Explore An Enchanting Blend Of Classical Themes And Contemporary Relevance As His Work Unveils Profound Reflections On Humanity, Spirituality, And The Anthropocene.

In the vibrant realm of artistic expression, Swiss-born self-taught Artist Anton Hasler (1988) emerges as a visionary, crafting a unique pictorial language rooted in mythology and symbolism. 

Artiste | Anton Hasler | Suisse |
Artiste d’origine Suisse, Anton Hasler a développé son propre langage pictural au travers de thématiques centrales telles que la mythologie et le symbolisme.

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His exploration of spirituality and symbolism challenges contemporary norms, offering a profound reflection on the human experience. 

anton hasler, artist in his studio in Lausanne, Switzerland on contemporary painting now
Anton Hasler | Emerging Artist and Contemporary Painter | Image Courtesy by the Artist

As we delve into Anton Hasler's artistic journey, we uncover an enchanting world where classical themes meld with contemporary relevanc

anton hasler emerging swiss artist from lausanne, in his great arstist studio
Anton Hasler in his Studio near Lausanne Switzerland | Munchies Art Club Magazine | Image Courtesy by the Artist

As Anton takes residence in Berlin, the next chapter of his artistic exploration promises to unfold, weaving a richer narrative that transcends time and invites us to reimagine our place in the cosmos.

anton hasler emerging swiss artist from lausanne, in his great arstist studio
Anton Hasler | Exhibition View | Image Courtesy by the artist
Anton Hasler Painting Detail | Munchies Art Club Magazine | Image Courtesy by the Artist


Diving into his practice, Anton Hasler navigates the realms of spirituality and symbolism, often overlooked in our modern society. 

Through mediums like painting, collage, and airbrush, he constructs anachronistic visions that weave a symbolic tapestry from our collective unconscious. 

selfportrait , artist anton hasler, figurative and colorful
Self Portrait - 24x30cm - Acrylic, collage, oil sticks and airbrush on canvas on canvas | Anton Hasler | Image Courtesy by the Artist

‍His art becomes a portal, questioning the delicate balance between humanity and the living, echoing the pressing concerns of the Anthropocene.

emerging artist anton hasler during his art practice, painting mythological human questioning contemporary art
Anton Hasler | Emerging Artist from Lausanne Switzerland | Image Courtesy by the Artist

Detail of "Oudjat"-130x90cm acrylic on cut wood by Anton Hasler | Image Courtesy of the Artist

In the tapestry of classical painting, Anton generates moments of intimacy and tension, intertwining the past and present. 

‍Portraits and still lifes become vessels for exploring timeless inquiries about existence, origins, and destiny. 

anton haslercontemporary painting, figurative, colorful
Anton Hasler: Riding High, 160x120cm - Mixed technique on canvas

‍Creatures, goddesses, and monsters emerge as part of a personal folklore, blurring temporal lines and reshaping ancestral themes into contemporary forms that challenge our perception of the present.

Anton Hasler's conviction lies in the transformative power of art, a force capable of re-enchanting our connection with the world and cultivate a more enlightened awareness of our humanity.

anton hasler , artist feature at munchies art club magazine, promising contemporary painting now
Anton Hasler in his world full of Paintings | Lausanne Studio | Image Courtesy in the Artist

‍His upcoming residency in Berlin, fueled by a recent government grant, promises a deeper exploration of his artistic vision and a continued journey into the profound intersections of mythology and contemporary expression.

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