Christoph Ruckhäberle, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig 

2014 „Meisterschüler“ with Prof. Annette Schröter, Academy of visual Arts, Leipzig 2012 Diploma in painting and printmaking, Academy of visual Arts, Leipzig 2009-2010 BA fine Art, Camberwell College of Arts, London 

Follow L21 Gallery on Instagram:

A big thank you to Mona and Cristina Ramos from L21 for sharing with us, to share with you!

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