This years Art Brussels 2022 was an incredible event.

Art Brussels | 25 - 28 April 2024 | Brussels Expo
Art Brussels brings together more than 170 galleries among the most important of the international scene and welcomes each year more than 25.000 visitors at Brussels Expo.

Art Brussels | Art Fair

It was a remarkable weekend, visiting all the incredible booths of our favourite galleries, such as Sorry We’re ClosedNino Mier Gallery, Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Steve Turner LA, Rodolphe Janssen Gallery and many more, making the visit a memorable event.

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Gallery Walk Munchies Art Club Magazine and Ernst Koslitsch visiting the Gallery Sorry We're Closed | Nikki Maloof | Gutted | Image credit @Munchies Art Club

We visited not only the Art Brussels 2022, we also took the time to visit the prominent galleries Brussels offers!

art brussels 2022, ernst koslitsch, sorry we're closed, josh sperling, sculpture, wall art, jameson green, painting
Sorry We're Closed | Art Brussels 2022 | Josh Sperling on the left and Jameson Green to the right | Image credit @Munchies Art Club

I was guided by Ernst Koslitsch, a character on his own.

He is a man whose face is hidden behind a speckled white-brown beard, long hair, and his favorite black Ray-Ban.

He’s clad in dark colors with bright yellow shoes.

He is small, yet large in presence. The space that circles him luring you in.

He’s an artist you know, an inhabitant of his yellow universe, a never-ending source of possibilities, giving, taking, growing.

He’s a part of it and it a part of him.

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Tintin sculpture | Brussels | Image credit @Munchies Art Club

This man constantly questioning till the answer becomes the question, and he begins all over again.

Even though he has arrived, he always is moving on.

His curiosity and thirst for all that’s brilliant and awful in this world rearranged to better the worlds within his yellow universe.

jonathan meese, prominent, tim van laere gallery, international artist, collectors
Tim Van Laere Gallery | Jonathan Meese | Art Brussels 2022 | Image credit @Munchies Art Club

This man took my hand and guided me through Brussels, shared his love for the arts and opened my eyes to the wondrous galleries and artists that inspire him and he respects.

This man Ernst Koslitsch is truly one cool dude.

gallery raum mit licht art brussels, titania seidl, josef zekoff, painting, drawings
Gallery Raum mit Licht | Titania Seidl and Josef Zekoff | Art Brussels 2022 | Image credit @Munchies Art Club
"I Didn’t Come To Brussels As An Artist. I Wanted To See The Art And Galleries That I Only See Online On Instagram. For Me, It Was A Weekend Full Of Discoveries. Great Art, Artists, Galleries, Restaurants And Nice People." -Ernst Koslitsch
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Reading Tintin when in Brussels is a must | Image credit @Munchies Art Club
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