‍Fresh contemporary Painting from Paris: Apadola Nelson on Munchies Art Club Spotlight Artist on view

Emerging Artist Spotlight Paris. In This Edition, We Present Apadola Nelson, Hailing From Paris, And Showcasing A Curated Selection Of Contemporary Paintings. 

apadola nelson artist potrait in front of his new painting in paris
Apadola Nelson: Meeting place 2023, Acrylic on canvas and spray can 292 x 228 cm | Image by Apadola Nelson Courtesy of the Artist

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apadola nelson emerging artist from paris in his studio with contemporary paintings now
Apadola Nelson in his Studio in Paris, with his contemporary abstracted paintings now | Wolf 144 | Image Courtesy by the Artist


‍I am Apadola Nelson, born in the heart of France in January 1992.

‍My art is an exploration of fragments of dreams and cherished childhood memories. 

It's a journey into the realms of the mind, a space where the extraordinary and the everyday coalesce.

a selection of contemporary paintings, in his studio of paris
Apadola Nelson: Studio View Paris from Emerging Artist Spotlight | Image Courtesy by the Artist

My chosen medium is acrylics, and I favor expansive canvases to infuse my creations with a sense of opulence. 

It's a choice that, in my eyes, imparts a profound richness to the moment, almost as if time itself stretches to accommodate the vividness of the images.

contemporary painting now by apadola nelson, colorful and stunning
Apadola Nelson with Wolf as usual. 2022, Acrylic on canvas and spray can 180 x 180 cm | Image Courtesy by the Artist |

With each stroke of my brush, I extend my inspiration through fluid and luminous touches. 

This process sometimes leads me to craft scenes that defy reality, while at other times, it grounds me in the familiar. It's an ever-evolving dance between the ethereal and the earthly.

a drawing against the war by french artist apadola nelson
No war 2023, Ink on paper 21 x 29,7 cm | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍My approach to art is introspective, a deep dive into the intangible. 

I seek to harness the power of visual elements to convey fragments of a world that is uniquely mine. 

painting now 2024 , by contemporary artist apadola nelson
She is about to do something 2023, Acrylic on canvas and spray can 150 x 150 cm | Image Courtesy by the Artist Apadola Nelson

‍My creations serve as a portal to the intangible, inviting viewers to glimpse the intricacies of my inner universe.‍

Additional Infos:

Apadola Nelson on Instagram: ”🔥🔥MUSEAUX🔥🔥 @galeriebessaud Groupshow @davidsurman_ @samuelalmansa @alexone_dizac @vovakeno @maksymova.iryna @aysha.nagieva”
143 likes, 2 comments - apadola.nelson on March 6, 2024: ”🔥🔥MUSEAUX🔥🔥 @galeriebessaud Groupshow @davidsurman_ @samuelalmansa @alexone_di...”

Apadola Nelson on Instagram Currently on view at Galerie Bessaud

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